Single-source solution for frozen pancakes and waffles

Schubert’s TLM machine seamlessly combines the packaging of different products and formats in a single system.

The spreading of the products as first step of the packaging process guarantees a perfect scanning process.

Depending on the packaging format, the pick & place robots stack three or four products on top of each other.

Our patented flying cross sealing unit ensures constant sealing times and enables customers to program the sealing process to the millisecond.


Carefully stacking and flow-packing up to 600 frozen pancakes per minute

Portioned packaging formats and product variety for more consumer flexibility

The possibility to seamlessly combine the packaging of different products and formats in a single system convinced our customer.

For flow-wrapping its frozen pancakes in a new, more consumer-oriented packaging design and to increase its overall production output and flexibility, the bakery opted for a Schubert solution. The TLM packaging machine was required to flow-wrap frozen pancakes and offer the opportunity to pack new products and other formats afterwards. Schubert’s solution successfully meets all requirements and challenges such as stacking and handling the sensitive frozen products.


How does the solution meet the requirement?

A single-source solution for supply chain optimization

The TLM packaging machine for De Wafelbakkers is a fully integrated single-source solution, that offers clear potential for space savings, even better supply chain optimization and guarantees stronger service support. It consists of a picker line and a flow-wrapping component in one system. This offers higher production efficiency, maximum flexibility and the opportunity to pack new products and other formats afterwards. The format changeover required for this is quickly realized.

De Wafelbakkers relied on Schubert’s expertise in gently handling all types of sensitive products. The Crailsheim-based company develops the tools for its pick & place robots individually and precisely for each customer product. This is how Schubert could provide De Wafelbakkers with the ideal solution.

At a glance

  • Picker line and Flowmodul in one system
  • 3D scanners ensure precise picking
  • Space-saving solution and strong service support
  • Fully automatic flight change for utmost flexibility
  • Output of up to 600 products and 100 flowpacks per minute
  • Machine flow-wraps double packages of different frozen products

Added value

“The possibility to seamlessly combine the packaging of different products and formats in a single system was one of the decisive factors when opting for Schubert’s solution.”

Technical Details

High efficiency meets utmost flexibility

In the first step of the packaging process, the frozen products are transferred from a 1000-mm-wide, multitrack product infeed band to a 1200-millimeter spreading belt, which transfers the products into Schubert's TLM system. The integrated 3D scanner detects damaged products and excludes them from any further packaging process. Ten camera-guided F4 robots pick and place the pancakes on top of each other, depending on the desired packaging format. The Flowmodul gently packages the stacks of products into flowpacks and seals them directly. Schubert’s patented sealing technology ensures constant sealing times and enables the customer to program the sealing to the millisecond. For each flowpack, the cross-sealing unit immediately adapts to the variable speed of the upstream pick & place robots.

Overall performance
  • 4 process steps in one line: product spreading (infeed), product scanning and stacking as well as flow-wrapping
  • 4 submachines, 10 camera-guided F4 robots, 2 Flowmoduls and a 3D scanner
  • New, patented sealing technology

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