Innovative Spirit

Collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

42 students are conducting research for Schubert

The packaging machine manufacturer is collaborating with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and its Institute for Product Development and Innovation (IPEK). For an entire semester, 42 students will be dedicating themselves to the "“Packaging of the Future” topic and developing concepts at the Crailsheim site on how to make packaging machines even more flexible.

When it comes to new, cutting-edge approaches, Schubert is fully on board. The packaging machine manufacturer from Crailsheim demonstrated this, for instance, when it launched its own ‘start-up’ to develop a cobot. Now the company is once again entering new territory – and taking part in a joint project with the KIT.  Over a six-month period, 42 students from the prestigious university will be conducting research for the packaging machine manufacturer from Crailsheim. The project will be centering on ”Packaging of the Future”. And the focus will be on creating new sustainable packaging approaches and machine systems. At the end of the project, Schubert will be given a prototype from each of the seven teams – ranging from software, to packaging, to machine components – which can then be developed further.

42 students from the KIT will be conducting research at the Schubert site in Crailsheim for a six-month semester.

Developing future technologies together

Achraf Ben Salem, team leader of the Cobot start-up at Schubert, studied at KIT himself and understands the project well. “We want to collaborate more and more closely with the universities, as there is a shortage of qualified workers in the region,” he explains. The project clearly shows that talented people do not necessarily have to go to Silicon Valley to work on future technologies in highly innovative companies. Sometimes, all it takes is a short drive to Crailsheim. Unlike other machine builders, Schubert develops its robots, image processing systems and all of its hardware and software in house.

“We also hope to raise the profile of the Schubert company,” adds Ralf Schubert, Managing Partner. To promote the industry, it is important to work with universities. “Software developers should be aware that software for packaging machines can be just as interesting or even more interesting than the software developed at Google."