Solutions to address special requirements

A new plant for Schubert System Elektronik is set to go into operation

Since 2013, Schubert System Elektronik (SSE), which previously operated under MSC Tuttlingen, has been part of the Schubert group of companies. Since then, with its electronics, software and related services, the company has successfully complemented the entire group’s portfolio.

The collaboration with Gerhard Schubert began in 1984 with a first meeting at a trade fair. At that time, Schubert decided to use an axis control for his F2 robot, the technology for which had been developed by MSC Tuttlingen. This created the platform for further cooperative efforts in the field of electronic components. Over time, electronics became increasingly important for Schubert. As a result, computer control systems for Schubert machines were jointly developed in addition to robot control systems.

Seasoned expertise

Schubert System Elektronik designs customised solutions in all key areas of industrial computer technology.

The Schubert group of companies had owned 30% of the former MSC Tuttlingen since 2001. In 2013, Gerhard Schubert took over the company in its entirety in view of securing its specialised expertise. To illustrate its association within the Schubert group, MSC Tuttlingen has been operating under the Schubert System Elektronik name since 2013. “Electronics and computer technology have played a decisive role at Schubert for decades. This is why Schubert System Elektronic fits in so well,” explains Gerhard Schubert.

Schubert is clearly demonstrating his appreciation for the subsidiary by building centralised headquarters for them. Until recently, Schubert System Elektronik was spread over three different locations in Tuttlingen. Grouping these into a single facility enables production processes to be significant optimised. Management, R&D, design & engineering, manufacturing and warehousing are all being brought together under a single roof. This allows processes ranging from reception of incoming goods, to manufacturing and outgoing deliveries to be optimally structured in terms of logistics. Moreover, the new facility will enable more space for assembly. Completion of the entire project is scheduled for early 2016. With the new facility, 8,000 square metres of space for up to 200 employees will be created, which will ensure the long-standing company’s production capacities for continued growth.

Established brands

The acquisition of SSE brought new specialised expertise to the group. More than 70% of SSE’s corporate activity is with companies outside the packaging industry. SSE specialises in human-machine interfaces, custom electronics and tool control. These customised solutions are in demand among users in automation technology, since the need for individualised solutions isn’t served by large electronics companies. This makes SSE a premium provider of sophisticated solutions.

By structuring activities under the three product brands – Prime Cube, BK Micro and IQ insert – Schubert System Elektronik can provide a multifaceted portfolio with high-level flexibility to meet specific customer requirements with market-driven solutions: hardware and software, components and complete systems, electronics and mechanics.


Positioned for success

The basic idea behind the Transmodul is actually quite simple: maximum flexibility and efficiency for transport tasks in manufacturing.

The Transmodul (TM) transport robot is the most recent result of the joint development effort. The basic idea was to develop a transport unit which would provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for transport tasks in manufacturing. With its two lanes on a single axis, this system is quite unique in the market. The non-industry-specific automation solution allows transport tasks to be made easier in the pharmaceutical sector, for example. This autonomous system is also showing the way in other sectors where material handling has been done manually. The Transmodul is so much more than just a technology. With this system, SSE sees itself as a solutions provider addressing special customer needs. And with this standard in mind, the company is currently developing the fourth-generation TM4 for transport around curves.

As product manager, Jens Hirth has been responsible for the marketing of the Transmodul since 1 July 2015, so that customers can find out about all the benefits this development can bring to them.

In the future, SSE plans to establish the Transmodul as an autonomous brand. With its new facilities, SSE is now able to handle assembly itself and meet increasing demand. The course is most definitely set for growth.