A compact power-pack

Schubert UK at the PPMA 2017

Crailsheim/Birmingham (PPMA) – Between 26 and 28 September, Schubert UK will present the superb performance of its compact TLM technology at the PPMA in Birmingham. The company will be exhibiting a machine engineered for Van Wijngaarden, the Dutch delicacy manufacturer, which packs mayonnaise cups into cardboard boxes. Small and midsized companies can use this space-saving solution to integrate all of their final packaging tasks for a variety of products and formats into their processes.

The Schubert packaging machine to be shown at the PPMA consists of three TLM sub-machines that very efficiently combine flexibility, performance and efficiency. The respective modules take over the erecting, filling and closing of the cartons and are seamlessly linked via the Transmodul transport robot. Dutch delicatessen manufacturer Van Wijngaarden will be using the machine presented at the fair for packaging mayonnaise in different container formats.

The customer will especially benefit from the machine’s high flexibility which Schubert achieves by means of automatically adjustable robot tools. Format conversion is carried out via servomotors and is conveniently programmed by the VMS packaging machine control system. The integrated, automatic tool changing ensures a low conversion time of 10 to 15 minutes. Further space savings are realised thanks to the integration of inkjet printers for applying barcodes, logos and text within the TLM line. The concept of the packaging machine without an electrical cabinet guarantees a small footprint combined with low energy costs.

In the erecting machine, flat cardboard blanks are removed from the magazine and erected. The carton cover is already integrated into the blank. The machine also has an additional magazine with an F3 robot to close cartons with a separate cover in the case of a format change.

The machine exhibited achieves a performance of up to 150 products per minute. In the future, it will pack up to 15 packaging formats and 13 different products. These include mayonnaise in jars, PET cups or PET “squeeze” dosing bottles in packaging sizes ranging between 250 and 1,000 ml.

At the trade fair, visitors will be able to see how the TLM machine packs 450 ml mayonnaise cups in cartons using the counterflow system. This system, developed by Schubert, ensures that sufficient empty Transmoduls are available to deposit products. At the same time, there are always sufficient products at product intake to complete the product groupings on the Transmodul. The result is that only fully filled Transmoduls move out of the pre-grouping area for loading the trays.

Thanks to its modular design, the system can be extended as needed to accommodate higher production quantities and new products.

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