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Maximum availability and fast ROI with pick & place machines

In light of current market trends – from flexible assortments to small batch sizes and short-life packaging – the focus of a new pick & place machine is on ROI and cost-effectiveness. This is because a packaging system of this kind must be flexible enough to be adapted to changing trends on an ongoing basis. At the same time, it has to pay for itself in the shortest possible period of time for the owner through the ROI. So the more durable and flexible a pick & place machine is, the better it will meet today’s automation requirements.

A picker line from Schubert equips manufacturers to meet future requirements. It combines innovative Schubert technologies and decades of experience with pick & place technology. Automation and flexibility go hand in hand, creating highly efficient processes, exceptional availability and therefore an economically secure investment.

Technology and experience

Pick & place machines with built-in ROI

Innovative technologies for pick & place machines

Since the invention of its first robot in 1981, Schubert has also introduced breakthrough innovations in its pick & place machines for a fast ROI. These include the flexible and easy-to-operate pick & place robots, which require only one control system for the entire line. The counterflow principle developed by Schubert also plays a key role here. It ensures that all trays are entirely filled during packing. The highly advanced and variable image processing in the picker lines is also indispensable for efficient processes and qualitatively flawless products.

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Decades of experience for maximum ROI with pick & place machines

Since the packaging machine manufacturer brought robotics to the packaging industry, Schubert has been one of the leading manufacturers of pick & place machines. The great flexibility of the equipment means that over the years practically all types of products have been packaged using Schubert technology. This applies to food and confectionery as well as to beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Each new machine is designed and built with this expertise gained from hundreds of installations. This is why the picker lines are extremely reliable and offer absolutely outstanding availability – often up to 99 per cent.

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Availability: A key Schubert advantage

Security thanks to machine efficiency up to 99 per cent

Picker lines – reliability ex works

  • Technology perfected over decades
  • More than 700 picker lines with image processing in operation worldwide
  • Series production of modular system components with high quantities
  • Few mechanics, high-level intelligence in the controls
  • OEE evaluation of machine performance via GRIPS.world
  • Rapid return on investment

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Flexibility: Another key Schubert advantage

Technology makes all the difference

The Pickerline – the pick & place machine from Schubert with built-in flexibility

  • Scalable performance through a modular machine concept
  • Different pick & place robots to meet specific requirements
  • Tools specially designed for each product, also 3D-printed
  • Quickly available 3D format parts from the PARTBOX
  • Fast format changes through plug & play, partially automated
  • Changeover between plastic trays and cardboard trays on a single machine
  • Image processing optionally with an incident-light scanner or 3D scanner
  • Integration of additional packaging steps into the line

Fast ROI, low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Automation with pick & place machines pays off

Anyone who automates with a Schubert picker line can look forward to a quickly achievable ROI: The investment usually pays for itself within one to two years. This represents a significant advantage, especially in combination with the durability and future-proofing of the packaging machines. This is because the highly developed flexible technology of the pick & place machines proves itself in practice over a significantly longer period of time. Numerous Schubert lines have even been in use for several decades and can still be adapted to new market requirements time and again. The vastly superior flexibility, higher quality and greater machine efficiency of a picker line significantly drive the costs down over the entire life of the packaging machine. Automation pays off in both the short and long term.


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