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Automation with Cobots

The Cobot from Schubert: Perfectly optimised for the packaging industry

With the Cobot, Schubert is ushering in a new technological era into the packaging industry: For the first time ever, product feeding on a packaging machine can be automated efficiently and economically.



Perfectly optimised for the packaging industry

A lack of skilled workers and fierce competition in fast-moving consumer goods are putting pressure on manufacturers when it comes to packaging their products. Automation of core processes such as filling or cartoning is often the first step towards more efficient, digitalised packaging processes. However, product feeding often remains a weak point, as automation at this stage has so far been cost-inefficient. A high degree of speed, flexibility and simplicity is required here – three factors which are usually solved more effectively by deploying more personnel. Schubert is now overcoming this automation barrier with its first specially developed Cobot tog.519 (tog. stands for together).

More staying power than a human, faster than commercially available collaborative robots, extremely easy to programme, and mobile: The cooperative Cobot from Schubert is the intelligent first step into the digital automation of manual feeding tasks and helps customers achieve a ground-breaking technological leap. With the Cobot, manufacturing companies have a digitalised, high-tech and easy-to-operate solution at hand to take their packaging automation to the next level over the long term – and to successfully master current and future market requirements. The development of Schubert Cobots will soon offer automation possibilities within the packaging industry that no other Cobot can match today.


The Cobot as a cooperative robot

Faster, easier and more flexible – a Cobot with great potential

Typically Schubert: With the Cobot, the packaging machine manufacturer is demonstrating once again why it doesn’t simply adopt technologies, but rather advances them into ground-breaking innovations for the industry. The Cobot is the first of its kind to seamlessly combine state-of-the-art robot technology and 3D image processing into one interface-free unit. This makes it one of the fastest Cobots on the market when reaching into an unsorted group of products. But that’s not all: Image processing with underlying artificial intelligence (AI) makes the Cobot exceptionally easy to programme and extremely flexible to use.

The high cycle rate of up to 80 cycles significantly speeds up packaging processes. Possible applications for the Cobot are fast feeding at the machine, ‘kit’ assembly, where various product parts are put together to form a set, or product finishing. A complete modular system for Cobot solutions was defined as a development goal at Schubert, comprising five-axis Scara kinematics, a vision system, feed belts, a safety module and much more. Today, the first Cobot is being used for the automation of feeding processes at a renowned food manufacturer, and further applications are now being tested.


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Speed, flexibility, simplicity

Customer benefit! The many advantages of Cobots in the packaging process

Automation of packaging processes with a tog.519 leads to exceptionally easy handling, flexible application options in production and high-quality packaging results. The cooperative robots from Schubert support manufacturers reliably and in ever-changing ways in the packaging of everyday products – without requiring any additional programming knowledge or robotics know-how.


Fields of application

The Cobot – the pick & place expert for lightweight products

Schubert’s Cobots are primarily developed for pick & place applications with lightweight products. The areas of application are in the food and confectionery sectors, as well as in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, i.e. wherever lightweight products have to be fed very quickly into a line. High quantities can also be processed here in ‘kit’ assembly, where different products need to be combined in one set, or for product finishing.

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Ralf Schubert

„Our Cobot achieves one of the world’s fastest reaches into an unsorted group of products.“

Ralf Schubert (June 2021)

Managing Director and shareholde

The team behind the cobot

The team behind the Cobot

Since 2019, the Cobot has been in development at Schubert by a young, international team that is passionately dedicated to the cooperative robot and its further progress. A start-up was created to enable the team to act independently from the Schubert Group in its research and development work. At the same time, the Cobot team members greatly benefit from the existing company structure and the company’s outstanding expertise in a wide range of technology areas. To ensure support as needed, specialists from the areas of software development, image processing, mechanics, manufacturing and other departments can be contacted at any time and, of course, make full use of the company’s infrastructure.