Field service

As needed, our experienced field service team will quickly be at your site to support you, resolve any issues and minimise downtimes.

If a malfunction cannot be remedied by a phone call at our Schubert Expert Hotline or via remote service, our trained and highly qualified field service team is ready to solve any problems on site anywhere around the world – throughout the lifecycle of your TLM machine. International service is quickly implemented by the teams at Schubert North America in the USA and Canada, at Schubert UK in the UK and through our partner Selpak in Australia. Experienced service experts are also active in countries such as Spain, France, Italy or Poland.

Field service

Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

+49 (0)7951 400-490

We also offer special service hotlines for technical support for extended hours or around the clock.