Schubert Parts Center

Fast, reliable spare parts service around the globe

Spare parts are the basis for a reliable, trouble-free production process. All parts of the TLM standard machine components are available as spare parts in the highest quality – worldwide, of course. The spare parts are manufactured by Schubert using state-of-the-art technologies, such as 3D printers. Our spare parts service will send you the parts quickly and reliably anywhere around the world. Through rigorous manufacturing control, we ensure high quality as well as high availability thanks to our comprehensive spare parts inventory.

Customised spare parts packages for reliable production processes

When your TLM machine is delivered, you also receive an individual list of wear parts which you should have in stock. Additionally, we will develop spare parts packages tailored to your specific machine. This enables downtime to be reduced to a minimum.

Spare parts and maintenance work always in view

For a trouble-free production process, we also support you with our tools, such as the Electronic Service Module (ESM), which allows you to keep an overview of the current machine status, including spare parts and maintenance work. The innovative ESM enables you to identify modules and components based on CAD data. In the future, our new digital platform will take over the ongoing condition monitoring of your machine. Find out more about ESM and


Parts Center

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