In our ideally equipped training facilities, customers get to know the entire range of TLM system modules: The F2, F3 and F4 robots, the transmodul component, the image processing system and our packing machine control system’s (VMS) hard and software components.

The seminar participants are familiarised with the structure and functions of the individual systems, are provided with insight into the related programming and with opportunities to deepen their acquired knowledge at the training facilities through practical exercises.

Our trainers know the respective customer applications and the special challenges they face very well. The training enables our customers to fully capitalise on the performance parameters of a Schubert system and to quickly eliminate any machine downtimes, often caused by small issues.

The trainers give the technicians and the maintenance personnel the necessary knowledge and the ability to understand Schubert's technically advanced machines.

For customers from the USA and Canada, Schubert North America’s new training center is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is equipped with three training systems and is the core component of our service offering in North America.