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A robot packs two times eight mini-bottles of Jägermeister herbal liqueur into recyclable wrap-around cartons.

Four technological leaps towards sustainability

In the future, companies will only be able to master the revolutionary industry change towards sustainable packaging machines and environmentally-friendly packaging with innovative technologies and associated expertise. After all, sustainable materials and resource-saving processes require top mechanical performance: Flexibility, speed, accuracy, absolute reliability and durability.

These are all features that Schubert has been equipping its packaging machines with for decades – and continuously improving them thanks to forward-looking technological developments.

Find out how you, as a manufacturer, can pack more sustainably with four technological leaps forward, and how Schubert can support you with sustainable packaging machines and its expertise as market leader.

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The first technological leap: Packaging development

Sustainable, machine-optimised packaging

Schubert Packaging Development has already replaced many conventional packages, such as plastic trays or films, with more sustainable cardboard. Even fragile and sensitive products can be packed safely. But recyclable packaging such as cardboard is only truly sustainable if it saves material while keeping the packaging process efficient. Both the packaging and the machine need to be coordinated. This calls for packaging developers who know which solutions are machine-compatible and where the decisive millimetres are located. A slightly modified carton blank can have a major impact on the performance of the machine.


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Valentin Köhler, Schubert Packaging Development, designing a new cardboard packaging.
Valentin Köhler, Schubert Packaging Development, designs new carton packaging and optimises it for the appropriate packaging machines.



The second technological leap: Materials

Packaging technologies for sustainable materials

At marzipan manufacturer Niederegger, a lightline Cartonpacker packs boxes of marzipan chocolates into cartons.

Comprehensive expertise in packaging with cardboard

The precise destacking, erecting, filling and closing of cartons has been one of Schubert’s core areas of expertise for decades. Together with the company’s modular machine concept, state-of-the-art robot technology and large format flexibility, this creates a perfect combination for sustainable packaging machines.

Wherever carton packaging will be used in the future, the Schubert experts – with their vast experience as a springboard – can integrate cartons practically at any point in the packaging process.

Those who want to achieve sustainable packaging even more quickly and easily will use the lightline Cartonpacker: The preconfigured machine for standard packaging tasks can be delivered in a short time, fits into a single frame and makes full use of Schubert’s exceptionally efficient technology in a compact space.


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The sealing systems in Schubert’s Flowpacker process paper-based flow-wrapping films.

The latest sealing systems for all sustainable flow-wrapping films

Because they are more sensitive in processing, sustainable flow-wrapping films require a special seal. The Flowpacker, Schubert’s flow-wrapping machine, uses the latest sealing technologies – ranging from ultrasound, to ceramic heating elements and the unique flying cross-sealing unit.

All sustainable flow-wrapping films – from recyclable mono films to compostable paper-based films – can be used as packaging material.

Schubert’s flexibility is also a must here: Changing between conventional composite films and sustainable films is possible on the same flow-wrapping machine without any major effort.


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The third technological leap: Packaging processes

In a flow-wrapping machine from Schubert, the forming shoulders can be changed in just a few simple steps.

Flexibility saves resources

The more efficient packaging processes are, the more sustainable production can be. Very flexible packaging machines which can be quickly converted to new formats are key. With the plug & play systems featured in Schubert machines, formats can be changed easily and in just a few steps – without start-up delays. Retrofitting new formats is also generally not a problem either: Exchangeable robot tools and easy-to-print 3D format parts extend the service life of the machines and therefore save resources.

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An image processing system inspects chocolate biscuits before packaging according to predetermined quality parameters.

More quality, less waste

With image processing integrated into the packaging machine, faulty products or packaging can be excluded from the actual process. This quality assurance reduces possible rejects to a minimum as early as during the production process, as well as in the trade and even at the end customer. Depending on the programming, the image processing system developed by Schubert recognises product colours, shapes, heights and dimensions based on previously defined parameters. With 3D image processing, it is also possible to reach into disorder and pick up complex products in most any position.

Find out more about image processing from Schubert

The fourth technological leap: Logistics

Rethinking sustainable supply chains

Every time you can avoid driving a truck or travelling by air, CO2 emissions are reduced and the environment is protected. Efficient logistics are indispensable for sustainable production. Here again, Schubert is taking advantage of the fundamental digital revolution: Using PARTBOX – the new digital Schubert warehouse – customers all over the world can print their own 3D format parts, without requiring any transport of goods. Produced in this manner, a 3D part can save up to 89 per cent of CO2 compared to a conventionally produced part.

It is not so much the individual product, but the unbelievably large quantity of goods that have an impact on the transport routes to the trade: With smaller packaging and space-saving packed products, more goods can be transported on a pallet and supply chains become more efficient. Schubert packaging development, highly developed robot technology and intelligently planned processes all play hand in hand. For this reason, consulting from Schubert Consulting on the subject of sustainability always covers the entire packaging process from material to delivery.

Sustainable packaging thanks to digital technologies

Digital change enables greater efficiency

With digital technologies and data analysis, Schubert is opening up new opportunities for efficient and thus sustainable packaging machines.

Find out how the food manufacturer Kühne puts sustainability into practice.

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Take off now into a sustainable and economically efficient future!


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