Family business

Those who work well should also eat well

A restaurant for your own employees? 25 years ago this would have been extremely unusual, but Gerhard Schubert proved once again that he is not only a visionary in developing packaging machines, but also in every respect. In early March, the Schubert Casino and Hägele Catering celebrated their 25th anniversary.

More than six million prepared meals, a current team of 30 and more than half of all employees coming to the casino every day to eat: these figures speak for themselves and bear witness to the success story that Gerhard Schubert and Karl Hägele have been writing together for a quarter of a century. The cornerstone for the initiative was laid by company founder Gerhard Schubert in 1994, when he decided to bring his casino concept to life. He firmly believed that: "If you work well, you should also eat well." Looking for the right kitchen chef, he met Karl Hägele, who also had big plans. "I applied to Gerhard Schubert GmbH for a position as a chef, and I was clear from the start that I wanted my own catering business and to provide as many people as possible with healthy and varied food," says Hägele. Gerhard Schubert believed in the young caterer and from the very beginning made it possible for him to cook for other companies and their festivities in the Schubert kitchen. Today, Hägele Catering is one of the major players in the region. The team in Crailsheim is also involved in a variety of social activities, for example with the HAKRO Merlins, Crailsheim's basketball players, the Crailsheim Culture Weekend and – what is especially important to both Hägele and Schubert – supporting the St. Raphael children's and youth welfare organisation. Hägele Catering has also been operating the Leonhard Weiss construction company's casinos in Satteldorf and Göppingen for more than 15 years. Just as much as it enjoys cooking for companies, Hägele Catering plans and organises events such as large and small wedding celebrations, as well as company parties with several thousand guests. These include Gerhard Schubert GmbH's 50th anniversary gala and Leonhard Weiss celebrations.

Karl Hägele, his wife and the kitchen team provide more than 400 guests with fresh and varied food every day.

Regional ingredients freshly prepared

One of Karl Hägele and his team's secrets is the long-standing collaboration with regional producers, for the most part, who supply high-quality and fresh ingredients. The chefs use these to create a diverse range of dishes and give traditional dishes a new twist – with unusual ingredients or exotic spices. However, there is a dish that never changes: every Monday, lentils with spätzle and string sausages are on the menu – the company founder's favourite meal. You'll run into him and more than half of the entire staff in the Casino almost every day of the week. Furthermore, every week close to 300 external guests are drawn to the Schubert restaurant, and they are just as impressed with the value of the meals offered as they are with the friendliness of the service team.

The light-flooded Schubert Casino in Crailsheim is bright and friendly.