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With Schubert, you’re always part of a team

We spend close to a third of our lives at work. In fact, after sleep, work is the second most common activity. We spend more time working than we do with our family or friends. A good reason to select your workplace very carefully. And that’s why it’s so important for us to find people whose values match our own. Whether young students, advanced students, or specialists and managers. Everyone who chooses to work with us should share our passion for innovation, for the fun and excitement of cutting-edge technology and the joy of making great things happen in a team. So, the future starts now! What are you waiting for?


For young students

Young student

Let’s face it: If you’ve just finished school, it’s probably way too soon to know exactly what trade or profession you’d like to pursue throughout your life. What we can offer you is solid educational training as a foundation for a successful entry into the working world – no matter where your journey may take you. Curiosity and a genuine fascination for technology are fundamental to our corporate culture. And our many innovations come from the in-depth knowledge and shared exchange within a motivated team. Our apprentices and trainees can expect a great working environment and an extremely varied training programme which will ideally equip you to embark on a successful future.

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For advanced students


So you’ve decided to attend college or university, and you’d like to gain some practical experience during your studies? We have many exciting and cutting-edge topics for which we are often looking for student support. We’re not talking about projects that end up being filed away in a drawer, but hands-on projects addressing real issues that we work on every day to offer our customers the best possible solutions. With us, you’ll develop not only professionally, but also as a member in a team of inspiring innovation drivers.

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For skilled workers, specialists and managers

Skilled worker

If you prefer to create rather than be involved in administrative tasks, and if you want to actively work on developing the best possible solutions for your customers in a team of innovation drivers, you’ve come to the right place. With this mindset, you can achieve great things here. Extensive development opportunities in an exciting and secure working environment will transform your dream into an attractive and very satisfying career at Schubert.

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