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We’re looking for personalities who know what they want

For us, trust is fundamental to any collaboration – be it with our customers or our employees. Trust is the linchpin around which everything revolves. To this end, we provide scope and leeway, and offer opportunities to grow and advance. We encourage and challenge. We believe that it is only possible to achieve top innovative performance for high-tech packaging solutions through trust-based collaboration and a secure environment. If you’re looking to make a real difference and not just be a box on an organization chart, Schubert is the right place for you.

Career starters

Experts don’t fall from the sky, they’re developed

Every career begins with a first day on the job. If you have a degree and are looking for an exciting professional challenge, you’ve come to the right place. At Schubert, you'll find a wide range of assignments for every specification and a great working environment that offers you plenty of opportunities for development. With us, you’ll learn to take on responsibility from day one, and to develop flexible and goal-oriented customer solutions. It’s important to us that we enjoy our work together, remain curious and grow together. If this appeals to you, we would be delighted if you took your first steps with us at Schubert.

Curiosity is a must-have for entry positions

It can be exciting and perhaps a little daunting not to know everything at first. But don’t worry, everyone at Schubert felt this way at the beginning. This is why it’s so important to have a good feeling that you’re working together in, with and for a team – right from the start. As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, we have a real edge over large corporations. Here we don’t work anonymously, but together. Always with a view to the ultimate customer solution. In partnership, flexibly and together.


We prefer to deal with solutions than problems

We need people with audacity, ideas and passion to be in the position to deliver innovative solutions that drive our customers forward. For more than 50 years, Schubert has stood for precisely this: constantly pushing back the boundaries in packaging machine manufacturing. Standing still isn’t an option for us, because innovation is a fundamental principle of our business. If you’d like to work on our cutting-edge technologies with us, whether it be the development of IT systems, automation technology or mechanical engineering, give us a call. Share your expertise with us and work on tomorrow’s technologies today.

Two employees are working together at a packaging machine

We never stop learning

At Schubert, personnel responsibility also means that we attach the greatest importance to our advanced training opportunities. The in-house Schubert Academy offers a wide selection of ongoing training and qualification opportunities. Not only as a newcomer, but also later as an established member of the Schubert team. The portfolio extends from language courses and management training to supplementary vocational qualifications and dual courses of study. We’ll support you – with time and money – with your ongoing education. We’ll advise you on your training options, obtain the offers you’ll need in consultation with those responsible, and organise participation in external seminars as well as Schubert-specific in-house seminars.

Teamwork makes all the difference

Anyone who plays in the champions league of innovation has to be able to rely on their team. High-tech solutions can only be brought to life together. A hierarchical top-down approach doesn’t work. This is something we’ve always understood at Schubert. Open doors, a friendly working atmosphere and respectful interaction between colleagues are fundamental to our success.

Tobias Schell

My job at Schubert offers me opportunities to travel the world. This involves a lot of variety, new challenges and great experiences.

Tobias Schell

Electronics Technician Final Assembly

Diversity is intrinsic to our DNA

The many opportunities for active involvement at Schubert are fundamental to our in-depth innovation. Silos are a thing of the past. And today is all about networked, flexible and cross-departmental collaboration. This also applies to our flat hierarchies. We don’t think in terms of responsibilities and safeguards, but in terms of ideas and solutions. Regardless of where you’re positioned in the company.

Do you still have questions?

We hope that we’ve provided you with some good input on your possible career start with Schubert. But we can imagine that you may have many more questions. Here you’ll find out what other specialists and managers at Schubert were interested in and how we answered their questions.

What documents do I need for my application?

In addition to the cover letter/motivational letter and CV, references from your most recent employer should be included in your application. We also ask that you attach the final certificates of your training, further education or studies.

How does the application process work at Gerhard Schubert GmbH?

As a rule, the application process is as follows:

  • Submission of the application documents by the applicant
  • Notification of receipt of the application
  • Review of the application by Human Resources & the specialist department
  • First interview on site, or as a video interview
  • Second interview, including a visit to the working environment on site
  • Decision or acceptance, contract finalisation

What are the general working conditions at Gerhard Schubert GmbH?

Currently, we have a 40-hour work week, with a flexitime framework and core working hours that vary depending on the department. After 1.5 years with the company, weekly working hours may be reduced to 37.5 hours on the basis of flexible working hours.

As we are a pure contract company, additional overtime may be required depending on orders and deadlines.

As a family business, now in its third Schubert generation, we have our own remuneration system, which is based on the IG Metall collective wage agreement, for example in the past with regard to special payments. In addition to holiday pay, an allowance for capital-building benefits and anniversary bonuses, we offer our employees annual payments such as a Christmas bonus and a profit-related bonus on a voluntary basis.

Can I also apply by post?

The preferred method to apply is via our career portal and the link in the respective job advertisement. If you are unable to apply online, you can also apply by post.

Can I also send an unsolicited application?

If you don’t find a suitable position on the job portal, you can always send us an unsolicited application. Please let us know what areas you’re interested in.

Current job offers

Happy employee

Schubert as an employer

As an owner-managed family business, we have a lot to be proud of. Our success story, our ground-breaking innovations and, of course, the fact that we build the world’s best packaging machines. But there is one thing that makes us especially confident: the above-average length of service of our employees. We believe that there is no substitute for this loyalty, and that it says more about Schubert as an employer than anything else could.

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As much as we’re attached to Crailsheim and our home region, we’re also strongly driven to explore the world and new shores. We demonstrate our customer-centricity not only through our innovative, needs-based applications, but also through our many worldwide locations. Schubert has sites in Canada, the USA, China and the United Kingdom. And yes, we also have more sites in Bartholomä and Neuhausen ob Eck in Southern Germany.

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