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For young school students – Training in Crailsheim

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Training at Schubert in Crailsheim – the foundation for a successful career

Whether you’re interested in mechanics, electronics, information technology or business administration – an apprenticeship or traineeship with Schubert in Crailsheim offers you a wide range of development opportunities. Our modern training concept focuses on your individual interests and strengths in your selected filed of activity. The training areas are many and varied – whether an apprenticeship, an internship or a dual course of study in a variety of disciplines. At Schubert in Crailsheim, we can offer exactly what suits you and your interests best. Top instructors and state-of-the-art technical equipment guarantee the best possible training with the very best prospects for the future.

Training in Crailsheim

This is how training works at Schubert

Nobody can know everything. And no one can become an expert overnight. But you have to start somewhere, don’t you? Many success stories at Schubert begin with an apprenticeship in Crailsheim. This also applies to members of the Schubert family. For example, the grandson of company founder Gerhard Schubert, Johannes Schubert, took his first professional steps with an apprenticeship in the family-owned business. After working in Great Britain and the USA, Johannes is now a member of Schubert Packaging Systems management and still benefits from Schubert’s holistic approach to training. All Schubert trainees pass through several departments that are relevant to their goals, and all the while gaining in-depth insight into the technology and processes that are behind the success of Schubert’s packaging systems.

Our training positions

Diversity is an essential component of the Schubert training programme. Regardless of whether you would like to train in the fields of mechanics, electronics, IT or in the commercial field – training in Crailsheim will ideally prepare you for an exciting future. During your training, you’ll learn everything that’s important for your profession or trade, and for working at Schubert. You’ll get to know our innovative packaging machines and, after your training, you’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to help shape the fascinating world of TLM machines. Discover the opportunities available to you at Schubert and set the stage for a successful career with a real future. We look forward to meeting you!

Student internship

Student internships

If you’re not quite sure about what your future direction will be, we can offer you opportunities to try out different options. An opportunity to gain insight into your dream job with a trial internship could help you clarify your goals. Interested? Simply send your application with a short cover letter, CV and your ideal timeframe by e-mail to:

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On-the-job training and studying combined: the dual courses of study at Schubert

Would you like to gain practical experience while you study? Then a dual course of study is the right direction for you. In collaboration with the DHBW (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University), Schubert offers dual courses of study in the fields of industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Into the future with wind in your sails

Wherever you’d like to go, as a student you’ll find many opportunities for a perfect start to your future at Schubert – with an traineeship or apprenticeship in Crailsheim.

Felix Hirsch

When I selected my training path, it was important for me to have really good prospects for the future. It was a given for me, for my trade and for my employer.

Felix Hirsch

Industrial mechanic

Do you still have questions?

We hope that we’ve been able to give you some good ideas for your next steps, but we can imagine that you may still have many more questions. Here, you’ll find out what other students have asked about applying for training opportunities in Crailsheim and how we answered them.

What else do I have to include in my CV besides information about my background?

Of course, your personal and contact information need to be complete and correct, i.e. home address and telephone number, date and place of birth. If you’re applying for a training position and are not yet of age, you’ll also have to include the first and last names of your parents in your CV, because they’ll have to be named later in the training contract with the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce). We’re also interested in your hobbies and interests.

What documents should/can I attach to my application?

In addition to your cover letter/letter of motivation and CV, you should also include your last two school reports and certificates of apprenticeships/internships or volunteering work.

Can I apply now? When is the best time?

You can apply for the following year with your school’s half-yearly information – as soon as an opening for the training opportunity is online on our website. But don’t wait too long. You can also apply for the dual study programme a good year before you start.

How long do I have to apply?

If the offer for the respective training opportunity is still online, you can apply for it. If there are no more current openings, unfortunately all training positions have already been filled.

How can I increase my chances of getting an interview?

To increase your chances of being offered a personal interview, you should submit a complete application to us. First, you’ll convince us of your skills and abilities with your documents – and then in a personal interview.

Happy employee

Schubert as an employer

As an owner-managed family business, we have a lot to be proud of. Our success story, our ground-breaking innovations and, of course, the fact that we build the world’s best packaging machines. But there is one thing that makes us especially confident: the above-average length of service of our employees. We believe that there is no substitute for this loyalty, and that it says more about Schubert as an employer than anything else could.

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Headquarter Crailsheim

Our sites

As much as we’re attached to Crailsheim and our home region, we’re also strongly driven to explore the world and new shores. We demonstrate our customer-centricity not only through our innovative, needs-based applications, but also through our many worldwide locations. Schubert has sites in Canada, the USA, China and the United Kingdom. And yes, we also have more sites in Bartholomä and Neuhausen ob Eck in Southern Germany.

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Dagmar Schubert

Would you like more information about training opportunities at Schubert in Crailsheim? Your contact Dagmar Schubert is looking forward to answering your questions!