A sustainable company

As a leading company in the packaging industry, Schubert not only has the responsibility to develop innovative and sustainable technologies, but also to do so in a sustainable manner. With this approach, we put our entrepreneurial actions as well as our many sites to the test in terms of sustainability.

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Because the environment is important to all of us

Instead of just talking about sustainability at Schubert, we take the lead and act. We have developed a sustainability strategy and define concrete and verifiable goals to drive the process towards becoming an environ­mentally friendly company. One goal is that Schubert will become climate-neutral by the end of 2023. And the second is that Schubert will become one of the best employers in Germany. Find out more about our goals: “Sustainable corporate governance” and “Climate-neutral production”.

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Sustainable corporate governance

Our employees play a decisive role in our success; they are part of our family. This makes long-term corporate planning with secure jobs all the more important to us. Aspects such as health, equality and the reconciliation of family and work are high on our agenda.

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Climate-neutral production

The use of renewable energies, waste avoidance and resource management are crucial for Schubert in making our sites and our production climate-neutral. We are also taking a close look at CO2 emissions from traffic and transport, including through strong regional supply chains.

Go to climate-neutral production
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Focusing on our employees

Responsibility for the team and for society

A company is only as good as the people who work in it. For us this is not a catchphrase, but part of our everyday reality. Our employees make Schubert what it is. Without their loyalty, expertise and passion, we would not be at the forefront of the packaging industry today. This is why Schubert not only strives to be the leading innovation driver in the industry. “We want to become one of the best employers in Germany,” says Franziska Schubert, business administrator (B.A) and granddaughter of our founder Gerhard Schubert.

The establishment of a Code of Conduct, i.e. generally applicable corporate principles, is the number one priority here. We care about the health of our employees and stand up for equality and diversity. Similarly important to us is the balance between family and career – for both men and women. Schubert also fulfils its social responsibility by strengthening the Crailsheim region and making it an attractive place for people to live. Of course, this also includes financial and active support of social and charitable projects.

Franziska Schubert

We want to become one of the best employers in Germany. To achieve this, we are initiating changes within the company whilst also strengthening our region.

Franziska Schubert

Business administrator and granddaughter of the company founder

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Climate-conscious action

With environmental protection always in sight

Our planet is our livelihood, so it is vitally important to protect it. “In the area of buildings and production, we have already taken concrete measures to this end and have planned many others that will improve environmental protection,” says Reiner Weidmann, Head of Central Purchasing and Facility Management. One component is the use of renewable energies. For example, Schubert generates its own clean green electricity with its own solar power system. Over the long term, we not only want our sites to become climate-neutral, we are already planning our future buildings in such a way that they meet our sustainability standards.

At the same time, great care is taken to ensure that the consumption of energy and raw materials is reduced to a minimum. In terms of CO2 emissions, Schubert works for the most part with regional or at least German suppliers. We also support employees in switching to environmentally friendly means of transportation – be it with public transportation job tickets or the promotion of e-bikes. In addition, the company applies the principle of avoiding waste as much as possible - particularly in production, where we are committed to strict and well-thought-out recycling and waste management.

Buildings and energy in the spotlight

Certificate from KlimaInvest Green Concepts

Clean green electricity for the Crailsheim site

Since January 2022, Schubert has been using only certified electricity from renewable energies at its Crailsheim site. We even have it in writing. We not only supply all our offices with green energy, but also all our large machine production halls and even the canteen. This saves Schubert up to 4 875 tonnes of CO2 compared to the conventional electricity mix in Germany. Working with a clear conscience and enjoying a break – this is also what Mission Blue means for our employees.

Reiner Weidmann

By the end of 2023, Schubert aims to be a climate-neutral company in accordance with Scope 1 and 2. To this end, we are taking concrete measures in the area of buildings and production to improve our carbon footprint.

Reiner Weidmann

Head of Central Purchasing & Facility Management