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Sustainable packaging with Schubert: The future is secured!

Sustainability as a “nice to have” – that was yesterday. In the highly competitive consumer goods market, sustainable packaging represents a formidable competitive advantage. It is anticipated that this development will accelerate significantly in the coming years. Sustainable packaging alone will then no longer suffice. Manufacturers of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics need packaging experts who can support this fundamental shift with effective and lasting solutions. With Schubert, they have a partner who they can rely on with one hundred percent confidence. Schubert, as a responsible corporate citizen, has committed itself to the 17 UNESCO goals of sustainability. Behind this are social, ecological and economic values such as growth and high-quality jobs, better environmental and climate protection, as well as an innovative economy based on partnership.

As a frontrunner and foremost driver of innovation, Schubert draws on decades of experience in the packaging industry and provides a level of expertise that is second to none. The combination of modular and flexible packaging machines, unique technologies and comprehensive consulting expertise delivers solutions that are effective both in the short and the long term. This means that consumer goods manufacturers can easily manage new, resource-saving packaging for many years to come. At the same time, they can position themselves in the market as sustainable, future-oriented companies that live up to their responsibility towards people and the environment.


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Schubert core expertise: Sustainable packaging

Sustainability as an economic factor

The consumption of resources and the management of our environment affect people all over the world. Many consumers are now more sensitised to the issue and have become more critical when shopping. They are looking more closely at manufacturing processes and are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. However, this doesn’t mean that the product should be more expensive. How can sustainability and economic efficiency in packaging be reconciled? As an expert who has been working with cardboard as a recycling material for over 50 years, Schubert has sound answers to these issues.



Flexible packaging machines, advanced technology

The modular machine concept and the consistent use of robotics provide a decisive advantage. Schubert’s modular system is so flexible that packaging machines can be tailored precisely and without redundant components to the customer’s desired requirements. Moreover, new formats can also be implemented in the machines at a later date. This even applies to the switch to more sustainable packaging materials: Simple substitutions such as cardboard trays instead of plastic trays can be carried out in an existing Schubert line without any major outlay.



In-house packaging development

The more reliable the packaging process is and the more efficient the use of packaging material, the more sustainable the entire packaging becomes. Economic efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand here. Schubert makes this potential available to its customers on request for every machine – with its in-house packaging development. In collaboration with the development department, manufacturers can optimise their packaging in such a manner that they benefit in several ways. This even extends to more sustainable logistics if one more carton fits on the pallet afterwards.




Consulting throughout the entire process

With the expertise provided by Schubert Consulting, the topic of sustainability can be analysed and optimised along the entire chain – from the use of raw materials all the way to the consumer. The experienced consultants determine the most suitable materials based on an integrated processing approach, then develop packaging, plan processes and implement them on the most fitting packaging machines. From a strategic point of view, it is advisable to seek advice at an early planning stage of the project. This is the point at which all possibilities for sustainable change are still entirely open.


More sustainable through and through – from raw materials through to recycling

The five Rs with Schubert

As a partner for sustainability, Schubert is ideally positioned to optimise customers’ processes along the entire chain from raw materials, packaging and logistics to recycling. This is based on the five Rs – the five principles of waste prevention.

  1. Refuse:
    Elimination of unnecessary and unsustainable packaging materials
  2. Reduce:
    Clever packaging solutions for less material usage and fewer truck transport trips
  3. Reuse:
    Convertible packaging machines
  4. Recycle:
    Recyclable and conventional materials in one system
  5. Rethink:
    The resource-saving packaging chain from A to Z

„We are very proud of this packaging solution and the commitment of our team in Kamenz all along the development process.“

„Together with the Schubert experts, we developed an environmentally friendly and very practical packaging solution.“

„This really is quite an ingenious ‘toy’ that Mr Müller and his team designed and built for us. It precisely reflects our position as an innovative and sustainable company that sets new standards.“

„From the design of the robots to the simple format change, from the buffer function to the open VMS control architecture, this machine is clearly superior to what competitors are offering.“

This flow-wrapping machine from Schubert processes conventional composite films and plastic trays as well as sustainable cardboard trays, mono films and paper-based films.

A step ahead with Schubert

Sustainability calls for proven expertise

  • Integrative process analysis along the entire chain with the specialists at Schubert-Consulting.
  • Advice and support in packaging development from our specialists in the material areas of cardboard, paper and plastics.
  • Modular, highly flexible packaging machines that can be retrofitted and converted at any time – thanks to the following:
    • In-house robot technology (since 1981)
    • In-house image processing technology (since 1985)
    • In-house packaging machine control VMS (since 1996)
    • The introduction of Transmodul as a seamless connection of process steps (the world’s first transport robot in packaging machines in 2009)
    • Machine technology without control cabinets since 2014
    • Changeable tools (we build or 3D print close to 6500 format parts and tools per year)
  • Use of 3D printing technology since 2015, with some 100,000 3D printed parts per year. The PARTBOX streaming platform for customers to print, for example format parts, themselves.

Fields of application for sustainable packaging

Sustainable alternatives can be used wherever packaging is needed for sale to consumers or for transport to retailers. Schubert has implemented numerous solutions for food, confectionery and beverages in particular. Sustainable packaging is also used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


The sectors we work with:

Case Studies


Casepacker for the packaging of butter tubs into trays and “zip & crack” cartons

Confectionery & Snacks

Reliable identification and space-saving packing in the optimal formation


Packaging the traditional Japanese beverage in cardboard boxes and display cartons


Packaging spirits with high-level flexibility into ‘plastic free’ sales and shipping cartons


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