Sustainable packaging

With Schubert Packaging Perspectives, our customers in search of the best sustainable packaging will find the best solution with us. We are always researching and developing new concepts together with our partners. We can also optimise existing packaging at the request of our customers.

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Sustainable packaging with expertise

Sustainable packaging is so much more than just a current trend. It is an economic factor that should not be underestimated in the future. With us, you have a partner at your side with comprehensive expertise and highly advanced technology. Our packaging machines excel with outstanding flexibility, durability and retrofitability. Our packaging developers and the Schubert-Consulting team also support you with expert in-depth knowledge to sustainably optimise your packaging and packaging processes in terms of materials, resources and future-proofing. Discover how sustainable packaging works with Schubert. Find out more under “Environmentally friendly machines and services” and “Sustainable packaging”.

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Environmentally friendly machines and services

Are you looking for an energy-efficient and durable packaging line to package your products sustainably? With our Schubert machines, you will successfully make the switch to efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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Sustainable packaging

At Schubert, nothing is just standard. In our search for the best sustainable packaging for our customers, we are constantly researching and developing new concepts together with our partners. We can also optimise existing packaging at the customer’s request.

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Sicher, flexibel und umweltfreundlich

Relentless when it comes to energy efficiency and recyclability

The more efficient packaging processes are, the more sustainable production and packaging can be. Our modular machine concept and the consistent use of robotics ensure an ideal foundation for this. Our modular system is so flexible that packaging machines can always be adapted to your specific requirements. “The machines can process conventional packaging materials, such as plastic trays or composite films, as well as sustainable packaging made of cardboard or recyclable flowpack films,” explains Jan Köhler, Head of Line Planning and Projects. Schubert works tirelessly to improve the energy efficiency and recyclability of its lines.

An important aspect of making machines more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly is Schubert Service. Because we understand service not only in terms of machine technology, but as comprehensive support along all processes and over the machine’s entire lifecycle. With our CARE Digital Services, we analyse your line down to the last detail and increase efficiency and performance to the greatest extent possible. This is also what sustainable packaging is all about today.

How Schubert packaging machines save energy

We are continuously working to further improve the energy efficiency of our machines. To achieve this, it is essential to know the power consumption of the various components such as robot drives, cooling, lighting and the like. This is why our experts analyse the machine data in detail in order to define the right levers for reducing consumption. For example, compressed air and drives are the biggest energy guzzlers in a packaging machine. With the information gained, our development team can implement new, more economical solutions. With the ECO dashboard, we also make some of the consumption data available in the customer portal.

Jan Köhler

Outstanding flexibility, retrofitability and proven durability are what make our packaging machines future-proof and sustainable for our customers.

Jan Köhler

Head of Line Planning and Projects

Flexible packaging with conventional and sustainable materials

The decision to package sustainably often means having to switch between conventional and more sustainable packaging materials over a longer timeframe. With Schubert’s modular machines, this is not a problem – even if new materials keep being added. Our highly flexible robot technology allows either plastic or cardboard to be processed in the packaging process without major adjustments. For example, as a plastic or cardboard tray, as a display box, a reusable box or as cardboard packaging without glue. We also have special sealing technologies that are so gentle that monofilms or paper-based flowpack films can also be used. And finally, we also design our systems and robot tools in such a way that a format change can be carried out in the shortest possible time. The machine can then immediately restart packing with impeccable quality without requiring any further start-up adjustments.

Sustainable packaging for biscuits

From the field

It takes less than half an hour to change formats on a biscuit manufacturer’s Schubert machine. With its special sealing technology, highly advanced forming shoulders and flexible robots, the Flowpacker easily switches from plastic trays to cardboard trays, and from laminated film to sustainable paper-based films or mono films.

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Sustainable packaging with the Flowpacker

The Flowpacker, the flow-wrapping machine from Schubert, is exceptionally flexible when it comes to packaging. Not only is the sealing technology equipped for conventional and sustainable films, the pick & place feeding system can also be adapted to a wide variety of products and materials.

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Stefan Horvath

Our Flowpacker packs with all flowpack films, i.e. composite films, mono films and paper-based films.

Stefan Horvath

Application technology

Sustainable packaging thanks to material efficiency and waste avoidance

Example efficient use

The efficient use of packaging material saves resources

Our robots work so precisely that packages can be filled much more ‘tightly’. Together with well-conceived pre-grouping, this saves packaging material with each individual cut. Even a few millimetres can result in a remarkable difference. If another layer of shipping cartons suddenly fits on the pallet, the optimised packaging even saves resources during transport, reducing CO2 emissions and costs.

Another type of material efficiency results from the economy cut: A material-saving and visually elegant alternative to cardboard packaging which can easily be run on Schubert machines as an alternative to conventional cross-cutting. With the economy cut, the side panels of the box are not attached to the bottom as usual, but to the front panel. This means that more blanks fit on a sheet with the same base area, but with different side lengths.

pick and place robots

Avoiding rejects means environmentally friendly packaging

There are many reasons why products become rejects during packaging. Unplanned machine downtimes, inaccurately gripping robot tools, processes that are not ideally coordinated – the list is endless. This is precisely why we strive to reduce these factors as much as possible or even eliminate them entirely. Here, too, our robot technology plays a key role. It enables gentle product handling thanks to customised tools. Our Schubert image processing systems developed in-house enable thorough quality control: only flawless products are picked up by the robot.

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Pick and Place robot

Sustainable packaging with the Pickerline

The Pickerline, the pick & place machine from Schubert, can not only switch between cardboard and plastic trays, it also ensures that only flawless products end up being packed – thanks to 2D or 3D quality control. This also reduces the waste directly during packing down to a minimum.

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Digital Service

More efficiency through digital machine services

Efficient production that only stops when absolutely required ensures the highest possible packaging output and therefore reduces waste. With preventive maintenance and a detailed OEE analysis, we can help you produce more efficiently and therefore more sustainably.

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Packaging Perspectives – researching, developing and optimising

The customer is the one who makes the packaging decisions

At Schubert, it’s the customer who decides what type of packaging they would like to use for their products, not the packaging machine. And thanks to the expertise of Schubert Packaging Perspectives, our customers find the best solution with us. Because our machines can pack product into paper-based flowpacks and with composite films, into plastic and cardboard trays, into shipping cartons and reusable boxes or even into cartons without glue. How can we say this with one hundred percent certainty? “At our Schubert laboratory, we work with development partners to design sustainable packaging solutions for our customers and test them on our machines,” explains Michael Graf, Director Consulting at Schubert Consulting.

On request, we also work on our customers’ existing packaging and modify it, for example, in terms of volume and material consumption. If you want to optimise not only your packaging, but also your entire packaging process, the experts from Schubert-Consulting will support you as experienced consulting partners. Together with you, we will improve your packaging processes so that you benefit several times over. This extends to more sustainable logistics, for instance, when one more box then fits onto the pallet.

Michael Graf

In every packaging and in every process, there is sustainable potential that we can tap into and leverage for our customers.

Michael Graf

Head of Schubert-Consulting

Packaging Perspectives – your path to sustainable packaging

Schubert Packaging Perspectives – these are the services we can offer you to meet all your sustainable packaging needs. With our consolidated expertise, we will support you in choosing the right material and finding the ideal format for your environmentally friendly packaging solution. Whether using films or cardboard packaging, the combined know-how of our experts, Schubert’s advanced packaging technology and a holistic consulting approach guarantee you efficient, cost-effective and sustainable packaging processes.

At the Schubert Technical Centre and laboratory, we test materials and packaging in terms of their functionality and machine runnability. With the help of this data, our packaging experts find the best material and the best cut to meet your specific requirements. If needed, we can develop new cardboard packaging for you or design a complete solution that goes far beyond the packaging line itself. As a complete solution provider, we work with strong partners to drive the development of innovative packaging for a sustainable circular economy.

With Packaging Perspectives, you save resources, use recycled materials, position yourself sustainably on the market, win over end-customers and benefit financially.

Let us advise you today!

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Recyclable films – take advantage of our expertise and technology

Do you package your products into flowpacks? We can help you find a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective film quickly and easily. With our Comfort Package sample database, we offer you a large pool of marketable flowpack films, which we test extensively for their functionality. We are not only very familiar with the sealability and tear resistance of each product, but also its potential for smaller packaging sizes.

For us, it is clear that the ideal flow-wrapping film combines product protection, recyclability and a perfect seal. And that’s why our flowpacker is equipped with flexible, state-of-the-art sealing technology that can easily handle conventional films as well as sensitive monofilms and paper-based films. Our customised forming shoulders ensure maximum process reliability and first-class packaging quality.

Test your preferred combination of product and film at our Technical Centre. If required, we can analyse the composition of your flow-wrapping film in the laboratory or develop new forming shoulders for efficient processing in the machine.

Brochure Comfort Packaging
Laura Gascho

With Packaging Perspectives, we aim to support our customers in the selection of materials as much as packaging machine design.”

Laura Gascho

Plastics Engineer at Schubert

Recyclable films for baked goods

To package its diverse range of biscuits into flowpacks, a medium-sized confectionery manufacturer opted for an automated solution from Schubert. Fast format changes and the use of recyclable packaging materials were top priorities. The highly flexible flowpacker can now pack the biscuits in both monofoils and paper-based films.

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Cardboard packaging – unleash untapped potential with us

Are you considering cardboard packaging? Regardless of whether your product has never been packaged in cardboard before or whether you would like to improve existing carton packaging – we will support you in finding the perfect solution with Packaging Perspectives. Cardboard is incredibly versatile: Baked goods, confectionery and dairy products can be packed in cardboard packaging with Schubert machines, as can beverages, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. The recyclable material is suitable as an alternative for shrink films or plastic trays, as a stable sleeve for containers, boxes with precisely formed compartments and for many other applications.

Why not simply come visit us with your product? Our packaging development team designs customised, machine-compatible trays, boxes, wrap-arounds, sleeves and other cardboard packaging. At the same time, we will improve your blanks so that you not only save material, but also benefit from an automated packaging process. Through re-design and a space-saving configuration of the goods in the cardboard packaging, you can achieve the very best in efficiency and sustainability. Because the more compact the packaging, the more products fit onto the pallet. And that’s sustainability times two.

Sustainable cardboard packaging for Jägermeister

Before & after: sustainable cardboard packaging from Schubert

To meet the growing global demand for its “Mini Meisters”, premium liqueur manufacturer Jägermeister replaced its manual packing with a highly flexible TLM system from Schubert. It now packs the small bottles fully automatically into an innovative outer packaging solution that requires no plastic and offers real added value at POS – with the option of wrap-around printing.

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Tören packaging

An optimised carton: 25 per cent material savings

During the course of automation, Schubert packaging development leverages valuable potential: Instead of pre-glued cartons for manual erecting, this chocolate manufacturer now uses tighter flat blanks. In practice, this means a material saving of up to 25 per cent, for some six million cartons per year.

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Valentin Köhler

We want to avoid any product and packaging material waste with our packaging, which is perfectly matched to the machines.

Valentin Köhler

Head of Packaging Development

New ecological packaging with Packaging Perspectives

In our laboratory and packaging development department, we are continuously researching new environmentally friendly packaging solutions together with our industry partners. The spectrum ranges from glue-free cardboard trays to paper flowpacks, sustainable multipacks and thermoformed packaging alternatives. The goal is always the same for each variant: Packaging that fulfils all the functions of the conventional material while being highly efficient and cost-effective to process in machines. We check the suitability of the prototypes in extensive tests directly on our packaging machines and use the results to match the materials even better.

Our partners for new sustainable packaging

We are confident that we can only achieve our sustainability goals together with our expert partners. And this is why we see Schubert as a team player that works with other manufacturers to drive overall industry development to meet customer needs. This is demonstrated by our diverse partnerships for sustainable packaging development, with which we bring innovative packaging solutions to market maturity via research and development.

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Schubert-Consulting: More sustainability throughout the entire process

Sustainable packaging means thinking about things differently – even beyond the issue of material. If only a few millimetres of cardboard can influence logistics, what are the effects at entirely different points along the supply chain? Schubert-Consulting helps you broaden your perspective. We bring everyone involved to the table at the beginning of a project: to find a joint solution that makes the actual packaging process as efficient as possible. Especially in packaging development, this collaboration is necessary, because packaging today has to fulfil many different requirements that go far beyond product protection and transport. This is how we can generate real business added value along the entire process chain – all the way to the consumer.