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Pick and Place Machine

Pick & place machines from Schubert – cutting-edge technology at its best

Fiercely competitive industries such as food and confectionery call for maximum efficiency and flexibility on the part of manufacturer. It is the only way to produce profitably in spite of increased demands for diverse product ranges and packaging formats. Without the step towards automation with pick & place machines, a cost-effective packaging process is hardly even possible. What is needed are highly flexible and highly efficient packaging machines that are future-proof.

The answer is the picker line from Schubert: With decades of experience, the packaging machine manufacturer has made the most of pick & place technology. All components of the system come from a single source and are perfectly matched to each other as an integrated solution. With Schubert pick & place machines, manufacturers benefit from sustainable competitive advantages thanks to extremely efficient, reliable and modular technology.

Pick and Place Machine

Automation with pick & place robots – unbeatable in both efficiency and performance

Robot technology has been one of Schubert’s key areas of expertise since the 1980s. Improving packaging processes for the benefit of customers – this was the motivation behind the development of the world’s first packaging robot and, as a result, the first pick & place machines for packaging chocolates and biscuits. One of the focal points was to be able to produce more economically through efficient, high-performance solutions. This remains a challenge today, especially with the high market demands in terms of product variety and batch sizes. Schubert’s flexible picker lines not only fully meet the tough industry conditions, they also keep the promise of being future-proof over many years of operation. Pick & place machines from the 1980s are still in use today.

T5 Pick and Place Robot

Pick & place with built-in quality control

At the heart of every picker line are the pick & place robots. They are selected from various Scara or Delta variants, depending on the system performance and length requirements. The products enter the packaging machine via a wide belt and are packaged using the counterflow principle. The counterflow principle in picker lines developed by Schubert was patented in 1996 and is now used throughout the industry. The system is supplemented with tray destackers and chain conveyors. Schubert’s special image processing is especially advantageous for even more efficient packaging processes. It was developed in 1985 and has been continuously improved since then. Each pick & place machine is equipped with image processing. It detects the position and shape of the products on the product belt and assesses product quality. This way, only flawless products are approved for packaging. This guarantees high-quality goods for the trade. The robots’ easy-to-change gripper and suction tools also allow a wide range of products and formats to be processed. This gives manufacturers the option of changing flexibly in the process or retrofitting at a later date.


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The unique Pick & Place technological advantage

Advanced technology with the most simple operation ever

Everything about the packaging machines’ pick & place technology is designed for easy operation and straightforward programming. The exchangeable robot tools allow a format changeover in just a few steps. The picker line then immediately continues to pack without errors. Each line requires only one control system. This makes parameterising the robots so easy that customers can do it themselves after a little training. Furthermore, the controller performs numerous tasks independently, for example collision monitoring of the robot arms or workspace monitoring.

Pick and place robot picks biscuit

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Unbeatable in efficiency, flexibility and quality

Schubert picker lines: Advantages in all dimensions

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Bahlsen biscuit

“In April 2019, the machine was already running with a level of efficiency which had only been planned for December.”

Richard Tomczyk

Investment-Manager at Bahlsen

Fields of application: Pick & place machines – specialists in versatility

Pick & place machines from Schubert have been proving their worth for decades and for practically all products. Whether sticky, greasy, frozen, soft or fragile, whether pressure-sensitive, heat-sensitive or with a touch-sensitive surface – the robots package food and snacks just as well as confectionery or baked goods. Even highly sensitive products from the pharmaceutical sector or cosmetic products can be processed with the packaging machines. The picker lines’ gentle product handling and perfected gripping tools are the culmination of years of experience.



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Technical details

Pick and place robot grabs croissant

Scalable pick & place machines

All Schubert picker lines are integrated solutions consisting of several system components. These include pick & place robots in different variants, one or more tray denesters, a product infeed conveyor, one or two adjustable chain conveyors and a scalable vision system. The pick & place machines from Schubert rank among the world’s most efficient systems.

The scalable performance of packaging machines is primarily determined by the number of pick & place robots. Depending on the performance and space requirements, either the proven F4 robots or the T4 and T5 robots from Schubert based on the Delta design can be used. Schubert now integrates up to six T5 robots in one machine frame, for maximum performance in the tightest of spaces.

Pick and place robot for pastries

Gentle handling for every product format

With the pick & place machines, mono-products such as fresh or frozen baked goods, confectionery, packaged foods, as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, can be packaged highly efficiently in cartons or trays. The products are fed to the pick & place robots in a mass flow on a wide belt with a constant product inflow in an unsorted manner.

The image processing system developed by Schubert and integrated into the packaging machine checks the quality of the products. Colour, shape, height and other optional parameters can be requested. Either an incident-light scanner or 3D image processing is used for this purpose. Schubert has a total of 700 pick & place machines with optical recognition in operation worldwide, making it the market leader in this segment.

Pick and Place Robot for frozen pasta

“With the Schubert line, we have always been able to automatically package all the varieties we developed over the past ten years. We very much appreciate the reliability of our collaboration with Schubert, as well as the quality and flexibility of the machines.”

Edoardo Bacchini

Managing director of surgital


Upgrade with additional functions and quality controls

Schubert’s modular machine concept opens up countless possibilities for combining the pick & place robots with other packaging functions. Picker lines can be upgraded with, for example, a carton erector and carton closer as well as additional robots. This enables functions such as the insertion of package leaflets or padding papers to be added. Additional quality controls on packaging or products can also be integrated. The flexibility extends to highly complex complete systems, at the end of which a finished palletised product is labelled for dispatch.

lightline Pickerline

The quickly available lightline Pickerline

For purely standard packaging tasks, there is the lightline Pickerline, a pre-configured pick & place machine that is available within a very short time: The delivery time is reduced by half to only a few months.

To the lightline picker line

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Pick & place machines – at a glance

  • Combination of the proven TLM system components: Pick & place robots, image processing, control, tray destackers, chain conveyors
  • Very high scalability in performance and machine layout
  • Very high machine efficiency
  • Very high availability
  • Very high format diversity for products and packaging
  • Optional Scara F4 robots or Delta T4/T5
  • Individual robot tools with 3D-printed format parts via PARTBOX
  • Image processing with an incident-light scanner or 3D scanner
  • Integrated GS.Gate with the platform
  • A lightline variant can be available in half the delivery time

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