Sustainable packaging for confectionery products

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Would you like to sustainably package confectionery products such as chocolates, biscuits and cookies? Welcome to Mission Blue, the sustainability initiative from Schubert!

Of course, protecting the product, sealing in the aroma and ensuring a long shelf life are key factors. But today, confectionery such as biscuits, cookies, chocolates and pralines also need to be packaged as sustainably as possible. Find out here how to increase your sustainability in terms of both materials and the packaging process itself.

A cardboard tray filled with chocolate biscuits is enclosed in a transparent flowpack.

Packaging materials

Machines and lines from Schubert package confectionery products with maximum efficiency. As specialists in cardboard packaging, we have been trailblazers in the field of sustainable materials for over 50 years. Our packaging machines can also easily handle recyclable plastics such as thin films for flowpacks. Find out more here.

Michael Graf and Laura Gascho examine several paper-based flowpacks at a high table.

Packaging optimisation

Even if you are already using highly efficient, automated packaging equipment for your confectionery, there is always potential for optimisation. With our expertise and experience in packaging development, we will help you find the best eco-friendly primary, secondary or tertiary packaging – so that you can save material, resources and CO2. Read more about packaging optimisation here.

In a Schubert production line, chocolate bars from Ritter Sport are packed in boxes, sealed and turned over.

Process optimisation

Efficient processes prevent unplanned maintenance, reduce waste and enhance material utilisation. Find out here how Schubert can help you streamline your processes for packaging biscuits, cookies, chocolate and other confectionery products to ensure flawless quality, maximum efficiency and greater sustainability.

Packaging materials

What would your perfect, sustainable packaging for confectionery, for example, biscuits, cookies and pastries, look like? A cardboard tray, sealed in a flowpack made of recyclable monofoil, wrapped in a high-quality secondary carton with colourful printing, and with minimal space between the content and walls – along with sturdy, transport-safe tertiary packaging with maximum packing density made of corrugated cardboard with precisely the right shelf dimensions for supermarkets.

All this and more? Not a problem. With Schubert packaging systems, you can integrate all process steps fully automatically. Our machines can easily process the most diverse types of packaging materials and prepare your confectionery for safe onward transport to the consumer. Automated packaging in returnable transport containers is also second nature to Schubert machines.

A cardboard tray filled with chocolate biscuits is enclosed in a transparent flowpack.

The perfect biscuit & cookie packaging

Today, a wide variety of materials are used to sustainably package confectionery such as chocolates, biscuits and cookies. That is why it is all the more important that your packaging machine is flexible and versatile.

With Schubert packaging machines, you are not only ideally equipped for secondary packaging such as sales cartons. Our machines also process high-quality, printed boxes and transport crates quickly and efficiently, without defects or damage.

With primary packaging such as flowpacks, for example for muesli and chocolate bars or trays with biscuits and chocolates, you benefit from maximum process reliability and efficiency. Whether single or multi-pack, conventional or recyclable flow-wrapping films – with Schubert you will increase the sustainability of your processes.

Complex processes such as the packaging of praline assortments call for reliable and flexible handling on the packaging line. Pure or mixed, individually wrapped in film or unpackaged, in plastic or cardboard trays – Schubert can easily master even challenging processes such as those in praline packing lines.

Another important step towards more sustainability in confectionery packaging is process integration. Numerous process steps from pick & place to tray handling, optical quality control and sealing into flowpacks, right through to secondary and tertiary packaging, can be integrated and fully automated with lines from Schubert.

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging is one of the most flexible and sustainable materials for packaging chocolate, pralines, biscuits or cookies. Schubert has been developing and producing packaging machines with a focus on cardboard packaging for over 50 years and draws on a great deal of experience and expertise. This includes a wide range of carton and box types, shipping cases and shelf-ready solutions. Our cartoners and case packers pack your products in a way that is space-saving, efficient and sustainable. Our robot-assisted technology also processes special requirements such as fine assortment packaging with padded paper, adhesive-free packaging and special shapes without any problems.

Cantuccini packed in a flowpack are offered in a cardboard display box with a cutout.


Cartons made of rigid board are often used as primary packaging and have several essential functions: for example, product protection, a clear shape that ensures reliable handling throughout the value chain, and an appealing presentation of goods with a communication surface that can be designed in a variety of ways. To meet these requirements, Schubert machines offer a diverse range of shapes, material thicknesses and opening positions.

Next to an opened RSC crate are boxes of chocolates with marzipan from Niederegger wrapped in red.

Shipping crates

Our packaging lines can easily handle RSC crates (in compliance with FEFCO 0201) and wrap-around designs. The RSC crate is usually the more economical alternative, whereas the wrap-around is more compact. Wrap-around designs also achieve higher material savings and greater pack density as a result of high-precision cutting.

A display box is filled to the brim with Hosta Nippon rice cakes packed in flowpacks.

Shelf-Ready-Packs (SRP)

Shelf-ready packs are available in a wide range of variants and designs: single- or multi-part, with a separate lid, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They fulfil an important function both for presenting goods on the sales shelf and for product protection during transport.

In a Schubert production line, RSC cartons are erected and filled by several robots.

Cartoners and case packers

Modular cartoners and case packers from Schubert are the perfect choice for the sustainable packaging of confectionery such as biscuits or cookies. Whether you opt for a customised machine layout or the pre-configured lightline cartonpacker – flexibility, efficiency and sustainability are always a given. For example, through product-specific pre-grouping, easy switching between different formats and packaging types, and maximum machine availability.

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There are good reasons why flowpacks are ideal candidates for the sustainable packaging of confectionery such as chocolate, biscuits or cookies. For example, they keep biscuits crisp, chocolates fresh and muesli bars at an optimum moisture level. They also ensure a reliable barrier against moisture, odours or grease. Until now, however, composite films were often used, which are not recyclable due to different barrier layers – at the expense of sustainability. The problem lies, among other things, in the packaging process: Flow-wrapping films have to be flexible, tear-resistant and easy to seal.

Flowpackers from Schubert are your solution: With state-of-the-art sealing technology and gentle handling, they can easily switch between different types of film. Our flowpackers process both conventional laminated films and recyclable monofilms, and even paper-based flow-wrapping films – easily, safely and reliably. Pick & place feeding in a single line ensures high efficiency and product quality.

Imitation biscuits are in a transparent, recyclable plastic packaging consisting of a tray and a flowpack.


This type of film consists of a single material such as polypropylene (PP) and is therefore easy to recycle. Our flowpackers guarantee high machine runnability even with these thin films, and our cross-sealing unit and ultrasonic longitudinal sealing ensure consistently high-quality sealing. Thanks to optimised temperature control, an intelligent sealing system guarantees perfect heat conduction in the sealing process. This is another reason why Schubert flow-wrapping machines are ideal for heat-sensitive products.

Biscuits with fruit filling are packed in a green flowpack made of paper-based foil.

Paper-based films

Today, paper-based films are a real alternative for packaging even delicate confectionery such as biscuits, cookies or chocolates – at least with packaging machines from Schubert. We counteract the increased machine stress caused by paper, such as material abrasion, by using specially hardened forming shoulders in the machines. Gentle processing reliably prevents tearing and creasing. Our special forming shoulders also enable us to form very tight multipacks. The composition of paper-based films is important for their recycling and sustainability: Dispersion-coated papers are easy to recycle because the coating detaches from the paper fibres in the recycling process and can be removed. If the paper is laminated with plastic film, a large proportion of the fibres remain attached to it during separation – and have to be sorted out with the film and incinerated.

Three chocolate bars from Tören wrapped in colourful composite foil lie next to each other.

Composite films

Films made of composite materials are still used frequently when packaging confectionery. Their modular design and ease of processing make them a cost-effective and popular choice for many confectionery manufacturers. The disadvantage is that composites are not recyclable. But here, too, our flow-wrapping machines can package more sustainably. Our advanced technology processes the materials so precisely that packages can be cut and filled extremely tightly. This saves resources and protects the environment through fewer transport trips.

In a flowpacker from Schubert, the horizontal cross-sealing unit seals paper-based flowpacks.

Flow-wrapping machines

The flowpacker from Schubert is not only ideal for sustainably packaging biscuits and cookies, it boasts several advantages for eco-friendly confectionery packaging. Robot-controlled and gentle feeding via pick & place, automatic quality control and a high-quality packaging process, integrated into a continuous flow. State-of-the-art sealing technology and special forming shoulders process both conventional and sustainable materials reliably and efficiently. Thanks to precise temperature control, even heat-sensitive confectionery such as pralines and chocolate bars are perfectly protected throughout the packaging process.

With the flowpacker from Schubert, you are as flexible as your product range and can easily master your journey into the world of eco-friendly packaging.

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Product protection and shelf life are top priorities for trays as well. Trays come in countless shapes and sizes, in part due to the wide range of products in the confectionery sector. Added to this is the requirement for consumer-friendliness when unpacking and consuming. Space-saving design and easy placement into secondary packaging remain important criteria for primary packaging. Sustainability is also an important consideration in the selection of materials for trays. With pick & place machines from Schubert, you can now easily switch between plastic and cardboard trays. We will be happy to develop eco-friendly and efficient packaging types and sizes for you.

A plastic tray is filled with biscuits featuring the Schubert logo.

Plastic trays

Plastic trays are usually the best choice for products containing fatty substances. But sustainable packaging can also be used for confectionery. For example, recyclable mono-materials or thinner plastics are an option for more sustainability and resource conservation.

A cardboard tray is filled with biscuits featuring the Schubert logo.

Cardboard trays

In many cases, plastic trays are already being replaced by alternatives made of cardboard. Functionality continues to be the main focus here. Sensitive or fragile confectionery in particular needs to be adequately protected and secured for transport and sale. At the same time, high machine runnability of the packaging is essential to ensure an efficient process. Depending on the product sensitivity, you can choose between different carton constructions with or without cavities.

The vacuum cups of a Schubert robot pick up chocolate-coated rice cakes from the conveyor belt.

Pick & place machines

Schubert’s picker lines are ideally equipped to sustainably package a wide variety of confectionery products such as pralines, biscuits or cookies. Customised robotic tools place even fragile, greasy or freely shaped products reliably and gently into the packaging. This reduces waste, increases efficiency and ensures more sustainability not only in the packaging, but in the entire process – whether with plastic or cardboard.

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Packaging optimisation

Do you package confectionery and are looking to increase your sustainability? Are you currently rethinking your entire packaging concept? In addition to switching to recyclable materials, there are many other ways to be more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective.

One option, for example, is to optimise existing packaging in terms of size, material thickness or packing density. For example, by means of more economical blanks, better material utilisation, thinner trays or optimised formats. With our Schubert experts, you have access to over 50 years of experience in automated packaging. Of course, we also consider the many other requirements such as visibility at POS, machine runnability and compatibility with the expectations of your retailers and customers.

Alternatively, we also develop entirely new packaging from sustainable cardboard in our packaging development department. Customised to your product and adapted to the highest demands in terms of machine runnability, cost-effectiveness and process reliability.

Michael Graf and Laura Gascho examine several paper-based flowpacks at a high table.
Replica biscuits with Schubert logo slide out of an opened paper-based flowpack.

Recyclable materials

The first approach to sustainably packaging confectionery such as chocolate, biscuits or cookies is to make the switch to recyclable materials. These include mono-materials made of plastic, certain paper-based materials and, of course, cardboard with its very high recycling rate. We provide comprehensive advice and support to find the best and most cost-effective solution for you – either by optimising existing packaging or developing new cardboard packaging.

Ritter Sport chocolate is packed into oblong boxes in a Schubert machine.

Machine compatibility

We believe that sustainable packaging is only ideal if it works in perfect harmony with the packaging machine. Only then can packaging processes be designed efficiently and production waste be reduced to a minimum. Right from the beginning, in our consulting and development, we consider properties such as material thickness, stability and cuts, which have a considerable influence on machine runnability and therefore on the final packaging result.

Chocolate bars from Tören lie in and next to a cardboard transport box.

Optimised blanks

Material utilisation and packing density are decisive factors if you want to sustainably package confectionery such as biscuits, chocolate bars or cookies. With our robot-assisted, advanced packaging systems, you can achieve this, for example, by making optimum use of paper and cardboard sheets, maximising flat blanks and adjusting to the best possible packing density for transport.

12 bars of Ritter Sport chocolate are lined up vertically in an opened cardboard transport box.

Achieving greater sustainability through packaging optimisation

To find out how you can take advantage of the many opportunities to produce more efficiently and more sustainably with optimised or newly developed packaging from Schubert, read our technical article on the subject.

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Process optimisation

When packaging confectionery, high process speeds often come up against sensitive products – a challenge even without eco-friendly packaging materials. But it only makes sense that anything that stabilises and optimises the process can also help make your production more environmentally friendly. Even a reduction in rejects automatically reduces your carbon footprint: If incorrectly packaged goods or unplanned machine downtimes can be avoided, the percentage of confectionery actually sold increases and sustainability rises. Reliable process sequences and high machine availability harbour great potential.

With Schubert, you have an experienced partner at your side: With our know-how, we question the way things are done along the entire process chain, rethink processes and support you with a fresh perspective in redesigning your packaging process. In doing so, we use a holistic approach: from material procurement to packaging design and processing to logistics in delivery and recycling.

In a Schubert production line, chocolate bars from Ritter Sport are packed in boxes, sealed and turned over.
Biscuits packed in flowpacks are placed into round metal tins by pick-and-place robots.

Reliable packaging process

Especially when it comes to complex processes, our flowpackers and pick & place machines are true artists: With state-of-the-art Schubert image processing, only products of impeccable quality make it into the packaging. Our advanced robot technology works in an exceptionally gentle way on the product, due in part to customised format tools. The integration of additional packaging steps in one line also ensures a consistently controlled, efficient process. This all maximises process reliability, reduces waste and cuts down on packaging material consumption. With our complete PARTBOX system consisting of a 3D printer, streaming platform and plastic material, you can produce new format parts in-house. Without long transport routes or additional storage areas – and in a way that is climate-friendly.

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The Schubert customer portal displays machine data via colour graphics.

High machine availability

Unplanned production downtimes are not only a major problem in the confectionery industry with its high price and cost pressures, they also worsen your company’s carbon footprint. With machines and lines from Schubert, you benefit from maximum machine availability with outstanding flexibility in terms of packaging materials and last-minute product range changes. With our technical and digital 4YOU Services, you can reliably prevent unplanned downtimes: Our experts will help keep your packaging line in top condition for many years and convert it to meet new requirements as they arise. You benefit from even more advantages with the digital CARE services from the 4YOU portfolio. Via our customer portal, we can plan maintenance in advance and increase machine performance by consistently identifying vulnerable points and bottlenecks in the process.

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A sketched top view of a production with several machines connected by conveyor belts.

Turnkey solutions for optimal processes

To package confectionery such as chocolate bars, pralines, biscuits or cookies sustainably, it is also worth taking a look at related processes: for example, the integration of various process steps into a packaging line for more efficiency, a machine concept with a performance buffer to avoid overproduction, or the improvement of transport logistics to reduce CO2 emissions. Our experts will be happy to get involved very early in the planning phase and deliver completely planned machines and lines with our turnkey solutions. You can find out more here:

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For even more sustainability: packaging solutions from Schubert-Consulting

Schubert-Consulting’s cross-market expertise brings together the benefits of many different packaging solutions, combining ideas and best practices to create ideal solutions for sustainable confectionery packaging. With systematic analyses of the entire supply chain from raw material use to the consumer, our experienced consultants determine the optimal solution using a holistic assessment approach. This includes the right materials, specially developed packaging, optimised logistics and the integration of digitalisation and AI – independently of the packaging machine manufacturer.

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The Schubert-Consulting team

Best Practice

At Schubert, we not only talk about solutions, we deliver them – consistently and reliably. This is the basic prerequisite for bringing more sustainable packaging solutions for confectionery to the market. Our many practical examples show how this works:

A robot simultaneously places four flowpacks filled with chocolate bars in each of three open boxes.

Full assortment flexibility at Tören

The newcomer from Turkey combines two case packers from Schubert in a single packaging line. The requirements come from the market, production follows quickly and efficiently – and the case packers handle all the tasks involved in a fully automated and flexible manner. Among other things, this results in very significant savings in carton cuts.

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In a Schubert production line, a colourful flowpack film is pulled over trays of Nippon rice wafers.

Less plastic at Hosta

The German confectionery manufacturer combines a pickerline, a flowpacker and a case packer in one line. This way, the popular NIPPON rice wafers are quickly and efficiently sorted into trays, sealed into flowpacks and packed into outer cartons in a single run. This highly efficient process saves Hosta a lot of plastic.

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A cross-sealing unit from Schubert seals transparent recyclable flowpack film.

Flexible automated packaging of biscuits and cookies

A medium-sized manufacturer of pastries and biscuits relies on the future-proof flow-wrapping machine from Schubert. The result: sustainable flowpacks made of paper or monofilm, trays made of cardboard or mono-materials – and significantly more sustainability.

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Confectionery & snacks

Flexibly packaging a wide variety of confectionery

The confectionery market is fast-paced. Recurring seasonal promotions or periodic product launches with new varieties call for companies to be flexible in their packaging processes. With our modular, robot-based and automated packaging machines, you can easily adapt to different and frequently changing product lines. Find out today how you can package your range with Schubert packaging machines with the utmost flexibility.

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