Highly flexible packaging systems

Packaging lines: A wide variety to take on any packaging task

Find out more about the packaging system matched to your specific requirements here! Detailed machine descriptions are provided for the most common packaging tasks.

Pick and place packaging machine for cookies

Individually designed packaging machines from Schubert’s modular system are our strength. With the multitude of highly flexible packaging systems, it is possible to define certain machine types for frequent industry applications. In addition to pick & place machines, packing lines, flow-wrapping machines, cartoners and case packers, you will also find thermoforming machines, packaging machines for beverages and filling machines for powdery or liquid products. We also develop complete packaging lines with fully integrated functions. The preconfigured Schubert lightline machine series is ideal for fast automation of standard packaging tasks with a cost-effective packaging line.

Pick and Place Machines

Pick and Place Machines

One of our most frequently used packaging systems is our pick & place machine or picker line. It packs naked or pre-packed products of various consistencies into packaging materials. Switching between destacking plastic trays and erecting cardboard trays in a single line is no problem at all. With our robots in Scara or Delta designs, individual pick & place tools, the Schubert Vision System and packaging using the counterflow principle, we guarantee perfect product quality and completely filled trays. The performance capacity is determined by the number of robots and is almost infinitely scalable. Our largest pick & place machine to date comprises 48 F4 robots.

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Packing line

Packing lines

As a variant of the pick & place machine, the packing line has several lateral infeed belts. This allows different products to be fed into the packaging line at the same time. Pick & place robots then create assortment packs from the individual product types. A very popular application for this is, for example, chocolate packing lines. All the advantages offered by our pick & place machine can also be achieved in the packing line. From output scalability to the choice between different packaging materials (plastic or cardboard), to the excellent product and packaging quality - thanks to the gentle handling technology, and the Schubert image processing systems.

Packing line Case Study
Flow-wrapping machine

Flow-wrapping machines

Schubert’s flow-wrapping machine, the Flowpacker, is a packaging machine based on a unique concept. This is because pick & place technology also plays a role here: Essentially, the Flowpacker is another variant of the pick & place machine into which the Flowmodul flow-wrapping unit is seamlessly integrated. Unlike conventional product infeeds via belts, the flow-wrapping machine saves an enormous amount of floor space with an infeed via pick & place robots. Naked or pre-packed products are packed into flowpacks with or without trays. Thanks to our sealing technologies, the packaging line is so flexible that it is possible to switch quickly and easily between laminated films and new sustainable flowpack films.

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Our cartoner or bar packer combine small individual products into a saleable unit. These are usually secondary packaging made of solid cardboard, for example for mixed packs or multipacks. The packaging process includes erecting, loading and closing the packaging materials. Boxes or display cartons made from flat blanks or pull-open folding box blanks are used. In the packaging line, the products are optimally pre-grouped and then loaded into the carton using either pick & place robots or F2 robots. To present the goods attractively at retail, cartoners often process high-end packaging with special surfaces that require outer packaging for transport.

Cartoner Case Study
Case packer

Case packer

Our case packer functions similarly to the cartoner. These packaging systems also handle the erecting, loading and closing of packaging materials. The difference is that case packer does not create elaborately designed packaging, but rather outer packaging or transport packaging for multipacks. These include wrap-around and RSC cartons as well as trays with and without lids. If cartons with shelf-ready function are used, they are also suitable for use on the sales shelf. The packaging materials are mostly made of corrugated cardboard, but our case packer can also process reusable boxes made of plastic. A pre-grouping system, which is perfectly adapted to the products and packaging, and the F2 robots ensure space-saving loading.

Case packer Case Study
Packaging machine for beverages

Packaging machine for beverages

With the Innopack TLM beverage packaging machine, beverages can be flexibly combined into mixed packs, six-packs, baskets, cluster trays, containers or seasonal mixes and packages. The packaging line is a combination of the bottle packer from KHS and the erecting and closing machines from Schubert. This creates a compact, space-saving block solution that integrates the packaging process into a single line. Our Transmodul transport robot acts as the connecting component: The Transmodul not only transports the packaging materials and bottles in the beverage machine, but also seamlessly links all system components together without interfaces thanks to the rail technology.

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Filling machine for cosmetics

Filling machines

Our filling machine can be used for both liquid and powder products. Bottles and containers of all sizes and made of all materials, from glass to plastic to cardboard, can be used as packaging. Precise filling processes with weigh scales and other quality control features deliver flawless results. Integration into a single line makes sense in order to optimally connect upstream or downstream packaging processes. Here again, our Transmodul transport robot provides support and ensures packaging systems with interface-free solutions. This way, the filled products can be packed fully automatically into secondary packaging and then into outer packaging for transport.

Filling Machine Case Study
Thermoforming machines

Thermoforming machines

Like the filling machine, our thermoforming machine is designed to be easily integrated into Schubert packaging lines. The thermoforming machine not only performs the thermoforming of the package, but also inserts the product into the finished package. Thermoforming is often combined with a punching or sealing process. Upstream or downstream of this packaging step, other processes can take place along the same line, such as further packaging of the goods for sale and transport with a cartoner or case packer. To keep packaging as efficient as possible, the Transmodul combines all steps into a fully automated and entirely controlled process.

Thermoforming machine Case Study
Packaging lines

Packaging lines

At Schubert, our packaging line or multipacker combines various stages of the packaging process into a single packaging system. This means that primary, secondary and tertiary packaging no longer run in separate machines, but are seamlessly linked. A classic case for the use of our Transmodul: The rail-based transport robot seamlessly connects all system components, i.e. without any interfaces, into a fully automatic packaging process. This usually consists of the recurring erecting, loading and closing of various packaging materials at the successive process stages. Depending on customer requirements, additional functions can also be integrated into the line.

Packaging lines Case Study
lightline Cartonpacker

Schubert lightline: Preconfigured for standardised packaging tasks

Compact design, short delivery times, quick set-up and commissioning – this is what our Schubert lightline series stands for. If you want to efficiently automate standard packaging tasks with a limited number of format and packaging variants, and if you value high-quality machine design and construction, we have three preconfigured machine types for you to select from.

Schubert Lightline