4YOU Digital Services: More machine availability, more sustainability

The availability of packaging machines is one of the most influential factors behind efficient production. Today, the key to higher machine availability is the targeted evaluation of digital machine data, and subsequent process and performance improvements. For manufacturers, this means less unplanned downtime, less waste, less consumption of resources and therefore more sustainability in production. With the 4YOU Digital CARE Services (Connection for Analytics, Reporting and Efficiency), Schubert is gradually opening up these possibilities to its customers via the machine-integrated GS.Gate industrial gateway.

Food manufacturer Kühne optimises its packaging machine using the OEE evaluation via GS.Gate.

Sustainability has triggered one of the strongest current trend shifts in the packaging industry. However, it isn’t only the selection and layout of packaging materials that is important for manufacturers. The topic also significantly impacts the machines and processes in production. The more efficient and streamlined a packaging process is, the more sustainably a manufacturer can produce. This is a fundamental requirement, particularly in sectors with highly perishable products such as baked goods or dairy produce. In these sectors, virtually every unplanned stop means that the rejected food can no longer be sold. It isn’t always obvious at first glance where there are problems in the processes or where the output is too low. With a structured analysis of machine data, however, weak points in the process can be detected much more quickly, errors can be eliminated retroactively and a general performance optimisation can be carried out via OEE analysis. Another advantage of data evaluation: Not only information regarding the packaging machine itself can be retrieved, but the influences of upstream and downstream equipment or processes can be identified as well – for example, the quantity of products in the infeed. Evaluation of the data also provides insight into the future: With comprehensive monitoring, the operating hours of the packaging line and its individual system components can be read precisely, wear can be detected early on and irregularities can be assessed using limit values and parameters. This basic data is used to create a plan for the predictive maintenance of machine components. Unplanned downtimes are therefore reduced to a minimum.

The five CARE Digital Services from Schubert offer customers the right package to meet their specific requirements, from the simple CARE IIoT READY basic version through to the custom-tailored CARE CUSTOMIZED version.

This type of data analysis requires a certain infrastructure of hardware and software. For this reason, Schubert machines have been equipped, for several years now, with the highly secure GS.Gate industrial gateway. Schubert packaging systems can also be retrofitted with the GS.Gate. The data can be read out and evaluated via the gateway’s customer portal. The new 4YOU Services from Schubert are linked to the customer portal: The five digital CARE services expand the scope of services – module by module – and offer customers the right packages to meet every requirement, from the simple CARE IIoT ready basic version to the individual CARE Customized module. The selection can of course be regularly adapted to suit the changing needs and circumstances surrounding the asset.

CARE IIoT ready includes, for example, GS.Gate and access to the customer portal with a free OEE analysis in the weekly review and the option for extended digital services. With CARE Everywhere, Schubert customers receive more comprehensive data material, regular software updates, download options and mobile access to the customer platform. From the CARE Analytical package onwards, the Schubert experts support the targeted and individualised evaluation and filtering of data via internet access. Included are, for instance, a standardised OPC-UA machine interface for connecting further lines, as well as the calculation and display of the compressed air and power consumption of the Schubert machine. With CARE Data, customers also have the option of importing this data into their own systems. The last package, CARE Customized, offers the greatest possible freedom in the configuration of services. With CARE, manufacturers benefit from greater machine availability, more efficient processes and more sustainable production – all in line with their specific wishes and requirements.

In the video you can see how the experts at Schubert implement such customer projects and which steps are taken. Katrin Ziegler, Process Manager Service, and Uwe Galm, Head of Service, present the Schubert service.

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A customer uses Schubert's digital 4YOU services, which are integrated into the new customer portal, via his laptop.

Everything digitally under control, including machine analysis

Functional, clear and multifaceted: Schubert customers now have everything under control with the new customer portal. At the interpack 2023 and for the very first time, Schubert’s service division showed how companies can best use and benefit from the portal, from purchasing to production to maintenance. The Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.

The Schubert customer portal uses a clear menu to guide the user to the packaging machine data.

New digital customer portal including machine analysis

Functional, clear and multifaceted: With the new customer portal, Schubert customers now have everything under control. At the interpack 2023, Schubert Service will present how companies can ideally use and benefit from the portal – in all areas ranging from purchasing to production and maintenance. Schubert’s Digital CARE Services for analysing machine data are also integrated on the platform.