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Your partner for packing dairy products

Gerhard Schubert GmbH has years of experience in packing dairy products and its customers include a large number of well-known producers. Schubert is a pioneer in digital packaging machines that provide manufacturers with far-reaching competitive advantages.

Packaging machine for coffee cream

We offer high-performance packaging machines to carry out efficient secondary packaging of your dairy products – whether for yoghurt pots, cheese, butter, cream, milk cartons or coffee creamer.

With our comprehensive services, we secure your production and create added value for you.
Our skilled Schubert-Consulting team supports you in planning and implementing your packaging processes. Schubert Packaging Systems is a long-standing expert in turnkey systems and produces complete turnkey concepts on request.

Packaging machine for butter manufacturer Meggle

Automation and robotics

High format and product diversity with intelligent automation

Gerhard Schubert GmbH offers you, as a producer of milk, butter, yoghurt and cheese, outstanding flexibility and high performance when it comes to packaging your products. Standard ranges with high production volumes can be packed as well as varying packaging sizes in small batches.

With robots such as the F4 pick-and-place robots, dairy products can be accurately placed in secondary packaging. For dairy products already packed in trays, cups, flowpacks or fresh-food cartons, we develop innovative solutions for secondary packaging in transport or display cartons, as well as for palletising.

Packaging machine for fresh cheese

Integrating packaging processes

The Transmodul enables seamless process integration

With our specially developed Flowmodul flow-wrapping component, we can also efficiently pack dairy products such as yoghurt pots in flowpacks. In addition to our own system components, we also integrate technologies available on the market for packaging and labelling your food products. Our Transmodul transport robot plays a key role in the integration of packaging processes, by carrying the goods to be transported through the entire production process. This allows real-time tracking of each and every product throughout the process.

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Vision System for Müller rice pudding


Image processing ensures quality

We use innovative image processing systems in our packaging machines. For example, a 3D scanner ensures that yoghurt pots with damaged or missing lids are not picked up. The vision system also allows products to be oriented to face the desired direction in the display boxes.

Packaging machine for butter manufacturer Meggle

We provide manufacturers of dairy products of all kinds with flexibility and high performance when it comes to packing their products.

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