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Gerhard Schubert GmbH has years of experience in packing dairy products and its customers include a large number of well-known producers. Schubert is a pioneer in digital packaging machines that provide manufacturers with far-reaching competitive advantages.

Packaging machine for coffee cream

Your partner for the secondary packaging of dairy product

The dairy market is volatile – like stock market prices, milk prices rise and fall within a very short time and price increases are keenly noticed by consumers at POS. As a result, dairies not only have to offer their customers ever new product variants, but also present them in attractive packaging.

For secondary packaging, it is also important to have different sizes or mixed packs to attract consumers’ attention, for example yoghurt in different flavours. Secondary packaging also needs to be stackable and should not take up too much space on the refrigerated shelf or other product displays. And more and more, the issue of sustainability is also playing a key role in packaging.

To meet these demanding requirements, technologically advanced packaging machines for dairy products are needed to enable quick and easy format changes and a wide variety of packaging.

Whether you need boxes for your creamed dairy cups, want to present packets of butter in cardboard trays or provide custard cups in cardboard sleeves – Schubert has been developing and manufacturing high-performance, efficient and highly flexible packaging machines for the secondary packaging of dairy products for over five decades, making us your ideal partner in the dairy industry.

State-of-the-art robotics

High format and product diversity thanks to intelligent technology

Our well thought-out packaging machines for dairy products help you respond flexibly to the latest market requirements. Standard assortments with high production quantities can be packed just as well as changing formats with small batches. The combination of simple mechanics, innovative robotics and digital image processing enables our customers to achieve a high degree of automation with very efficient, cost-effective and sustainable packaging processes.

We can also integrate all process steps into a single line with the help of our Transmodul transport robot. This makes Schubert’s top-loading machines exceptionally compact. As a manufacturer, you need less production space and save costs – a clear competitive advantage in a market where dairy manufacturers have to operate with low margins.

Packaging machine for dairy producer Yakult

Complete automation for efficient processes

Thanks to our perfectly coordinated system components and modular machine concept, we can seamlessly package your dairy products into secondary packaging such as crates, cardboard packaging or flowpacks. Robots such as the F4 pick & place robots can be used, for example, to precisely place dairy products into secondary packaging.

Even dairy products in challenging primary packaging, such as yoghurt in very soft plastic cups, are gripped gently with specially adapted robot tools. You can count on undamaged, complete and flawlessly packaged products.

With the help of our comprehensive automation, you reduce waste, avoid time-consuming product jams and minimise unplanned machine stops. For dairy products already packed in trays, cups, flowpacks or keep-fresh cartons, we develop innovative solutions for secondary packaging in transport or display cartons as well as palletising. Your packaging processes run efficiently over the long term, remain cost-effective and therefore represent an important step towards future-proofing

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Format change

Quick format changes for different product presentations

Would you like to offer your cheese snack together with crackers in a single pack in the future? Is your yoghurt available now in a four-pack also planned in a six-pack? Is your chocolate beverage being updated and will also be available in a 2-litre pack? No matter how often your dairy products and their primary packaging change – with a Schubert packaging machine for the secondary packaging of dairy products, you are ideally equipped for quick format changes.

The use of robotics goes a long way towards ensuring flexibility. Robot tools that can be easily exchanged enable the packaging of different products. It is also very easy to implement mixed packaging: With a packaging machine for dairy products from Schubert, and thanks to intelligent programming, you can easily mix the different types on an operating panel using drag & drop and colour codes. The respective lid films are directly aligned identically in the process.

Would you like to switch between different packaging materials such as plastic or cardboard? This is also possible in our machines – at any time and without any problems. This enables manufacturers of dairy products to respond quickly to product range changes and current trends.

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Integrated packaging processes

The connecting element – the Transmodul

Seamless and controlled throughout – this is how you could describe the logic behind the processes in our packaging machines. For example, we use the Schubert flowpacker to efficiently pack your dairy products such as pudding cups into flowpacks, or wrap your dairy products with recyclable sleeves with the help of our cartoner.

Even the packaging of your dairy products into secondary packaging and then into tertiary packaging for transport is handled by a single compact production line. This is because the different steps in the packaging process are skilfully linked together via our Transmodul transport robot.

No matter what your requirements may be – we will combine our modules to create the dairy packaging machine that is exactly right for you. In addition to our own system components, we also integrate technologies available on the market for packaging and labelling your products.

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lightline Casepacker

Standardisation at its best: the lightline cartonpacker

Whether cheese with new seasonings, yoghurt beverages with exotic flavours or rice pudding with salty caramel – our customers’ products are diverse and unique. For dairy companies that want to get to market even faster, we have bundled the most common requirements for packaging dairy products into a preconfigured machine, the lightline cartonpacker.

Your lightline machine will be ready for use on site in just a few weeks and you will save about one-third of the purchase price for standard packaging tasks compared to custom-designed Schubert casepackers. Another advantage: the lightline cartonpacker features a very compact machine layout, which means you need up to 30 per cent less floor space than with conventional solutions. And last but not least, you can process four different carton types with this intelligent standard solution: boxes and trays with and without lids, wrap-around cartons and folding cartons.

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Quality control thanks to our vision system

How do Schubert robots succeed in placing products such as cream pots into trays with pre-punched round holes with millimetre precision? And how is it possible, for example, to quickly sort out custard cups with defective or missing lids? The secret behind the efficient and cost-effective robot control is the vision system developed by Schubert in-house. The state-of-the-art 2D or 3D image processing assists with various production steps, for example product inspection, the pick & place process or the alignment of dairy products in the display carton.

The Schubert vision system also checks the finished secondary packaging for completeness. The optical support through our robots ensures that you have fewer rejects and a fully automated packaging process without any disruptions. A big benefit for your margins and your profitability!

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What we can do for you: A complete package for your packaging solution

Your specific requirements for a packaging solution for dairy products are always our most important priority. After all, we want you to be able to package your high-quality dairy products with our packaging machines exactly as you envision them. This is why, if you wish, our services can begin long before the development and commissioning of the machine lines. With a holistic package that includes not only the machine design but also process and packaging consulting as well as comprehensive services covering the entire machine lifecycle, we ensure that you are fully satisfied with your Schubert packaging solution.

Personalised customer support: 4YOU Services

Complementary services for maximum functionality

Our efficient digital packaging machines for dairy products are the cornerstone for taking your packaging processes to the next level. From the outset, we design each system to pack efficiently and sustainably and to avoid waste. This enables you, as a dairy manufacturer, to save resources and work economically in a market where margins are tight and consumers are extremely price-sensitive. With our comprehensive 4YOU Services for all aspects of your packaging machine, we also offer our customers the necessary levers to make packaging processes even better or to adapt them to new requirements. And this applies from project planning to conversion and end-of-life management.

Through our CARE Digital 4YOU Services, you also gain access to detailed evaluations of your machine data on our customer portal. With the help of our new CARE Services, we help you analyse the results obtained, to avoid unplanned downtimes and significantly increase the production output of your machine in the long term. Of course, a Schubert expert is also available to you at any time as a knowledgeable and expert contact person. You can be confident that you will get the best out of your machine with our service package!

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Valentin Köhler

Packaging consulting

Packaging dairy products sustainably with Schubert machines

More and more consumers are looking for environmentally friendly packaging when buying dairy products. Sustainability, however, involves more than just checking conventional packaging for its recyclability for the material cycle. It also includes reducing packaging material, for example by re-cutting secondary packaging from cardboard or using thinner wall thicknesses for yoghurt pots. Recyclable monomaterials enable complete recycling cycles without waste. An efficient production process that produces little waste also pays into your sustainability account.

With our state-of-the-art packaging solutions for dairy products, we support our customers in acting responsibly. For example, we can optimise your cardboard packs together with you to save space, and even then they can be filled by our machines without gaps. Furthermore, our packaging machines easily process monomaterials made of plastic, whether as flowpacks, thin-walled cups or soft trays.

Our experts will be happy to support you if you would like a more environmentally friendly packaging solution for your dairy products. Let us advise you on how you can contribute to sustainability with your packaging!

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Turnkey lines from Schubert

Packaging solutions from A to Z

As an experienced turnkey provider, we design turnkey packaging lines for you with perfectly coordinated individual components and machines – from A to Z. The development of a production line tailored precisely to your needs begins with a careful analysis of your current situation, leads to a manufacturer-independent planning of the right machines for you and culminates in a fully supported production start-up. And of course, our experienced Schubert experts will continue to provide you with expert support afterwards. The range of services extends from primary packaging to shipping packaging and pallet transport to the warehouse.

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Schubert-Consulting Team

Schubert-Consulting for the dairy industry

Achieving your packaging goals together

Due to today’s exceptionally high hygiene requirements in the dairy industry, the production process in modern lines should run without manual intervention or interruptions. This calls for holistic planning that perfectly integrates the packaging process into your production sequences.

For example, are you looking for a new system that takes up less space on the production floor? Would you like to rethink your packaging process altogether? Or do you want to optimise your secondary packaging? Whatever your specific goals, our experts at Schubert-Consulting will be there to support you as a reliable and innovative partner. Together we will achieve your packaging goals and ensure that your dairy products reach your customers in top quality!

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Sustainability at Schubert

As a packaging machine specialist, it is important to us that you can package your dairy products efficiently and economically as well as sustainably. But what do we actually mean by the term sustainability? Which goals have we set ourselves in this area and how do we intend to achieve them in concrete terms? Find out more about our "Mission Blue" sustainability programme now.

To sustainability

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