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Technical Articles

Your partner for packing technical products

Screws, wall plugs, furniture fittings or computer accessories: with our lines, you can pack a wide range of products flexibly and efficiently. The modular design of our robot-based TLM technology allows us to meet every performance demand.

Packaging machine for tooth brushes

Efficient Packaging Solutions for Technical Products

Schubert’s robot technology makes it possible to automate the packaging of a wide variety of products with a high level of flexibility. The modular design of our TLM systems allows us to take on every one of your challenges. Our comprehensive services ensure maximum availability of your packaging line and provide top production reliability for the entire lifespan of the line.

Do you need support in planning, implementing or optimising your packaging processes? As part of the Schubert Group, the Schubert-Consulting team is here to help. Its experts will be happy to realize a complete turnkey concept for you on request.

Packaging machine for toothbrush heads

Automation and robotics

An easy solution for a wide variety of packaging tasks

Screws, wall plugs, furniture fittings or computer accessories: day-to-day items are as diverse as the areas in which they are used. No two packaging concepts are alike and customised concepts are what is needed. Schubert develops and produces compact automation solutions that stand out with their high line availability, efficiency and vision control systems – all at an exceptionally high level of performance. Modularity ensures outstanding flexibility and scalability to future packaging tasks.


Integration of primary and secondary packaging processes

A seamless connection thanks to the Transmodul

All the applications required for your packaging tasks can be easily integrated into Schubert’s highly flexible TLM machines: from thermoforming and flow-wrapping to labelling, punching and sealing. The Transmodul plays a decisive role in the process. The transport robot seamlessly links the individual process steps within the packaging line.

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Vision System

Vision Systems

Image processing for the greatest possible quality assurance

A secure and reliable packaging process is ensured by high-performance vision systems, such as the 3D scanner specially developed by Schubert. These image processing systems can, for example, ensure that only flawless good products are packed.

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Packaging machine for technical articles

Technical articles: Screws, dowels, furniture fittings or computer accessories - our systems package a wide variety of products flexibly and efficiently.


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