Packaging ready-filled syringes

  • Project management including all preparation and related services
  • Development of the carton design with tamper-evident features
  • Variety of machine functions
  • Accessible design in spite of machine length
  • Implemented product tracking with data management for applied Italian labels


330 syringes safely cartoned per minute

Erecting and cartoning in a single system:

Schubert-Pharma supplied the customer with a top-load cartoner with integrated functions for erecting, loading and closing shipping cartons.

The packaging specialist distinguished itself with its product tracking feature as well as its carton design.


High performance combined with safety

Schubert-Pharma designed this top-load cartoner with integrated shipping cartoner for the Abbott pharmaceutical group (formerly known as Solvay). A unique highlight is the product tracking implemented in the machine, which manages the data for the Italian labels applied.

Together with the customer, Schubert-Pharma implemented all of the packaging materials, including carton design, as a complimentary service alongside machine delivery. Schubert-Pharma placed a special focus on maximum product safety in the development of cartons and boxes: tamper-evident features became one of the box’s design elements.

From carton design to efficient product tracking, we were able to implement everything the customer wished for. They now have a tailor-made system in operation.

Technical Details

Erecting and cartoning in a single system

The packaging solution for up to 330 syringes per minute essentially consists of the following steps and functions:

The syringes are buffered, or pre-grouped, for the cartoning process and continuously fed into the machine.

Three F2 robots, equipped with erecting tools, guide the flat carton blanks past gluing nozzles, push them through the erecting tools and place them on the vacuum transport slides.

In the filling section of the compact system, leaflets and syringes are inserted into the packaging cartons.

Two F2 robots, equipped with closing tools, glue the attached carton lids to the longer side of the packaging cartons.

After labelling and printing the packages, they are packed into shipping cartons.

  • High-performance cartoner for up to 330 syringes per minute
  • Integrated shipping cartoner
  • Close to 180 servomotors in operation, controlled by the Schubert VMS packaging machine control system

Carton loading

Carton closing

Laser marking of individual cartons, together with labelling with read-back and data management

Ready-filled syringe

Single carton with tamper-evident features incorporated into design

Open multicount

Closed multicount