Optimised for flexibility and efficiency

Modular packaging machines from Schubert

Pick and Place Machine

Modular packaging machines with built-in flexibility

How flexible packaging machinery really is cannot always be seen at first glance. But at the very latest, at the second. For instance when the fast-moving packaging market demands new formats or new, more sustainable packaging materials. With a packaging machine from Schubert, manufacturers can rest easy. Thanks to the modular construction principle and the state-of-the-art robots developed in-house, flexibility is built into the TLM lines right from the start. This is what makes modular packaging machines from Schubert so efficient, sustainable and cost-effective in the long term.

As a leading manufacturer of modular packaging machines, Schubert pays the utmost attention to optimised seamless process chains and packaging technology that is one hundred per cent tailored to the specific needs of the sector. Behind this are the decades of research to optimise our packaging machinery as well as the ingenuity of an innovative industry driver in developing elegant and successful packaging solutions. That is why packaging machines from Schubert not only ensure extremely high availability, but are so flexible that they can even process conventional and new packaging materials on the same line.

Modularity based on the building block principle

Individually designed packaging machines from proven components

At Schubert, this is how a packaging machine individually designed according to customer requirements comes to fruitition: After comprehensive planning together with the customer, a new robot-supported system is created from our tried and tested system components using a modular approach. The modular design allows the performance of the machine to be flexibly determined and tailored to the customer’s specific needs. With the help of standardised system components and sub-machines, all processes are integrated into one line in a lean and seamless manner. Basically, Schubert packaging machinery can be used to package all kinds of products. For this purpose, the Schubert experts develop ideally matched robot tools for each product.

All components in the Schubert modular system are designed to be compatible with each other, and can be combined again and again to create highly efficient packaging solutions. The earlier Schubert is involved in the planning phase, the more savings potential along the process chains can be incorporated into the customer solution. By analysing upstream and downstream processes, improving existing packaging or developing new packaging formats, as well as robot-based technology, the entire packaging process up to and including transport can be optimised for efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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A wide range of packaging machinery

From standard packaging to turnkey solutions

Schubert supplies a wide range of modular packaging machines to meet diverse customer requirements. Accordingly, Schubert's packaging machinery is designed with both packaging and process quality in mind. From the pre-configured lightline machine for fast automation of standard packaging tasks, all the way through to the complete turnkey solution, for example in the demanding pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging machines preconfigured compact and efficient

With our Schubert lightline machine series, you can master standardised packaging tasks with great efficiency and high quality – at attractive purchase costs.

The series consists of packaging machines with preconfigured machine modules. This enables quick planning and assembly processes. A key benefit is that the packaging machines from the Schubert lightline product family are ready for use within a very short time. All machines are delivered in the high Schubert quality you expect: proven functional principles and the intelligent machine control system ensure reliable operation with high system availability over the entire lifecycle of the machine.

  • Efficient: Preconfigured for standardised packaging tasks, high performance range
  • Attractively priced: Low investment costs, low energy consumption, future-proof investment
  • Fast: Short delivery times, reduced installation costs, fast commissioning
  • High quality: Highest quality availability as per proven Schubert standards


lightline Cartonpacker: Erecting, filling and closing cartons

lightline Cartonpacker

The Cartonpacker consists of just one module and packs products in cartons in the smallest of spaces – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a TLM system from Schubert. The preconfigured Cartonpacker, for which we can guarantee short delivery times, is ideal for packaging tasks with a limited number of packaging formats.

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lightline Pickerline: Pre-configured pick & place packaging machines

lightline Pickerline

With the lightline Pickerline, we have developed a preconfigured packaging machine that is entirely designed for placing products in trays. The finished sub-machines are scalable and adapt to your specific performance requirements.

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lightline Flowpacker: For packaging products in flowpacks

lightline Flowpacker

The Flowpacker, which consists of preconfigured sub-machines, packages naked, already packed or trayed products in flowpacks – with all the efficiency and quality you expect from a TLM system from Schubert.

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Innovative robot technology developed in house

Robotics and tools – A flexibility boost for packaging machines

Pick and Place Robot

Unique in the packaging industry: Schubert develops its own robots

  • Schubert set a milestone in packaging technology in the 1980s with the world’s first packaging robot.
  • Every packaging machine today is equipped with robots developed in house.
  • Various Scara and Delta robot designs enable individually tailored customer solutions.
  • The control system developed in house and Schubert image processing guarantee optimal, easy-to-program processes.
  • Schubert research in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) is revealing new digital possibilities in fast programming, motion optimisation and also with regards to digital twins of the packaging machines.
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Robot tools for ice cream

The point of difference: Individual robot tools for every product

  • Schubert develops its own robot tools for each customer and each product.
  • The exact fit between tool and product is the prerequisite for a problem-free and fast packaging process.
  • Thanks to decades of experience with a wide variety of products, Schubert has packaged almost all consistencies at one time or another – from oily to fragile.
  • With 3D format parts via PARTBOX, customers can print their own tools in their own production facilities.
  • To make format changes as straightforward, fast and easy as possible, the developers are driving a unique tool philosophy.
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