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Schubert's Modular Design offers Supreme Flexibility and Efficiency

Pick and Place Machine

Our Modular Packaging Machines Offer Unparalleled Flexibility

In a dynamic packaging market that continually demands diverse formats and an increasing array of sustainable packaging solutions, flexibility is paramount for manufacturers. Recognising this, Schubert’s packaging machines are imbued with inherent flexibility. Their modular design ensures adaptability, allowing them to process both conventional and new packaging materials within the same line. This flexibility, coupled with the capability to modify or replace any module in each setup, renders our machines a secure and sustainable investment. These exceptional advantages are the culmination of decades of research invested by Schubert. As a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment, we combine them with adherence to the highest quality standards. Thereby, our pursuit is nothing short of perfection.

Modularity Rooted in the Building Block Philosophy

Tailor-Made Packaging Machines Crafted from Reliable Components

Schubert presents an array of ready-to-deploy packaging solutions, featuring a diverse range of top-loading machines (TLM) among others. However, our offerings are far from limited to these preconfigured options. We excel in creating bespoke packaging systems, precisely tailored to meet the unique demands of each client. The process commences with in-depth planning alongside the customer, culminating in the creation of a new, robot-assisted system, built upon our trusted modular components. This flexible design allows for the fine-tuning of the machine’s capabilities, guaranteeing a perfect fit with the customer's specific requirements. By utilizing standardized elements and sub-assemblies, we're able to consolidate all necessary operations into one cohesive production line.

Every component within Schubert’s modular system is designed for compatibility, allowing for endless combinations to forge a highly efficient packaging automation. The earlier we are engaged in the planning phase, the more opportunities arise to incorporate savings potential along the process chains into the customer’s solution. By scrutinising upstream and downstream processes, refining existing packaging systems, innovating new packaging formats, and employing robot-based technology, we optimise the entire packaging journey, from inception to transport, for efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

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A diverse spectrum of packaging machinery

From Standardised Packaging to Comprehensive Turnkey Solutions

Schubert provides an extensive array of modular packaging machines, meticulously designed to cater to a myriad of customer needs. Our machinery is conceptualised with a focus on superior packaging and process quality. We offer pre-configured lightline machines, ideal for swiftly automating standard packaging tasks, extending to comprehensive turnkey solutions, adept for industries with stringent demands such as pharmaceuticals.

Our Portfolio of Packaging Machines

Master Standardised Packaging Tasks with the Schubert Lightline Series

Our Schubert lightline series empowers you to excel in standardised packaging tasks, delivering exceptional efficiency and premium quality, all at a compelling price point. This series features machines equipped with preconfigured modules, facilitating swift planning and assembly processes. A standout advantage is the rapid readiness of the packaging machines from the Schubert lightline family, ensuring they are operational in an exceptionally short timeframe. Every machine is delivered with the exemplary Schubert quality you’ve come to expect. Proven functional principles coupled with intelligent control systems guarantee reliable operation and high system availability throughout the machine’s entire lifecycle.

  • Efficient: Tailored for standardised packaging tasks with a broad performance range.
  • Cost-Effective: Minimal investment costs, reduced energy consumption and a future-proof investment.
  • Swift: Expedited delivery times, diminished installation costs, and rapid commissioning.
  • Premium Quality: Unsurpassed quality availability, adhering to established Schubert standards.


lightline Cartonpacker: Expertly Erecting, filling and sealing cartons

lightline Cartonpacker

The Cartonpacker, with its singular module, efficiently packages products into cartons within minimal space, maintaining the efficiency and quality synonymous with a Schubert top loading machine (TLM) system. This preconfigured Cartonpacker, available with assured short delivery times, is perfectly suited for packaging tasks with a limited assortment of packaging formats.

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lightline Pickerline: Tailored pick & place packaging solutions

lightline Pickerline

Presenting the lightline Pickerline, our innovatively preconfigured packaging machine, meticulously designed for the precise placement of products in trays. The completed sub-machines are scalable, effortlessly adapting to meet your distinct performance needs.

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lightline Flowpacker: Specialised solutions for packaging in flowpacks

lightline Flowpacker

Introducing the Flowpacker, comprised of preconfigured sub-machines, it encapsulates naked, pre-packaged, or trayed products in flowpacks—delivering the efficiency and quality inherent in a Schubert TLM system.

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Pioneering In-House Robot Technology Robotics and Tools

Elevating Flexibility in Packaging Machines

Pick and Place Robot

Unique in the packaging industry: Schubert develops its own robots

  • Schubert stands unique in the packaging industry, crafting its own robots and setting a technological milestone in the 1980s with the introduction of the world’s first packaging robot. Today, every packaging machine is fortified with our in-house developed robots.
  • Our array of Scara and Delta robot designs facilitate customer solutions that are meticulously tailored to individual needs. The control system, coupled with Schubert image processing—both developed in-house—ensure optimal, user-friendly programming processes.
  • Our ongoing research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unveiling innovative digital possibilities in swift programming, motion optimisation, and the creation of digital twins for our packaging machines, pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable in packaging technology.
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Robot tools for ice cream

The distinguishing factor: Tailored robot tools for every product

  • Schubert meticulously crafts robot tools for each customer's unique application and every product, ensuring a seamless and swift packaging process through the perfect synergy between tool and product.
  • Our extensive experience spanning decades has empowered us to protect products of almost all consistencies—from oily to fragile. Through 3D format parts available via PARTBOX, customers have the convenience of printing their own tools within their production facilities.
  • Our developers, advocating a unique tool philosophy, are committed to making format changes as straightforward, quick, and effortless as possible.

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