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Pick and place machine for pasta

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The Schubert Group has been developing, designing and building food packaging machines for over 50 years. As specialists in automated flexible packaging processes, we package your product to the highest quality, efficiently and sustainably – whether fresh produce, dairy products, frozen foods, long-life foods, baked goods or convenience products. Our innovative strength is continuously setting new standards and offers far-reaching competitive advantages to our customers.

This is especially important in the food industry where competitive pressures are high. The growing world population, rising prosperity and heightened sustainability consciousness are driving the food industry to make profound changes. A retail shift to e-foods as well as year-round demand for fresh food are placing high demands on the flexibility of producers and processors. This is compounded by increasingly strict regulations for both processes and ingredients.

The answer is to increase efficiency through automation. Robotics and digitalisation are fundamentally altering value chains. Our cost-effective, future-proof food packaging machines will help you master these challenges.

Packaging machine for Sizilia

Automation and robotics


With our robot-based food packaging machines, you can produce and pack your products with exceptional cost-effectiveness and efficiency while benefitting from a decisive competitive advantage. Modular design and quick format changes make our top-loading lines so flexible that food manufacturers can respond immediately to quickly changing market and trade requirements.

The robots that Schubert has developed in-house enable automation with ideally coordinated packaging processes. Customised robot tools ensure gentle and efficient product handling, reliable operation and, very importantly, the elimination of waste product.

Fast format changes for packaging machines

Simple format changes for future proof processes

Whether new formats, different product characteristics or more sustainable packaging materials – with a Schubert food packaging machine you are well prepared to master any eventuality. Modular construction and the use of robotics ensure process flexibility. For example, the lines can easily handle different packaging materials and switch between paper, cardboard, plastic or composite packaging with minimal effort – as required. Thanks to customised robot tools, packaging formats can even be added subsequently and new products with different specifications can be processed. This is what makes our food packaging machines cost-effective in the long term.

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Pick and place machine for cookies

Robot-based automation for efficient handling

Our robots transfer fresh products such as sausage or baked goods directly from production into primary packaging such as trays, shell containers or flowpacks.

Tools that are perfectly adapted to the product shape for hygienic use in the food sector – including those from the PARTBOX 3D printer – enable gentle product handling and high packaging quality. In the case of packaged foods, we provide innovative solutions for secondary packaging into transport or display cartons.

We match our food packaging machines precisely to your process chains, ensuring high availability and optimal utilisation of your capacities.

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lightline Casepacker

The lightline Cartonpacker- the compact case packer for fast automation

You’ll benefit from 30 per cent savings on purchase costs, delivery times and use of space. With the lightline Cartonpacker, less really is so much more.

As a preconfigured case packer, it offers Schubert’s proven robot- assisted technology at a significantly more affordable price and a very short delivery time of three to four months.In a single compact machine frame, Schubert has condensed its decades of experience in handling carton packs into a food packaging machine that ensures the highest availability and packaging quality. For manufacturers of consumer goods, the lightline Cartonpacker is an ideal way to position themselves on the market both quickly and sustainably with future-proof packaging processes.

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Pick and place machine for pasta

Process integration

Solutions for primary and secondary packaging – all from a single source

Thanks to the modular design of our food packaging machines, we can very efficiently combine primary and secondary packaging tasks all the way through to palletising in a single compact system. Our Transmodul transport robot bridges interfaces between the various packaging processes. In addition to our system components, we also integrate technologies currently available on the market for packaging and labelling your food products.

Packaging of the coffee cake

From the field: An all-in-one packaging solution for handmade delicious treats

Our customer J. Skinner Baking packs up to 160 “Danish Strip Cakes”, very popular coffee cakes in the US, with an all-in-one packaging solution from Schubert. The food packaging machine takes the cakes from the tray, places them into clamshells via pick & place and then packs them into ready-for-dispatch cartons.
An all-in-one solution.

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Vision System scans and inspects frozen pasta

Image processing

Automated quality control using advanced optical systems

Our food packaging machines are equipped as standard with state-of-the-art image processing systems. The vision systems Schubert develops in-house ensure high and reliable performance of the packaging systems – both in the pick & place process and in quality control.

Vision System for Mieszko

A continuous process through automatic image processing

A continuous packaging process, for instance in our flow-wrapping machines, is the unique strength of our vision system. It supports automated packing with robots, especially in pick & place applications, bringing more efficiency and performance to the entire process. This is because reliable image processing based on very specific process parameters ensures fewer rejects and complaints, reduces costs and guarantees consistent product quality.

Essentially, this is achieved via line sensors integrated into the scanners, which map a continuous product flow. Like all system components in our food packaging machines, the vision system is also modular: the 200-millimetre-wide modules can be combined in a scanner up to a working and product belt width of 1 800 millimetres. Integrated lighting and coordinated software supplement our image processing.

AI image processing in the vision system

Bin picking and self-learning systems

As a further application in food packaging machines, we offer bin picking with our robots and vision systems:
Bin picking via pick & place from a collection bin. We also have a solution in mind for so-called “living products” whose parameters change slightly all the time: with control by means of neural networks and AI.
We also have a solution in mind for so-called “living products” whose parameters change slightly all the time: with control by means of neural networks and AI.
With AI, image processing becomes a self-learning system that recognises relevant product features and automatically sets evaluation parameters – without requiring programming.
In the future, packaging machines will be able to independently learn and adapt to new products.

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You can count on half a century of packaging expertise

Schubert offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, sound advice and support for all aspects of your food packaging machine. We want you to be able to package your products in the most efficient, high-quality, cost-saving and sustainable way possible. And this is why we direct our innovative drive and research far beyond the technology itself. Because only a complete package of machine, processes, packaging and service can deliver a result that you and we can be entirely satisfied with.

Service team consults on product packaging

Customised services to meet your specific requirements

Data is the new oil – there is much truth in this now familiar saying.

With our digital food packaging machines, you’ll all have the tools you need to significantly reduce resources and costs. Because our new Digital CARE Services help you optimise packaging processes both inside and outside the machine. Detailed, configurable analyses make processes more understandable and reveal potential for greater efficiencies. If the results are used to their full potential, production output can be increased significantly and in the long term. For manufacturers, this results in fewer unplanned downtimes, less waste, less consumption of resources and therefore more sustainability in production.

With all our food packaging machines, we accompany and support our customers throughout the entire machine life cycle – from project planning and the start-up phase all the way through to production. Conversions, machine relocations and end-of-life management are also part of our offering, as are expert contacts available to address all enquiries and carry out personalised training.

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Valentin Köhler develops sustainable packaging

Packaging development

More sustainability thanks to optimised packaging

The packaging tightrope walk between sustainability, food safety, shelf life and marketing can be solved when the right approach is used: Take advantage of our professional packaging development. Schubert is your reliable and expert partner for excellent machine runnability with changing sizes, basic cuts and material thicknesses. Our food packaging machines can easily process a wide variety of materials, and especially cardboard packaging as secondary packaging. We are convinced that, with a few exceptions, it is always possible to develop a more economical and therefore more sustainable packaging alternative that meets all your requirements.

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Just get started - with our turnkey systems

We plan and implement automated packaging solutions for you in all project phases. In doing so, we keep an eye on all packaging processes. We develop food packaging machines using perfectly matched individual components based on your specific product and its characteristics. You benefit from over 50 years of industry experience in the planning, manufacturing and implementation of packaging solutions. Once the assignment and order have been clarified in detail, you can confidently leave everything else to our team of professionals.

After completion, you seamlessly transition into ongoing operation – in other words, turnkey.

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Schubert-Consulting Team


New packaging concepts for food manufacturers

Do you need a new food packaging machine or are you looking to realign your packaging processes? Would you like to identify potential for improvement and increase your output? Then Schubert is the right partner for you. We are your consulting experts for capitalising on industry trends – with market-oriented planning, new approaches and innovative technology. Our experts at Schubert Consulting will guide you through complex planning processes and work with you to ensure that your customers receive products of the highest quality.

A comprehensive stocktaking, consultation and planning takes place at the beginning of the joint process. Our concept also supports you internally in decision-making and project approvals.

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Packaging food sustainably

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to more and more consumers. Schubert is meeting this need by engineering packaging lines that package your food products reliably and sustainably. We will also advise you on how to optimise your processes and packaging materials, as even small changes will often be enough to deliver significant results. Find out more about sustainable food packaging today.

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