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Schubert's packaging machines help with the packaging of baked goods

Schubert will support you with automation

Exploding costs, daunting challenges: As a result of many factors such as high energy prices, supply bottlenecks and staff shortages, many companies in the bakery industry are having difficulties operating cost-effectively and remaining in the market. Consumers are also looking for more and more new product variations – be it bread and rolls, biscuits or fine baked goods. And due to increased environmental awareness, these products also need to be packaged as sustainably as possible.

To successfully withstand these pressures and the wide range of demands, bakery businesses need automated, flexible packaging solutions to package their often small and varied baked goods – hygienically, efficiently and sustainably.

The Schubert Group has decades of experience in the packaging of bakery products and is continuously developing its state-of-the-art packaging machines to be able to respond to current trends. Whether for primary, secondary or tertiary packaging – Schubert is the right partner for your bakery packaging needs. And if you would like to automate your operations quickly, we will get you there fast with our unique combination of technologically advanced bakery packaging machines and comprehensive advice on all aspects of the packaging process.

Sensitive baked goods are also packaged on the flexible packaging line

Robotics for automated processes

Meeting your requirements with cutting-edge technology

When it comes to producing your baked goods, you value the highest quality. We strive to ensure that this quality is maintained without compromise once your products leave the oven. This is where we can take over with a fully automated packaging process. Our robots, developed in-house, guarantee automation with precisely coordinated packaging processes. For all bakery products, including those that are particularly delicate, such as biscuits that break easily, our robotic tools ensure product handling that is as gentle as it is efficient and prevents rejects due to breakage or misplacement.

It goes without saying that with our innovative TLM machines you can respond extremely flexibly to changing customer preferences or market requirements, as they are modular in design and can be quickly and easily converted or expanded. Whether you have standard ranges with high production quantities or changing formats with small batches, whether you need primary, secondary or tertiary packaging for your products. or whether you want to use conventional or fully recyclable packaging – our packaging machines provide flexible and cost-effective support to meet all your requirements.

Three pick and place robots efficiently pack pastries.

Tireless workers: Our pick & place robots

Our pick & place robots play an important role in the packaging process. Without them, the switch to automation and an efficient and cost-effective packaging process for bakery products is virtually impossible. Depending on our customers’ requirements, we use pick & place packaging robots as horizontal, jointed-arm robots in SCARA design or parallel-arm robots, similar to the Delta design, and equip them with individually produced tools.

Flexibility is a top priority for us! If you would like to expand your range to include baked goods with other consistencies, shapes or sizes, you can use our comprehensive 3D printing system to produce the tools you need yourself via certified print jobs – quickly and easily. Of course, mixed formats that are often found in the baked goods industry, for example packs with different types of biscuits, are not a problem for our pick & place robots. They work so precisely that you only need to use as much packaging material as necessary for your bakery products. Whether it’s a carton, tray or tin – our pick & place robots place your baked goods exactly where they belong, down to the last millimetre.

To the pick & place robots
Sensitive baked goods are first packed in tubular bags in a TLM line and then placed fully automatically in transport cartons.

Process integration

Packaging bakery products – a seamless process

It’s a long way from the oven to the ready-packed pallet for transport. At Schubert, we make sure that the entire process runs smoothly. All processes, from primary to secondary to tertiary packaging, can be combined in a modular, yet compact linear system. Different packaging steps can be flexibly integrated into the overall process. Our Flowmodul flow-wrapping unit can be integrated into the TLM line at various points – for example, to pack freshly baked goods directly into flowpacks, or later in the packaging process, for example, to wrap tray-packed baked goods into flowpacks. Packaging in transport cartons can also be integrated into a TLM line. And how do the baked goods get from one packaging step to the next? This is ensured, among other things, by our Transmodul transport robot, which combines the individual packaging processes into a perfectly coordinated, seamless process.

Madelaines freshly packed in tubular bags are placed in secondary packaging by robots

Mixed assortments to satisfy any sweet-tooth

Whether you would like to offer your customers mixed biscuits for afternoon coffee or a selection of crunchy savoury biscuits in a package for a football evening – our packaging lines guarantee an appetising and varied assortment. Your baked goods are fed to the packaging line via several lateral conveyor belts, so that you can introduce different product variants into the packaging process at the same time. Our pick & place robots pick up your baked goods from the infeed conveyors and pack them into the designated assortment packs. Each of our pick & place machines is equipped with an image processing system developed in-house, our vision system. It assesses the quality of the products and allows only flawless products to be packaged – highly automated, but as close to hand-picked as possible.

Madelaines freshly packed in tubular bags are placed in secondary packaging by robots

The Flowpacker flow-wrapping machine

Ideal for all types of bakery products: Flowpacks

Whether you want to prepare your baked goods with a tight-fitting cling film for the sales shelf, combine several rolls into one package for the refrigerated compartment, or plan to protect your biscuits with film in a cardboard tray – the Flowpacker is the ideal packaging machine for baked goods with different types of flow-wrap packaging. The flexible packaging machine from Schubert integrates pick & place robots, the flow-wrapping machine itself and a quality control system highly efficiently in a single system. This enables manufacturers to package their bakery products using a fully automated process. At the same time, the reliable quality control achieved with Schubert’s image processing system reduces waste and increases the efficiency of the packaging process.

A distinctive feature of the Flowpacker is its great flexibility. It can easily switch back and forth between baked goods in different shapes and sizes as well as between different formats and packaging, such as films or cardboard trays. For example, you can use it to pack individual products, several at a time or stacked into flowpacks – or even to seal baked goods in trays with a flowpack. Thanks to our innovative sealing technology, you can also use the Flowpacker to process especially thick high-barrier films, more environmentally friendly paper-based films or recyclable monofilms. The Flowpacker provides bakery manufacturers with close to limitless flexibility, sustainability and future-proofing.

To the flowpackers
Schuberts lightline Cartonpacker

Preconfigured for a quick start: the lightline Cartonpacker

Are you ready to take your bakery packaging to the next level and need an automated solution fast? For companies in the bakery industry who want to be on the market extremely quickly, we have bundled the most common packaging requirements into a preconfigured packaging machine for bakery products: the lightline Cartonpacker.

Our efficient ‘power machine’, which can master all standard packaging tasks with ease, offers you several advantages. For example, our lightline Cartonpacker is ready for use at your premises more quickly and you save up to a third of the purchase price than if you opt for an individually planned Schubert Casepacker. The lightline Cartonpacker also features a very compact machine layout that requires up to 30 per cent less floor space than conventional cartoners. And to ensure that you have a wide choice of packaging for your breads, cakes or pastries, the lightline Cartonpacker can process four different types of cartons: boxes and trays with and without lids, wrap-around cartons and folding cartons. Another advantage is the shorter delivery time of the preconfigured lightline Cartonpacker. This enables you to stay ahead of your competitors and take your first step towards automated packaging – quickly and easily.

To the lightline Cartonpacker

Your quick access automation with the tog.519 cobot

Fierce competition is putting pressure on bakery manufacturers to make their own packaging processes more efficient and economical. A complete machine solution does not always have to be used immediately. With the tog. 519 cobot from Schubert, for example, you can quickly access automation. The cobot is especially suitable for taking over the infeed at the machine, but you can also use it extremely flexibly at other points in your production process.

The background here is that the feeding of bakery products to the packaging machine has until now often been done manually, because processes such as placing products from a crate onto a belt, separating them, orienting them correctly or sorting them are very complex and could rarely be automated economically. With the Cobot tog.519, however, this is now possible: At speeds of up to 90 cycles per minute, the tog.519 picks up a wide variety of baked goods or packaging materials from the crate or from the conveyor belt and places them in any conceivable destination – without the need for time-consuming programming. Only the tool has to match the product, which you as a manufacturer of baked goods can easily and conveniently print yourself with the PARTBOX 3D printing system from Schubert.

The basis for the cobot’s ease of use is an AI-supported image processing system we developed. It recognises both the products when they are picked up and the environment in which they are placed. The integrated systems also ensure that the cobot is fully autonomous and mobile. So it can be used at different points in production, time and again, in order to close automation gaps. Another advantage is that the cobot makes it easy to switch between different products and formats, and its range of applications is also very diverse. Would you like to pick up a wide variety of unsorted baked goods and fill them into boxes or create a mixed pack of biscuits? This now works very easily with the cobot.

To the Schubert cobot
The Cobot places packaged baked goods of different varieties in multipacks.
The Vision System from Schubert inspects products and automatically detects damage.

Image processing

A visual ‘tour de force’: the Vision System from Schubert

Due to high cost pressures, reliable packaging machines are extremely important in the bakery industry. Pieces of baked goods that have to be sorted out because they have been damaged or packages that have not been filled completely lead directly to business losses. This is why we at Schubert ensure that our robots work with millimetre accuracy to precisely grip and set down baked goods. How do they do this? Our vision system, developed in-house, is the key to exceptionally accurate, efficient robot control. Whether checking ‘naked’ baked goods, during the pick & place process or aligning secondary packaging in the shipping carton – you can always rely on our advanced 2D or 3D image processing for all packaging steps. You will capitalise on a reliable, fully automatic packaging process – without disruptions and with only minimal waste – as you enhance your company’s profitability.

To the vision system

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From A-Z: Our comprehensive services for your ideal packaging solution

To ensure that your packaging solution meets all your requirements, we consider all factors from the supply chain all the way through to packaging. Because we want you to package your products as flexibly and cost-effectively as possible with the help of our packaging machines for bakery products. In addition to developing and commissioning packaging lines, we will offer you a comprehensive consulting package, if required, which not only takes a close look at machine design, but also at the processes and different types of packaging – as well as comprehensive services covering the entire machine life cycle. And we won’t be satisfied until you are!

Schubert Service employees take care of process optimisation.

Schubert 4YOU Services – achieving your goals with data

Data is the new gold. Of course, from the very beginning, we make a point of designing your bakery packaging line to be as efficient, reliable and flexible as possible. But we also know that in a market like yours – with its high costs, narrow margins and fast-moving products – ongoing improvements and adjustments are essential to keep up with the fierce competition.

Our 4YOU Services for everything that has to do with your packaging machine are the decisive adjusting screws to make your packaging processes even better – or to respond to new trends in the baked goods industry. For example, as part of our 4YOU Services, we offer you services such as an annual inspection and maintenance, regular operator training or training on packaging machine control.

With our digital 4YOU CARE Services, you not only benefit from access to your machine data, but also to all the corresponding evaluations. Analysis of the results obtained helps you avoid unwanted downtimes while significantly increasing your machine’s production output – even in the long term. Of course, we won’t leave you on your own during this process; a Schubert expert will be available to you at all times. You can focus on the excellent quality of your baked goods, and we will make sure that it stays that way thanks to our optimised machines!

To the 4YOU Services
The specialists at Schubert are working on new and sustainable types of packaging for baked goods.

Packaging consulting

Sustainable packaging for your bakery products

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips worldwide. And not only consumers are paying more and more attention to environmentally friendly packaging when buying baked goods, but legal regulations are also increasingly obliging companies to show real responsibility in this vital area.

Fortunately, there is a whole range of possibilities for more sustainability in the area of bakery packaging nowadays. One way is to reduce the amount of packaging material. For example, by re-cutting your secondary packaging from cardboard or using thinner flowpack films when packaging your individual baked goods. Monomaterials that provide good barrier protection against moisture or fats, for example, can also be returned to the recycling loop and are particularly environmentally friendly, even if the monomaterial is made of a plastic. In addition to the packaging, a production process that runs with as few disruptions as possible and generates no or only minimal waste is also decisive when it comes to sustainability.

With our many years of expertise in the field of machines, packaging and sustainable production, we can provide you with targeted support for your sustainability efforts. For example, if we work with you to optimise your primary, secondary or tertiary packaging to save space, you can rest assured that they will be filled with millimetre accuracy by our high-precision packaging robots. If you decide to use monomaterials, you can be sure that they will be processed by our packaging machines from the first step to the perfect seal seam – just as easily as composite films. Let our experts advise you on how you can effectively contribute to ensuring that tomorrow’s world is in good shape for future generations with your bakery product packaging!

To Packaging Perspectives
Rendering of a highly complex packaging plant

Turnkey lines from Schubert

Turnkey lines for your bakery products

There’s no need to be intimidated by complexity. Based on your specific products and your unique requirements, we will design turnkey packaging lines for your baked goods with precisely coordinated individual components. We will meticulously analyse your current situation, plan the right machines for you independently of the manufacturer and provide you with close support during your production start-up. During the development of your ideal solution, you will benefit from our more than 50 years of industrial experience. Whether you are interested in our cobots for a quick entry into automation or our Casepacker, the lightline Cartonpacker or Flowpacker – we will take your needs, preferences and requirements and combine them into an integrated, well thought-out solution.

To Turnkey
The experts at Schubert-Consulting will help you find the perfect packaging system for your baked goods.

Schubert-Consulting for the bakery industry

Personalised consulting

Flawless production processes are especially important in the bakery industry. After all, once the baking process has started in the oven, it cannot simply be stopped due to malfunctions in the packaging machine. To ensure that processes are as reliable as possible, well thought-out planning is required that takes into account not only the packaging machine but also the upstream production process and downstream intralogistics during baking: In other words, a comprehensive approach.

Companies have different needs and requirements, which have a bearing on your preferences and expectations. For example, you may be ready for automation, but only have limited space available in your operations for a packaging line. Are you looking to reduce the costs of your packaging materials? Or you would like to do more in terms of sustainability? Wherever you may be in your development, our experts at Schubert-Consulting are available to you as an advisory sparring partner. Together we will tackle your process challenges and find the best possible production and packaging machines for your bakery products.

To Schubert-Consulting
Delicate biscuits are carefully placed in catron trays in the Schubert packaging line.

Packaging bakery products sustainably

As a manufacturer of packaging machines, we are aware of our great responsibility to protect the environment. We are committed to taking action and have translated our ambitious goals into four tangible and verifiable fields of action with our Mission Blue Sustainability Initiative. We see ourselves as a development partner for our customers, supporting them in all aspects of sustainability – be it packaging sizes, materials or the entire packaging process. Together we can achieve a lot for the environment. Let’s tackle the sustainable packaging of bakery products together!

To Mission Blue

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