Vision and Mission

Presentation of the vision & mission at a staff event

Our vision and mission 2050

Gerhard Schubert shaped the company and made it what it is today – pursuing his vision of building the best packaging machine in the world. Thanks to him and all our employees, we have built something truly extraordinary. When we look ahead, we see challenges that need to be overcome. As a family business, we think from one generation to the next and see ourselves in management as bridge builders into the future. That is why we need to embrace change and continue to develop to set ourselves up sustainably as a company in the long term. To ensure that we succeed, we have adopted the following Vision and Mission 2050 for the Schubert Group.


Humanity has recognized that a change in thinking and behaviour is imperative to enable future generations to live in an intact environment – in peace, health and prosperity. Environmental pollution and population growth pose major challenges here. Supplying people with food and all everyday products is essential.

The packaging of products is necessary for reasons of product protection and labelling. The packaging process and the packaging itself must become more sustainable and efficient than today. And people must be freed from monotonous and physically demanding work through meaningful automation.

We offer manufacturers of products highly flexible and environmentally friendly packaging solutions and thus the end consumer the opportunity for more environmentally friendly consumption. We inspire our customers and our employees with innovations and groundbreaking technological solutions. At Schubert, we will always redesign the packaging world and accompany our customers into the future.

We look ahead with optimism and are dedicated to making our environment a better place – for our employees and families, and together with our customers, for consumers around the world.


Our mission is to develop and manufacture packaging solutions that enable our customers to make a valuable contribution to society with their products and thus be successful.

In addition to the actual machine, this also includes the services for long-term optimal machine operation. We want to be true partners for our customers, giving them long-term investment security and the confidence of mastering the challenges of the future together. We are committed to breaking new ground in terms of automation, sustainability, energy efficiency, simplicity, intuitive operability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

The Schubert family of companies employs the very best people. We are innovative and think outside the box. We enjoy finding the best solutions to challenging issues. We strive to achieve the best processes and continuously review them in terms of quality, environmental compatibility, fairness, sustainability, and efficiency.

We generate more sustainable profits to enable innovation. We strive for a high proportion of added value in the company and, in doing so, endeavour to remain independent.