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Filling and packaging cosmetics represents a real challenge: High product and packaging diversity, frequent product launches, re-launches and new developments in addition to the highly volatile and personalised demand resulting from e-commerce are all leading to decreasing production speeds and high cost pressures.

Other factors include the growing demand for refill packs, the use of recycled materials and the replacement of plastics with renewable materials such as cardboard, paper or bamboo.

With Schubert-Cosmetics, our customers have a team of experts at their side that is entirely specialised in the packaging and filling of cosmetics. We develop, design and deliver solutions that are precisely tailored to your unique requirements, to give you real added value and a competitive edge.

With our modular top-loading machines, the integration of a single machine into existing production lines is just as straightforward as planning new complete filling and packaging lines for cosmetic products. Schubert focuses on automation with a high degree of robotic support and seamless overall solutions. After all, a seamlessly designed packaging line from component feed to the finished pallet simplifies the filling and packaging process, reduces format changeover times and as a result increases output.

3D printing of format parts brings even more flexibility to cosmetics packaging and filling: With the help of a qualified printing process via the PARTBOX system from Schubert Additive Solutions, cosmetics manufacturers can print their format parts for the robotic tools in-house. New products and formats are available in a fraction of the time previously required, and the costs for regular new format sets are reduced. Schubert-Cosmetics is effectively meeting the challenges of the industry and responding to the demand for a quick ROI (return on investment).

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Automation and robotics

Turbocharge your processes: Automated filling and packaging of cosmetics

From feeding to cartoning and palletising: With Schubert-Cosmetics you are ready for the future today.

Thanks to their uncompromising modularity, our TLM systems can easily integrate several packaging processes. The filling technology used sets new standards in terms of accuracy, viscosity range and ease of cleaning - for the efficient use of your high-quality cosmetics with minimal waste. Tasks such as assembling bottles and jars from individual components become as easy as fully automated child's play as erecting, loading and closing boxes and subsequent palletising.

With our Cobot tog.519, you can break through the automation boundaries in component feeding – until now, often a labour-intensive weakness in the process. Thanks to AI technology and state-of-the-art image processing, the Cobot easily masters the move away from bulk goods and towards pre-sorted individual parts in trays. Mobile and easy to programme, the Cobot is a flexible assistant for packaging and filling cosmetic products of all shapes and sizes.

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Pick and Place Machine for Lavera Make-Up

Maximum flexibility for cosmetics manufacturers

Shampoo, deodorant, eye shadow or mascara – manufacturers of a wide range of cosmetic products have been relying on Schubert’s proven technology and our extensive know-how in this sector for decades. Whether oval, round, square or asymmetrical, with screw caps, fliptop caps, snap-on caps or dosing pumps – there are no limits to the variety of formats available with Schubert machines.

For this purpose, Schubert offers customised robot tools that ensure high process quality and can be exchanged with minimal effort when changing formats. As a result, precise dosing of cosmetics, the handling of fragile, sensitive surfaces or soft plastic packaging pose no problem. Thanks to fast format changeovers and low format costs, even small batch sizes can be filled and packaged cost-effectively with TLM technology.

Packaging machine for Lavera cosmetics

High-quality 3D-printed parts with the PARTBOX

We have been using state-of-the-art 3D-printing processes to produce grippers, suction cups and all other types of robotic tools since 2014. With the PARTBOX, Schubert has created an end-to-end system consisting of a digital platform, 3D printer and matching filament material, which you can use to call up print jobs in-house and print 3D parts yourself.

Especially for cosmetics manufacturers, 3D printing offers decisive advantages: With 3D-printed format change parts, you can respond quickly and exceptionally flexibly to new product lines and market-specific needs. Time-to-market is significantly shortened. Moreover, the precisely fitting robotic tools improve process quality during packaging and the lower weight of the parts is easier on the machines. This makes the cosmetics filling and packaging process extraordinarily efficient and cost-effective.

Thanks to our 3D printer we developed in-house, your 3D format parts now gain a new dimension in quality and accuracy. You benefit from perfectly adapted robot tools for all conceivable products, no transport costs, no long delivery times, immediate replacement of defective tools and new format sets for modified products – quickly and easily produced in-house.

With the PARTBOX, you get everything from development services to printing and filament material – all from a single source – for perfect results when and where you need them.

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Filling line cosmetics

Filling with the pros

Precise, clean and reliable: Filling systems from Schubert

Filling cosmetics is easy with Schubert filling systems. Our filling systems are especially suitable for personal care products such as shampoo, creams, liquid makeup and much more. With a performance range of 40 – 120 bottles and high adaptability to individual formats, you can always count on cost-effectiveness, even with smaller batch sizes and quick format changes.

The filling system uses volumetric dosing by means of eccentric screw pumps, the main advantage of which is the wide viscosity range combined with gentle product handling.

Pulsation-free and constant dosing with controlled thread breakage at the end of the dosing process and automatic inline weight control ensure clean and precise filling

Filling and packaging processes combined

Schubert-Cosmetics integrates all processes, from component feeding to filling and right through to final packaging, seamlessly within a single system. This makes conveyor sections between individual machines, repeated synchronisation and product carriers obsolete – along with the noise associated with them. This is made possible by the modular design of Schubert’s TLM machines and the use of the Transmodul. The advantages:

  • High overall efficiency
  • Space savings of up to 50%
  • Filling accuracy above 99.8% (depending on the material to be filled)
  • Wide variety of bottles and tube shapes, as well as closure types
  • Most of the size parts as 3D printed parts
  • Format changes accomplished twice as fast compared to conventional systems
  • Simple, rapid cleaning without residue (CIP/SIP)
  • Gentle product handling, minimal shear forces
  • Low noise and wear, since no traditional puck-system is required
  • Format-free bottle feed
  • One control unit and operator console for all part functions

Filling cosmetics: Your benefits at a glance

  • High overall efficiency with space savings of up to 50%
  • Filling accuracy +/- 0.5
  • A wide variety of container shapes and closure types
  • Almost all format parts available as 3D-printed parts
  • Fast and semi-automated format changeovers
  • Easy, fast and residue-free cleaning (CIP)
  • Gentle product handling, minimal shear forces
  • Low-noise and low-wear, as there is no traditional puck system
  • Format-free bottle infeed
  • Only one control and operating console for all sub-functions

Everything from a single source

Short and sweet: Integrated cosmetics filling from Schubert Cosmetics

To economically fill and package even small quantities in flexible formats, the cosmetics industry relies heavily on automation – one of Schubert’s core areas of expertise.

Here, process integration has been our credo – and one that has made us successful for decades. Our systems handle everything that is required for packaging and filling cosmetics – from packaging infeed to palletising, Schubert keeps you compact, well-organised and transparent.

Small order quantities, limited editions, individualised formulations – the demand for cosmetic products is huge, but also highly complex and diversified. This is exactly where Schubert’s packaging and filling solutions come in: Compact systems integrate all processes in a single line, seamlessly connected with our Transmodul transport robot. From loading to filling to palletising, Schubert-Cosmetics packaging lines quickly and flexibly process a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades of viscosity.

Our state-of-the-art, AI-supported image processing systems ensure consistent quality and maximum process reliability at an attractive price. The 3D camera systems keep track of even the most complex processes – right through to the filling of personalised 2-phase products and labelling.

Packing line for cosmetics

A full-service provider

Filling cosmetics with Schubert: Expertise from A to Z

Whether you need more sustainable packaging, selective integration of a line into existing processes, a new factory layout in the greenfield or anything in between, with Schubert, you can draw on five decades of solid expertise at your side. We provide you with support to meet all your packaging needs, customised to your specific requirements. We will support you in all aspects of packaging and filling cosmetics, from the initial concept through to implementation, from service to turnkey solutions, from packaging development to comprehensive consulting.

With state-of-the-art technology, fresh approaches and, above all, a great deal of experience and knowledge of the industry, we will ensure that your project is a success – on time and on budget.


The digital booster

Customised cosmetics filling and packaging: Schubert 4YOU Services

Schubert provides you with customised support – even when it comes to optimising your existing systems. Especially in the area of digitalisation, veritable hidden treasures can often be unearthed here without the need for a completely new installation of process technology.

You may already be recording process parameters. But the potential that lies in the consistent processing of data is always a surprise, even for us. Use the power of data for your process! With our CARE Services, we optimise packaging processes in a way that is data-based and structured – and you save resources and costs.

CARE stands for Connection for Analytics, Reporting and Efficiency. The service packages can be combined as required and they will help you collect and evaluate machine data in a targeted manner and use the results to your advantage.

Clear dashboards visualise individual process steps and enable an intuitive overall view as well as a deep dive into detailed sections. With optimisations both small and large, you can achieve a significant increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness with your existing machines and systems.

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Valentin Köhler develops sustainable packaging

Your very own packaging service

Design it yourself: Packaging development leads to freedom

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds – transform a challenge into your strength!

Does automation need standardisation? Not necessarily. With Schubert systems, you can be sure of absolute reliability when it comes to filling and packaging cosmetics. In contract filling especially, you can also take the initiative yourself as an additional offer to your customers: Together with Schubert, you can design, produce and use individual packaging made from sustainable resources and materials. With our expertise in paper and cardboard, you can create your very own competitive advantage. Our packaging professionals can also handle other materials such as grass or hemp cardboard – as can our machines. Excellent machine compatibility with changing carton designs is as much a given for us as reliable quality.

Initiate a field test and see for yourselves! You will benefit from it yourself or inspire your customers as a contract filler!

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Ready to go at the touch of a button

Filling cosmetics in no time at all: Turnkey solutions from Schubert

Decades of experience, industry knowledge and state-of-the-art technology – with Schubert you are always count on outstanding reliability. From planning to implementation to commissioning, we take care of everything you need. In the end, all you have to do is press the proverbial button and your systems and processes will start up faultlessly and reliably.

Schubert takes care of everything else – with payback times of less than three years, an unbeatable offer. In other words, turnkey!

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Team Schubert-Consulting

Advice at its best

The right solution for any application: Schubert-Consulting

No two clients are the same and every challenge is new – and yet we continue to experience a great deal. With Schubert-Consulting, you benefit from our targeted and personalised expertise. This allows you to focus fully on your core business. We take care of the rest.

Whether greenfield or brownfield, process optimisation or simulation: we analyse your current situation and take a close look at the entire supply and production chain. And we can implement what we plan – as specialists in the strategic optimisation of processes and corporate goals. Especially in the fast-moving consumer goods industries such as cosmetics, we develop a customised solution without any gaps between theory and practice. Our clients are very international: We offer our services from German-speaking countries to Europe and North America.

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Packaging cosmetics sustainably

Do you want to package your cosmetic products in a way that is not only high-quality, but also sustainable? Our experts will develop lines for sustainable packaging and advise you on how to optimise your packaging materials. Of course, we will also be happy to take a discerning look at your processes, because small adjustments can often make a big difference to the environment. Find out more about sustainable cosmetics packaging today.

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