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Schubert UK Team
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Serving the needs of the UK and Ireland since 2002

Since 2002, the Schubert Group has been successfully managing a thriving business in the UK and Irish markets through its centrally headquartered subsidiary, Schubert UK Limited, based in Birmingham.

Birmingham is the UK's second largest city and a major industrial centre with an outstanding service sector. With its international airport, connections to the international rail network, the future interchange for the planned HS2 high-speed train and direct access to all major motorways and main link roads, Birmingham is ideally located within the transport network.

Schubert UK Team at work

The Schubert UK team

Schubert UK consists of a loyal, tightly-knit and experienced team of 14 employees with over 150 years of collective service. The team works with passion in the areas of sales, service, technical support and administration – ensuring the best possible service for customers throughout UK and Ireland. Long-term staff retention bears witness to the Schubert company’s family-oriented philosophy.

Mark Stepney, who has over 30 years of experience in the packaging machinery industry, has been further growing the business as Managing Director since 2012. Having obtained his Engineering Degree, Stepney began his career in service, but later moved to operations and finance, and finally to strategic company management. He joined Schubert UK in 2009 as Head of Operations, where he was largely responsible for the optimisation of business operations and the service department, before taking overall corporate responsibility in 2012.

Mark Stepney

Due to the scalability of the modular system, the actual overall operating costs of a Schubert packaging line are considered to be an excellent long-term investment.

Mark Stepney

Managing Director, Schubert UK Limited

Team of employees

Wide-ranging market expertise

Flexibility, performance, efficiency and scalability are the cornerstones of any investment for Schubert customers in the UK. To date, Schubert UK Limited has delivered well in excess of 500 TLM frames and 2,000 robots to its customers.

Schubert serves the needs of varied market sectors such as Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Beverage, Pet Food and Healthcare. Schubert attracts its many customers throughout the UK and Ireland with its modular, future-proof TLM technology which continues to prove itself as an outstanding long-term investment.

The modularity principle pursued consistently by Schubert enables highly flexible functions which can be configured to produce a customised solution. This established principle leads to exceptionally high productivity and efficiency levels, which enable customers to achieve optimum output. Schubert has already installed packaging machinery in many companies in the confectionery, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturers include Premier Foods, Warburtons, Müller, Coca Cola Europeans Partners, Pataks, Tunnocks, KP Foods, Walkers Crisps, Fox's Biscuits, and Weetabix.

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Modular design and performance tailored to customer needs

The particular advantages of Schubert’s packaging machines lie in the machines’ modular system design and the ability to individually determine their scope of performance and tailor it to the customer’s needs. Eight standardised system components are combined into a robot-supported packaging system in accordance with the modular principle. Schubert’s packaging machines can essentially package any kind of product.

Behind the packaging machines are the system components: highly flexible components such as robots for special tasks, the Vision System, our Transmodul transport robot, the Flowmodul flow-wrapping machine and the VMS packaging machine control system, which Schubert is continuously developing further.

With our Schubert lightline machine series, you can master standardised packaging tasks with great efficiency and high quality – at attractive purchase costs. The series includes the lightline Cartonpacker, Pickerline and Flowpacker.

Learn more about the lightline Cartonpacker

UK market specifics

The British market is not significantly different from other markets. “Flexibility, performance and efficiency continue to be the cornerstones of any investment,” says Mark Stepney. “Recently, investments are being considered under slightly different circumstances. Many of our customers now expect longer payback periods and are planning investments from a long-term perspective. This allows our customers to purchase highly efficient, more powerful equipment, safe in the knowledge that it has been ‘future proofed’ by Schubert.”

“In the past, many small to medium-sized companies assumed that Schubert machines were simply too expensive for them. Now fully informed, these companies recognise that the reality is quite the contrary. To the extent that this has become our largest growing market segment in recent years.” says Mark Stepney. “The benefits that Schubert technology offers apply perfectly to such users. Due to the Schubert modular philosophy, our solutions can grow as our customers rate of growth demand. On this basis, cost models are now perceived differently and they are better understood. The actual overall operating cost of a Schubert packaging line is considered to be an excellent, long-term investment.” he adds.

We are local and here to support you!

Our support services

Service employee having a call

Support services ensure the greatest possible line availability

Wherever you may be located in the UK or Ireland, highly qualified Schubert Service engineers and technicians are available to assist you. Either personally on site or via remote support – you can count on expert assistance for machine installation, inspections and maintenance right through spare part orders and machine modifications.

We offer a wide range of tools and services to ensure the greatest possible line availability for our customers. Our customer support team consists of technically skilled Service Account Managers responsible for your specific requirements.

Our customer support team offers:

  • Phone support, initial troubleshooting and determination of next steps
  • Establishes a remote connection via our online platform
  • Assigns specialists for all services
  • Spare part sales, maintenance agreements and additional services, such as line modifications or extensions, to enable manufacturers to be more flexible and competitive.

Our customer support team consists of highly qualified service experts. We train our service engineers and support team with a unique internally designed apprentice program which involves a comprehensive training seminar (4 to 8 weeks) at our headquarters in Germany, as well as certified Industry specific training courses.

Headquarter Schubert in Crailsheim, Germany

Customer Training

As well as the comprehensive portfolio of training seminars available at our Headquarters in Germany. Schubert also offer ‘tailormade’ on site training for our customers engineers and operators. All on site courses are accompanied by full course documentation and successful attendees are also recognised with Schubert course specific Certification.


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