The first tlm filling machine from schubert

  • TLM compact machine: filling and packing
  • The machine processes 350 ml and 500 ml bottles, as well as 35 ml and 350 ml tubes
  • Format changeover in just a few minutes
  • Space-saving solution
  • Only one operator needed


Space-saving solution with an exceptionally small footprint

Filling and packing in a single compact machine

Schubert-Cosmetics was challenged by Italian cosmetics manufacturer GFL to carry out an exciting assignment: filling and packing bottles and tubes in as small a space as possible.

The bottles and tubes had to be filled on one machine and packed into a shipping carton. However, the space available for this was very limited – less than the standard Schubert TLM system. The challenge for Schubert-Cosmetics was to fit a tube-filling machine, a bottle-filling machine, a labelling machine, a palletiser and the container sorting, along with the mandatory back-up belts, into the limited available space.


Quick changeover times for efficient production

The compact TLM machine supplied by Schubert-Cosmetics (which is shorter than Schubert’s classic TLM system) allows Italian cosmetics manufacturer GFL to efficiently map each step of the process into this small space: from separating the products, to filling and closing, right through to palletising.

Thanks to the TLM line, GFL can respond to a wide variety of requirements, and change its production with quick format conversions. The changeover between bottles and tubes can be carried out in just a few minutes. Over a length of 19.6 metres, bottles and tubes are filled, packed, cartoned

Over a length of 19.6 metres, bottles and tubes are filled, packed, cartoned and palletised.

Technical Details

From filling to palletising

The products are transferred from the product belt to the Transmodul. After that, the products are labelled and then filled at the next station. Subsequently, the tubes are sealed ultrasonically. Following this, the products are transferred and grouped. At the same time, cartons are erected, filled with products and closed. Once the cartons have been closed, palletising is carried out.

  • A complete line – from component infeed, filling, closing, through to palletising
  • Nine efficient sub-machines over just 19.6 metres
  • Ten Transmoduls carry out the transport tasks for bottles, tubes and boxes

Bottles and tubes

The filling and packaging line stands out with its exceptionally compact design.

A wide variety of formats: the machine processes 35 ml tubes to 500 ml bottles.

The filled 35 ml tubes are then sealed ultrasonically.

The filling and closing machine processes 35 ml tubes to 500 ml bottles.