A milestone in packaging technology

  • Quick format changeovers
  • Various loading options (such as folding boxes or shakers)
  • High line efficiency
  • Up to 50 per cent quicker than traditional packaging lines


The system provides freedom in designing the shape of boxes

Quick production, simple format changeovers, flexible product formats

Schubert scores points with Henkel due to two flexible packaging lines.

Henkel operates one of the world’s most modern production lines at its
Viersen-Dülken site. The focus is on producing hair dyes. The company uses two highly flexible Schubert packaging lines to load and pack hair dye kits in different formats.


Faster + more flexible = more efficient

The major benefits of both packaging lines: in production terms, is that they are up to 50 per cent quicker than traditional packaging lines. Furthermore, format changeovers can be carried out in an easier, more efficient manner. Above all, Schubert lines
provide exceptional flexibility in terms of product formats. This means folding boxes can be processed and filled regardless of type. As a result, the customer has plenty of freedom in determining the format: for example, folding boxes can be designed with bevelled corners or in any other conceivable shape. This provides considerable flexibility for marketing. A further packaging option is the shaker.

We have set a milestone with regards to technology and now have much greater flexibility in designing packaging for marketing purposes.

Rolf Müller-Grünow


Technical Details

  • Two packaging lines
  • Flexible feed systems
  • Quality assurance via a scanner
  • Transmodul ensures seamless transport

Automation solution is impressively efficient and flexible

Individual components of colouring products are fed partially from the previous process and partially from offline magazines. The corresponding infeed systems are always ready.

Quality assurance takes place using Schubert’s image recognition systems. With the exception of the stored packaging material, all components in the hair dye kit are checked by a scanner, then accurately inserted into the packaging by F44 robots following the successful quality assurance checks.

A carton with an attached lid is one of the packaging formats. In this case, flat carton blanks are erected in the first two sub-machines, then glued and transferred to the Transmodul in two rows. The same sub-machines can also be used after a format change, for example, to denest an alternative packaging variant such as shakers. Another sub-machine closes the cartons and moves them from the Transmodul onto the discharge belt. After a format change, the sub-machine can also be used to put lids on the shakers.

Two packaging lines at Henkel’s Viersen-Dülken site provide plenty of options in filling hair dye kits.

F44 robots place the individual components of hair dye kits into the packaging with great precision.

Thanks to the flexible packaging lines, a huge range of packaging variants can be handled, which ideally supports Marketing.

Robots erect the cartons with attached lids into the two-row tool within the Transmodul.

F2 robots transfer the closed cartons from the Transmodul to the discharge belt.