IDT Biologika

Deep-draw thermoforming and cartoning pharmaceutical products in a single system

  • Deep-draw thermoforming and cartoning in one system
  • Quick format changeovers
  • Compact design
  • High line efficiency
  • Transmodul ensures seamless transport
  • Less manual documentation and faster batch changes due to automated line clearance


Only one instead of two: Deep-draw thermoforming with integrated cartoning

Optimum productivity with maximum flexibility

The deep-drawing and cartoning processes are generally carried out on two separate machines: Schubert-Pharma efficiently combines these tasks for its client IDT Biologika in a space-saving manner within a single system.

Increasing complexity of packaging solutions, changing customer order behaviours and the trend towards smaller batch sizes all pose new challenges for production technology. This led to IDT Biologika opting to follow a new production strategy for packaging. With Schubert-Pharma, the company found an ideal partner.


Plenty of added value in a small space

Packaging tasks at IDT include packing and cartoning widely differing vials, syringes in blisters, combined packages of syringes and vials, as well as medical devices in thermoformed packaging. Schubert-Pharma succeeded in developing an efficient system for the myriad of applications and formats. Despite its complexity, the machine is very compact, ensuring ease of operation.

Since IDT Biologika packs different products on a single line, particular attention is paid to line clearance. This is the clearance of all packaging materials and products which are still on the line when a production batch has been completed. This process takes place automatically on the line, saving the customer a great deal of time. System availability is also greatly increased.

The fact that we could implement the required processes on a single line was the decisive factor. Other providers could not offer a system where all necessary capabilities were combined in a single machine from a single manufacturer.

Karin Kleinbach

Director of Sales Schubert-Pharma

Technical Details

Deep-drawing, cartoning, monitoring

When packing the devices, the deep-drawn trays are manufactured in Schubert’s thermoforming module. Unlike with comparable solutions, a master tray is formed along with a specific number of individual trays, which are then separated later on in the process. The grouping of the products to be packed takes place on the Transmoduls with the aid of F4 robots in the product infeed section. A vision scanner, which sends information regarding the position and number of products in the delivery trays to the F4 robots, is located above the product belt. The F4 robots pick up individual products and place them in the deep-drawn trays. Subsequently, the loaded deep-drawn trays are separated by punching and put into a top-load carton. The vials are passed over a turntable or a belt on the labeller, then transferred to the product belt. This belt is within the F4 robots’ working area, which means the vials are pre-grouped by the same robots that also handle the devices.

Line clearance takes place via Schubert’s own VMS packaging machine controller. Confirmations and cross-examinations ensure that no products from previous production runs are still on the line. A sensor automatically monitors whether all conveyors are empty and passes this information on to the machine operator.

  • Auto-injectors in packs of 1, 3, 4, 6 and 12 at speeds of 80 to 240 injectors per minute, or 20 to 50 boxes per minute.
  • Folding boxes with syringe blisters in packs of 4, 6, 10 and 12 at a consistent speed of 80 blisters per minute, or 7 to 14 boxes per minute.
  • Vials in packs of 1, 2 and 10, either standing up or lying in dividers
  • Vial formats from 2R to 250H
  • Combination packages of two different vial sizes possible

The various vial sizes can be securely packed both individually or in combination with syringes on the line.

With the new machine, IDT Biologika can now pack and carton medical devices such as auto-injectors in thermoformed packaging.

Syringes in blisters can be cartoned in different packaging configurations.