Increasing planning reliability by process flow simulation

Packaging processes exceeds the end of the packaging line. For efficient material flow and an optimized layout Schubert-Consulting linked the packaging line and warehouse with automated guided vehicles (AGV) to have a holistic approach. For an economic design of the system different scenarios were simulated to determine the appropriate number of AGV's and to optimize the arrangement of machines and routes in the layout.


  • Confirmation of the intralogistics concepts by a simulation
  • Determining the number of vehicles (AGV)
  • Determination of capacity utilisation
  • Adaptation of the driveway and the layout


  • Determination of basic data:
    Driveways, Load-/unload point, Manufacturing scenarios, Transport volume, Inventory turnover
  • Simulation of logistics processes
  • Layout optimization


  • Confirmation of the intralogistics concepts by a simulation
  • Determining the number of transport vehicles (AGV)
  • Optimized layout
  • Proofed concept reduces investment

The simulation gives the customer planning reliability for the realization with a verified concept.

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