Line makes innovative sleeve packaging possible

  • Flexibility for the packaging of different pot sizes
  • High line efficiency
  • Innovative sleeve packaging
  • Innovative method for securing the products in the carton
  • Transmodul in use


Up to 128,000 pots in two shifts

Schubert convinces Juustoportti with a system for innovative sleeve packaging.

Juustoportti, a Finnish producer of dairy products, was looking for an innovative solution to open up new sales opportunities in retail. To allow the Finnish family business to flexibly sleeve pots of yoghurt and cottage cheese, Schubert developed a customer-specific line. Thanks to this line, the dairy company can sleeve pots as well as pack the pots into trays.


High flexibility in a limited area

After receiving an enquiry from a large retail customer asking whether it would be possible to sleeve two- and four-ct. pots of yoghurt and cottage cheese, Juustoportti opted for a packaging solution by Schubert. The line, consisting of three sub-machines, offers a high degree of flexibility on a limited area.

For Juustoportti, we have developed a customer-specific machine concept that makes flexible packaging of different shapes and sizes possible.

Ralf Schubert

Managing Director of Gerhard Schubert Gmbh

Technical Details

High efficiency in the packaging process

The packaging process starts with the provision of the pots on the conveyor belt. During the infeed process, a camera surveillance ensures that pots without lids are removed. In the first sub-machine, an F3 robot takes the sleeves from the magazine and passes them to an F2 robot. This F2 robot places the open sleeves onto a Transmodul, which, in turn, transports them to the next sub-machine. Here, an F2 robot picks up the pots arranged in groups and places them on the flat sleeves. In the third sub-machine, the sleeves are closed and then placed into cartons with five packing units. Since the system packs the cups in sleeves and then places them directly in the trays, the Schubert system requires significantly fewer interfaces than similar solutions do. And the customer greatly benefits from higher efficiency throughout the packaging process.

An additional requirement was to place pots in cartons of ten. This requires the pots to be placed in the cartons in such a way that they cannot slip during transport. Schubert’s solution: the carton base is folded so that the individual pots are fixed in place on four sides. This solution is unique on the market.

  • Three sub-machines
  • Up to 200 pots per minute
  • Approximately 128,000 pots in two shifts
  • Sleeves of four: 200 products per minute
  • Sleeves of two: 160 products per minute
  • Placement of pots into cartons of ten

Juustoportti's packaging line, which consists of three sub-machines, packs up to 128,000 pots per day.

Pots are sleeved and subsequently packed into trays.

Sleeving of either two or four pots.