Packing blisters and sachets on a single machine

Just one instead of two: the Schubert system packs the Laverana lip balm sticks in cardboard blisters and face masks in sachets.

Safe positioning: the sachets are placed upright in the trays and then a lid is applied.

The sachets are pre-grouped on the Transmodul and transported to the F2 robot pick-up area.


One system for two products

Quick changeovers ensure optimum efficiency

Laverana puts its trust in Schubert-Cosmetics to solve its complex packaging challenges

Natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana provides a wide range of cosmetics, including lip balm sticks in cardboard blisters and face masks in sachets. The company needed an automation solution which could pack both products in different packaging formats, but on the same system. Schubert-Cosmetics developed a solution which was customised exactly to these requirements.


How does the solution meet the requirement?

High efficiency due to quick conversion

The system packs lip balm sticks in either single or double cardboard blisters as well as face masks in sachets (four-side-seal pouches) of varying dimensions. For all formats, Schubert-Cosmetics ensures that the number of products in all boxes is 100 per cent complete due to its intelligent image processing system. The packaging line enables fast changeovers between both products and packaging so that even small batches can be efficiently packaged to order. This means Laverana can make its care products ready for dispatch in a flexible manner.

At a glance

  • Packing blisters and sachets on a single machine
  • Format changeovers within 20 to 30 minutes
  • Quantities 100% guaranteed
  • High line efficiency


Thanks to Schubert’s technology solution, Laverana can now make its natural care products available for dispatch to its customers around the world flexibly to order.

Technical Details

Unique image processing ensures quality

The various products are stored temporarily in crates and fed into the packaging line as bulk goods. This causes the sachets to become partially deformed. Schubert’s unique image processing system ensures that products are separated reliably: the image processing programme checks the quality of each individual sachet and passes the location and position of each individual sachet to the intelligent F4 pick-and-place robots. Products lying on their front are rotated by the F4 pick-and-place robots, then placed into the carton in the correct orientation.

In addition to deformation, the challenging ratio of the box’s height to its base means there is also a danger of boxes falling over. In order to avoid this, each pallet layer is pre-grouped by an F4 robot and then fed into the layer palletiser.

Overall performance
  • 150 products per minute or 25 boxes per minute
  • Efficiency > 95%
  • Integrated quality control via intelligent vision system
  • Transmodul ensures seamless transport

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