Manufacturer of hormone preparations

Manufacturer of hormone preparations

  • Output of up to 240 blisters per minute
  • A real space-saver despite the product buffer: 2 x 9 metres
  • Product buffer up to 10 minutes of production
  • Quick changeover times of approx. 20 minutes
  • Study for buffer function as proof of concept


Wallet pharmaceutical packaging for greater safety

Economical and user-friendly: Packing tablets into a wallet (carton folding card with an integrated blister) saves packaging material and is practical for consumers.

Another advantage is that the tablet blister is always attached to the packaging so that important information is retained throughout its service life. Schubert-Pharma was commissioned by a pharmaceutical company to implement an automated complete solution for wallet packaging.


Cycled packaging process provides real advantages

Schubert-Pharma supplied the customer with a flexible TLM wallet packaging machine. The first section of the machine houses a product buffer, in which the products that come from the blister machine are stored intermediately. The intermediate buffer can accumulate product from the upstream process for up to ten minutes, ensuring continuous and efficient operation. This facility guarantees a continuous packaging process for the customer. Additionally, Schubert-Pharma carried out a study on line efficiency together with the customer as part of the project design, in order to ensure the best performance.

Another advantage of the cycled machine lies in the problem-free format conversion and, above all, in the machine’s smooth start-up process once the changeover is complete. The cycled version also allows different wallet designs to be processed on the same packaging machine.

Problem-free format conversions and, above all, the machine’s smooth start-up process once the changeover is complete, are an advantage in this line.

Technical Details

Cycled packaging process

The packaging solution implemented for up to 240 blisters per minute essentially consists of the following steps/functions:

  • Grouping and positioning the blisters for packing into wallets
  • Integrated dynamic buffer
  • Positioning and gluing the wallet sleeves
  • Placing the blisters into the wallet card
  • Folding process to close the wallets
  • Labelling the individual wallets with laser printers
  • Adding the package information leaflet
  • Grouping the sales unit
  • Film-wrapping the consumer unit
  • Labelling the final packaging with read-back and management of the data
  • Delivery to the downstream shipment packaging

Overall Performance

  • 240 blisters per minute
  • High storage capacity
  • Quick format changeovers

F2 robots take care of placing and removing the blisters in and from the storage plates.

F2 robots glue the blisters in the carton strip and also fold the carton strip around the blisters. Individual, easy-to-swap tools make this possible

Blisters in a folded carton Strip.

Tablet Blisters.