Molson Coors

Highest degree of flexibility and minimum format changeover and start-up times

  • Maximum format variety in packaging schemes and bottle formats
  • Modular, compact design
  • Fast format changeovers and start-up times
  • Unique, jointly developed block solution
  • Scalable with high flexibility
  • Transmodul enables seamless transportation


Canadian brewery Molson Coors goes for maximum flexibility

Different beer bottles are packaged in a wide variety of packaging formats:

Variety at its finest: the Innopack TLM – a block solution by KHS and Schubert – enables Molson Coors to implement numerous different packaging formats in a single system.

Global player Molson Coors markets more than 30 beer brands in wildly diverse package designs. For its new production plant in British Columbia, the leading global brewer needed an intelligent automation solution to package filled glass bottles into several different formats and packaging schemes – whilst maintaining exceptionally high flexibility in product and format changes. Decisive for the Canadian brewery was a space-saving solution that could be expanded and adapted as required.

The solution was the Innopack TLM, a block solution jointly developed by KHS and Schubert, which stood out with its high efficiency and outstanding flexibility.


Special tasks require special solutions: in this case, the Innopack TLM

The Innopack TLM is a unique bottle packaging system which seamlessly combines the KHS bottle packer with Schubert’s TLM packaging system. The two companies consolidated their expertise to offer a powerful system offering a significantly higher degree of flexibility.

Traditionally, production lines for processing baskets, RSC boxes and wrap-around cartons are linked by conveyors. The Innopack TLM, however, integrates the individual modules in a single line, which results in much more flexibility.

The machine system currently processes up to six different formats and packaging schemes with fast format changeover and start-up times.

It was very important for us to find a solution that could ensure the flexibility needed to quickly respond to changing market needs and preferences.

Connie Jones

Senior Project Manager at Molson Coors

Technical Details

Multiple packaging processes integrated into a single high-performance total solution

The machine system seamlessly brings together three main functionalities: erecting RSC cases, baskets or wrap-around cartons, loading bottles into the erected cases and finally, closing the cases. The erecting and closing steps are handled by a Schubert TLM packaging system, whilst bottle loading is taken on by KHS. The seamless integration of the KHS packer with the Schubert sub-machines is enabled by Schubert’s Transmodul transport robot which conveys the bottles and cartons. The Transmodul moves independently thanks to the inductive energy supply and wireless transmission of data and signals. Long transport paths, as well as special infeeds and outfeeds, are no longer required. Space is saved and maintenance, wear and tear and energy consumption are all reduced.

  • 9 sub-machines
  • 6 different packaging formats: 6-pack, 12-pack, 15-pack, 18-pack, 24-pack; up to 720 bottles per minute
  • Bottle sizes: 341 ml and 355 mlin use
  • Efficiency: ≥ 96 %
  • Transmodul in use

The Innopack TLM integrates three individual processes into one seamless system: erecting, filling and closing cases – these are Schubert’s areas of expertise. In combination with the KHS packer, the system offers a comprehensive solution for Molson Coors’ packaging processes.

The individual modules from KHS and Schubert are merged without the need for additional transport units, forming a compact seamlessly integrated system. The Schubert Transmodul – a robot that conveys the bottles and cartons along the packaging line – makes this all possible.

Molson Coors sells premium beer brands in an extremely wide variety of packaging schemes. The bottles are packaged in 6-packs, 12-packs, 15-packs and 24-packs and into different types of cartons. Format changeover can be implemented quickly and effectively.