• Filling mono, duo and quattro boxes on one a pick and place machine
  • Quick format conversion
  • Compact design
  • High line efficiency


Pick and place machine fills boxes with powder, blusher and eyeshadow

Automatic filling of different make-up boxes:

High quality and state-of-the-art technology impressed the German natural cosmetics manufacturer.

High demand for natural cosmetics has increased production quantities at Laverana, a medium-sized company from the Hannover region, Germany. That’s why the company turned to Schubert to automate the previously manual packaging process for its lavera brand of powder, blusher and eyeshadow with a pick and place machine. This is the third time the company has opted for packaging technology from Crailsheim.


Highest standards of quality and increased efficiency

The pick and place machine opens the boxes supplied and, depending on the order, places from one to four cosmetic palettes into different formations. Before closing, the filled boxes pass through another height check, where a 3D scanner checks that all the palettes have been placed correctly inside the notched locations and are not sticking up out of the box.

The beauty industry is fast-moving and seasonally inspired. We therefore need a flexible machine that we can use to implement different diameters, colours and shapes. With Schubert, we have found the right partner for the job.

Thomas Haase

Founder and Managing Director of Laverana Gmbh & Co. Kg

Technical Details

Great accuracy

The boxes are fed through the first sub-machine via a loading belt on the pick and place machine, where they are picked up by F4 robots and placed in the “box opener” drive unit. The box opener handles various boxes with different opening mechanisms. F4 robots pick up the opened boxes and set them onto a conveyor belt. A reflected light scanner then monitors whether the boxes are opened.

The loading belt in the second sub-machine delivers additional boxes or colour palettes, determined by the works order. The third sub-machine is reserved for the infeed process of colour palettes. These are picked up by F4 robots. This is why Schubert developed suitable tools that would not crush or break pressed or baked powders.

Before the colour palettes are positioned precisely in the notched locations provided in the boxes, the F4 robot passes them over a glue station. A sensor determines whether the glue spot for fastening the palettes into the box has been placed correctly.

Before closing, the filled boxes go through another height check where a 3D scanner checks that all the palettes have been placed correctly inside the notches and are not sticking out.

For special formats with smaller quantities, the pick and place machine also has an integrated manual packing station.

  • Pick and place machine output depends on the number of colour palettes per box
  • Mono (1 colour palette per box): 100 products per minute
  • Duo (2 colour palettes per box): 80 products per minute
  • Quattro (4 colour palettes per box): 60 products per minute

The Schubert pick and place machine can fill up to 100 boxes per minute with various colour palettes.

The opening mechanism can be adapted to a wide range of box types.

Der gepresste oder gebackene Puder wird über ein Produktband zugeführt.

Once all the colour palettes have been glued in place, an F4 robot equipped with the right tool closes the box.