Packaging vials into boxes

  • Project management including all preparation and related services
  • Development of packaging materials, including carton design
  • Mixing control via camera
  • Offline or online feeding from the labeller


Product variety, flexibly implemented

Secure packaging of more than 20 formats:

Packaging machines designed and supplied by Schubert-Pharma provide the customer with just the right product.

From 1ct boxes with side opening to 50ct boxes with dividers – machines from Schubert-Pharma give the customer maximum flexibility.


Flexibility during packaging process guaranteed

The Schubert-Pharma team developed a flexible packaging line for more than 20 different formats for R-Pharm, a Russian customer. Additionally, the packaging specialist worked together with the customer to implement all of the packaging materials, including the carton design.

The system shows off its flexibility as early as the component feed stage, where the products can be fed into the machine from the labeller both offline and online. It is important to control the mixing, which is done through the use of a camera. All data is read back and managed.

We were happy with the comprehensive consultation service. The finished system shows that our collaboration worked out very well, because it gives us exactly the technical edge we wanted.

Alexei Repik

Owner and Managing Director of R-Pharm


Secure packaging of more than 20 formats

The labeller can accept the machine's products both offline and online. The vials enter the machine standing upright via a continuously running infeed conveyor. Four F4 robot arms pick them up and place them into a group transporter, which can handle vials of any diameter.

The second sub-machine is a box erecting and gluing machine, which extracts flat box blanks from multi-lane magazines, erects them and places them on transmodul suction cup plates.

The third sub-machine is an insertion station for dividers, which are also removed from a multi-lane magazine and placed on the Transmodul suction cup plates.

In the fourth sub-machine, an F2 robot equipped with a filling tool picks up the vials from the group transporter. It gently places them into the dividers, and then places them, together with vials, into the carton.

Leaflets are transferred from GUK dispensers into a stepper chain, transported to the closing station and placed into the carton during the closing process.

The sub-machine for closing is equipped with a magazine for separate lid parts, which can be set up later.

Overall Performance

  • 7 sub-machines
  • Up to 400 products per minute
  • Packaging of vials in cartons with dividers: from 1ct up to 50ctminute
  • Vial and combination packages possible

Providing dividers.

The vials are put into the dividers. Both components are then inserted into the boxes together.

The Transmodul is equipped with a transport tool that carries the dividers, the vials and the packages.

Adding the package information leaflet.

The flexible packaging machine packs up to 400 vials per Minute.