Block solution for the final packaging of beer bottles

  • Corporately developed unique block solution
  • Flexible bottle and end packaging sizes
  • Modular and compact design
  • Flexibly scalable
  • Optimum machine accessibility


Doubled line output

A line, corporately developed by Schubert and KHS, is in use at Brauerei Schützengarten to pack beer bottles in a variety of bottle and end packaging sizes.

The unique, multifunctional block solution, known as the Innopack TLM, consists of a KHS packer and a Schubert TLM packaging line. It packs up to 35,000 bottles per hour: this represents almost double the output of the line previously in use at Schützengarten. The block solution scores points thanks to its high efficiency and flexibility: as well as six different sizes of plastic crates for returnable bottles, the new line also packs various non-returnable beer bottles into diverse carton sizes holding between 4 and 18 bottles.


One in place of two: a compact unit for the end-of-line packaging of beverages in bottles

Efficiently meeting growing customer demands – the Innopack TLM makes it possible. Thanks to its modular design, it offers flexibility and expandability, which are required to handle the product variety – if production is increased or sizes and product mixes change. The packaging line is now able to pack crates, and it will soon also handle baskets, clusters and other carton-packed variants.

The number of packaging types has positively exploded in recent years – there’s no getting away from the market pressures. The block packaging system offers many new possibilities for us. We are optimally set up for the future, and we have well-established partners on board.

Dr. Martin Ketterer

Director and Member of the Executive Board at Schützengarten

Technical Details

Perfect interaction of the lines due to the Transmodul

The seamless connection of the KHS packer with the Schubert sub-machines is one of the features of the block solution. This is made possible by Schubert’s Transmodul transport robot, which conveys the bottles and cartons. Thanks to the inductive energy supply and wireless transmission of data and signals, the Transmodul moves independently. Long transport ways and special infeeds and outfeeds are made unnecessary and maintenance, wear and tear and energy consumption are reduced.

  • The Transmodul links the KHS packer and Schubert’s TLM sub-machines together
  • Doubled line output
  • Up to 35,000 bottles per hour

Erecting, loading and closing of cartons: these are Schubert’s special subjects. Together with the KHS packer, Brauerei Schützengarten now has a self-contained overall solution for the end-of-line packaging.

Careful product handling is a requirement for fragile products and packaging, and Schubert’s robots are ideally designed for these tasks.

Schützengarten sells its specialist beers in a wide range of different pack sizes. Size changes can be carried out quickly as required.

The eye-catching cartons really stand out on the shelf.