• Two identically designed lines
  • Flexible cartoning and palletising
  • High line efficiency
  • Easy to scale
  • Efficient maintenance
  • Transmodul in use


Skalierbare Verpackungsanlagen sichern Flexibilität

Schubert scores points with Valio with two efficient cartoning and palletising lines, which can be easily scaled as needed.

Valio has commissioned one cartoning and palletising machine from Schubert for beverage cartons holding various milk products for two of its production sites.


Quick to scale, ideal to maintain

Each of the two packaging lines consists of four sub-machines. Their tasks are to erect cartons, group the products, place them into the cartons, close the cartons and palletise them at the end of the line. Both lines feature high efficiency and ease of scalability: thanks to Schubert’s modular technology, Valio can set up the lines to meet new requirements at any time without issue. This means that additional sub-machines can be integrated to produce a higher output rate as needed, as can new tools for additional packaging sizes. The Transmodul transport robot ensures that the cartons are efficiently conveyed within the line.

Thanks to Schubert’s modular technology, Valio can set up the lines to meet new requirements at any time without issue.

Technical Details

Flexible automation solution convinces

In the first sub-machine, cartons are erected. An F3 robot takes two carton blanks from the magazine and passes them to an F2 robot. This F2 robot carries the blanks past a glue nozzle, erects them in a folding frame and places the cartons onto the Transmodul, which takes them to the next sub-machine. In the second sub-machine, the beverage cartons are carried by a product conveyor to an NC axis, which creates different groups depending on the packaging size. The F2 robots then pick the product groups up and place them into the cartons on the Transmodul. The Transmodul moves into the third sub-machine for the carton closing. During the transfer, they are labelled on the side by a Domino labeller, which is integrated into the line. In the closing station, an F2 robot folds the sides of the glued carton and presses them down. The palletising process takes place in the fourth sub-machine.

  • Four sub-machines
  • Beverage cartons in three sizes
  • Flexible packaging sizes
  • Up to 233 products per minute
  • Up to 20 cartons per minute
  • Up to 24 pallets per hour

At two Valio production sites, the Schubert lines consisting of four sub-machines ensure high flexibility in cartoning and palletising.

The products are fed in two lanes towards the line.

An F2 robot presses two carton blanks simultaneously through folding frames. Below, a Transmodul is ready to pick up the cartons.

An F2 robot places the pre-grouped products into a carton.

Then an F2 robot places the cartons on the pallet standing by.

“Vanilj”, filled in a Tetra Pak, is one of the dairy products that Valio packs into cartons and palletises using the new Schubert line