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:  The refurbished Lasta production hall houses several Schubert packaging machines, all of them state-of-the-art.

Setting up biscuit production for Violeta with packaging solution from Schubert

  • Setting up an entirely new packaging solution
  • Seamless packaging processes with a flowpacker, a cartoner for flowpacks and a cartoner for pouches
  • Modular system enables quick implementation of subsequent modifications


Violeta ventures a new start in the confectionery sector with Schubert

Violeta is a leading company from Bosnia- Herzegovina that specialises in the production of cosmetics and hygiene products. In 2017, Violeta became aware of Lasta, a baked goods manufacturer based in the same country. Although Lasta had a history of more than 60 years and was known throughout South-Eastern Europe for its sweet pastries, it eventually had to close its doors. Violeta did not see this as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity and acquired the traditional biscuit producer to gain a foothold in an entirely new industry.

With the exciting acquisition of the company, however, Violeta was quickly confronted with some very big challenges. On the one hand, the company lacked know-how in the field of confectionery, and on the other, Lasta’s former production halls had to be virtually stripped down to their shells to accommodate a modern production facility. The company wanted a provider for the packaging of biscuits and wafers who was not only a leader in the field of line technology and packaging development, but who could also advise them on setting up an entirely new production facility.

Violeta brought packaging specialist Schubert on board at a time when the final characteristics of the products themselves had not yet been determined. The company knew they wanted a packaging line from the Crailsheim-based company that could guarantee great flexibility in the processing of different baked goods, fast format changes, as well as high performance and the handling of large volumes. At the same time, the packaging line had to ensure high mechanical stability to enable long service lives even with heavy-duty utilisation. Creative and technical know-how was also required in the development of the different packaging. And last but not least, semi-skilled operators would need to be able to operate the line just as reliably as skilled workers.

The Solution

Sustainable packaging for biscuit rolls and hollow wafers

Violeta continues to market its confectionery under the Lasta brand and produces primarily two types of biscuits: filled biscuit rolls and filled hollow wafers, in different flavours such as fig or chocolate. A variety of display cartons, cardboard trays as well as single-pack and multipack flowpacks were required to package the delicious delicacies, all of which were planned with sustainability in mind. In addition to the newly developed display cartons, Schubert’s packaging development department therefore also carried out a sustainable design for the cardboard trays with dividers. Even for the flowpacks, Schubert succeeded in making paper-based packaging material possible thanks to its flexible sealing technologies in the flowpacker: The single-pack flowpacks consist of a composite cold-seal film, while the multipack flowpacks are made of paper-based film that is also cold-sealed. Three robot-assisted machines were supplied for the entire line: a flowpacker, a cartoner for flowpacks and a cartoner for pouches.

The Crailsheim-based packaging specialist succeeded in fully satisfying Violeta with its holistic package consisting of consulting, packaging development and line technology: Biscuit rolls and wafers were given attractive, sustainable packaging and the packaging machines not only excel with high efficiency, but also with intuitive dashboards and simple format changes.

: In the cartoner, the pouches of Lasta biscuits are packed by robots into display cartons.

A flowpacker, a cartoner for flowpacks and a cartoner for pouches work “hand in hand” to package the biscuits.

Dirk Andrich, Area Sales Manager at Schubert

Violeta really started from scratch. I was very impressed with the team’s professionalism; their performance and commitment were exceptional.

Dirk Andrich

Area Sales manager at Schubert, December 2022

Technical details

  • Flowpacker with a capacity of up to 520 products per minute
  • Flexible cartoning for highly diverse products
  • Pouch packaging with up to 110 products per minute
  • Packaging development based on sustainable materials
  • Transmodul in use

Robot-supported packaging processes with quality control

In Violeta’s new packaging machine, the biscuit rolls and wafers run from two ovens into the flowpacker. In a counterflow process, pick & place robots place the sweet baked goods into cardboard trays, which are then packed into multipack flowpacks made of paper-based film. On their way from the flowpacker to the cartoner, all packaging units run through a checkweigher. Only after passing this quality assurance step are the individual flowpacks or multipacks packed into display cartons by the cartoner. The excess product from the flowpacker is further packed in an additional pouch packer. Four formats are available for this purpose. Finally, Schubert’s second cartoner, as the last station, is responsible for packing the pouches into display cartons with lids.

Flexible adaptations thanks to the modular design of the packaging machines

Since Violeta had initially planned to use plastic trays, the flowpacker was originally designed for destacking the trays. It was only when the decision was made in favour of sustainable cardboard trays that the erecting of trays was subsequently integrated into the system and planned with special forming shoulders for the paper-based film. The Schubert design team once again demonstrated the advantages of the company’s modular and flexible packaging machine design: The result is an output of up to 520 products per minute with four different formats. The additional output is ultimately also an ideal platform for Violeta to take on eventual production expansions.

A display carton filled with pouches and fitted with a lid leaves Schubert’s packaging machine.

The packaging had to be as sustainable as possible, so Schubert developed some of it in-house – including the display cartons.

Group photo with Dirk Andrich, Area Sales Manager at Schubert and his team

Dirk Andrich, Area Sales Manager at Schubert (back, 2nd from right) and several members of the Schubert team were on site many times during planning and implementation