Schubert‘s executive management team

Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a family-run business – with Gerhard Schubert, the company founder, and his son Ralf Schubert as Managing Directors. They run the business together with Peter Gabriel and Marcel Kiessling.


Gerhard Schubert

Managing Director and Shareholder


Ralf Schubert

Managing Director and Shareholder

Marcel Kiessling

Managing Director – Sales / Service

Peter Gabriel

Managing Director / Commercial Director


Extended management team

Jörg Brenner

Commercial Director

Karl-Heinz Gaukler

Dircetor Final Assembly

Martin Sauter

Sales Director

Marcus Schindler

Director Design Engineering

Reiner Weidmann

Director Central Purchasing & Facility Management

Jens Stoll

Director Technical Organization

Uwe Galm

Director Customer Services