In the early stages we had the wish to build someday the most flexible packaging machine. It was to be a standard machine, a machine to be built in great quantities. A machine that is able to follow market changes. Over the years the machine assumed more and more concrete shapes documented by the milestones of the machine history.


The first time Schubert ever took part in the competition, the Crailsheim plant was awarded the coveted “Factory of the Year” award.


Our new digital platform monitors and documents machine data so that problems are detected before they even arise.


The Flowmodul, the world’s first fully integrated flow-wrapping machine, makes bagging easier than ever before.


With the 3D scanner, we are the first manufacturer worldwide to offer our customers the possibility to create a 3D image of the products to be packaged.


Schubert presents the first TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet at the world’s largest packaging trade fair in Düsseldorf.


One development leads to the next: The Transmodul makes it possible for Schubert to also offer liquid and paste TLM filling machines.


Premiere at the interpack: Schubert presents the first TLM packaging machine with fully automatic tool changing.


With the Transmodul, Schubert develops the first transport robot for packaging machines.


The world’s first digital top-loading packaging machine (TLM) built on an assembly line celebrates its premiere.


After six years of intensive development work: The packaging machine control (VMS) becomes the core component of all Schubert packaging machines.


With the continuously operating F44 picker line and the patented counter-flow principle, Schubert sets the next milestone in the company’s history.


Schubert begins with the development of their own packaging machine control (VMS).



With the SNC-F2 packaging robot, we are ushering in the age of computer-controlled packaging machines.


The world’s first chocolate packing line with twelve robots leaves the Schubert factory. In the same year, the development of our own vision system begins.


The Schubert modular machine system (SSB) comes onto the market and revolutionises the packaging industry.


Schubert presents the first carton erecting and gluing machine that works with hot melt glue: the patented Schubert Carton Erector (SKA).