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A pickerline for mini donuts at Japan Pack in Tokyo

Image <<synthesis>> of the Winkler booth, where Schubert will also be represented with an information terminal.

The Japan Pack trade fair, which is being held in Tokyo from 3 to 6 October 2023, is an international, high-profile meeting place for the packaging industry – where manufacturers and customers come together to share the latest solutions in packaging, technology and services. At the exhibition booth of its trading partner Winckler in Hall 4, Stand 625, Schubert will be demonstrating how sensitive mini donuts can be packaged reliably and sustainably using pick & place robots.

With the packaging industry playing a significant role in addressing the issue of sustainability, Japan Pack is a meeting place for the sector where exhibitors and visitors can find out about the latest packaging solutions for a wide range of products including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industrial goods. The focus will also be on current challenges in the areas of production, distribution, disposal and recycling. In addition to packaging machines and materials that will be on display at the fair, the offering will be rounded off by special lectures and seminars.

The pick & place robots pick up mini donuts from a product conveyor belt.

Pickerline – sustainability through low waste

Gerhard Schubert consistently designs its packaging machines to ensure processes that are both efficient and sustainable. At its trading partner Winckler’s booth at Japan Pack, the company will be presenting a small pickerline consisting of a TLM frame with three T3 pick & place robots – demonstrating the reliable and sustainable packaging of mini donuts. The pick & place robots pick up the delicate products from a product conveyor and place them into plastic trays with millimetre precision. Before packaging, a 3D scanner checks the quality of the donuts. The image processing system developed by Schubert only directs flawless products to the robots so that the trays can be filled perfectly. Defective products are rejected.

The robot gently grips the delicate products so that they are not crushed.

Michael Voelskow, Schubert’s contact at Winckler, explains: “Packages that need to be sorted out because they contain damaged or flawed products or have not been filled completely are detrimental to the carbon footprint and cause higher costs for the customer. However, with the exceptionally precise pick & place robots from Schubert, we achieve efficiency levels of over 99% – reducing waste to a minimum. Even sensitive products such as mini-donuts or other baked goods, which can easily break or be crushed due to their consistency, are picked up gently by the robots and placed exactly at their intended location. Moreover, the highly accurate pick & place process often enables packaging sizes to be minimised as well. After all, using less material is a decisive sustainability factor.”

The T3 pick & place robot places a mini donut into a plastic tray with millimetre precision.

From the fair to the customer

The Schubert pickerline on show at Japan Pack will be delivered to a customer in Japan after the trade fair. Thanks to the outstanding flexibility that is the hallmark of all Schubert lines, the manufacturer will not be using it to pack donuts, however, but small baked tart pastries in trays. The machine will run at an output of 250 products per minute and process seven different formats.

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A Schubert bar packer closes two cartons filled with bars on a conveyor belt.

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