Cutting-edge production technology

One would never suspect that the large blocks of shiny steel on the warehouse shelves at the Schubert Fertigungstechnik plant are destined to become part of highly advanced, complex packaging robots.

Aluminium housings for the Transmodul transport robot

Countless metal shavings will scatter before the individual parts and small runs will be ready to take on their final shapes – without ever deviating from their pre-specified dimensions. After all, the products manufactured by the employees at the Bartholomä plant are precision parts for Schubert TLM machines which, during later assembly processes in Crailsheim, will perform with impeccable accuracy.

Just like the many customers in a wide variety of sectors, the fitters at Gerhard Schubert GmbH Packaging Machines know they can rely on the experience of the Bartholomä team. Since 1977, Schubert Fertigungstechnik has been part of the Schubert organisation under the Schubert + Edelmann name. And, as specialist in the production of individual parts and small series of metal and plastics, it has been an indispensable member of the corporate group. Today, the company’s employees produce well over one million parts on behalf of Gerhard Schubert GmbH Packaging Machines. In view of Schubert achieving its growth target of 1,000 TLM frames by the year 2020, the Bartholomä plant also needs to ensure the required capacities.

Manfred Grieser has been working for Schubert for four decades and has been the company’s Managing Director and co-shareholder.

Milling machines for precision parts

Of course, the fast-growing order volumes can only be met by using state-of-the-art production technology. It is with this in mind that Schubert Fertigungstechnik has consistently invested in new plants and high-performance processing machines in recent years. In 2013, a 1,000 m² production hall went into operation creating space for further highly modern production machines. At the two horizontal machining centres – the DMC 65 H and the DMC 75 H – with a total of 19 pallets, aluminium housings for the Transmodul transport robot are processed from solid aluminium. In addition to these existing machines, the Schubert subsidiary has now put a further DMC 80H processing machine into operation in view of ensuring the plant’s future competitiveness.

The precision parts manufactured in Bartholomä contribute to the high manufacturing debth of the entire Schubert Group.

“Committed employees, modern, high-performance manufacturing equipment and state-of-the-art production technologies are key to ensuring that Schubert Fertigungstechnik can produce series and individual parts at competitive prices,” highlights Manfred Grieser who has been working with the company for over 40 years. In 1968, he began his training as a mechanic there. In 1973, he became responsible for work preparation, planning and organisation. Since 2003, he has been the company’s Managing Director and co-shareholder.

Since January 2016, series parts for Schubert packaging systems, such as F3 housings, robotic arms, lids and gearboxes have been manufactured at the new four-axis DMC 80H 2016 machining centre. In addition to its 19 existing pallet positions, the new machining centre has twelve more storage positions – and therefore further capacity to meet increasing order volumes. The investment of 950,000 euros strengthens Schubert Fertigungstechnik’s competitiveness – also thanks to reduced retooling costs. The purchase is an investment in the future of the entire group of companies.

Ready to take on upcoming challenges

In 2015, Schubert + Edelmann contributed 8.5 million euros to Schubert Group sales – with 83 employees, including 11 trainees. The company makes a significant contribution to Gerhard Schubert’s high level of vertical integration. In order to communicate the company’s important position within the group, both internally and externally, Schubert + Edelmann has been operating under the Schubert Fertigungstechnik name since 2016.

“The Schubert brand stands for innovation and high-quality manufacturing. We are proud to contribute to notable developments in a variety of industries – as part of a successful and leading-edge group. Our new name reflects this identity and expresses the quality promise we have made to our customers,” confirms Manfred Grieser.

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For the first time ever, Gerhard Schubert GmbH took part in the “Factory of the Year 2018” competition and promptly won over the jury: the Crailsheim site was awarded the top prize. The jury was especially impressed with the plant’s innovative capability, the outstanding quality throughout the entire value chain and respectful treatment of employees. The conference of the same name and the awards ceremony scheduled to take place in March 2019 will conclude this year’s competition.


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