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Schubert honours partner companies at the Supplier League

The Hofmann Blechbearbeitung company won the Supplier Award for the third time. The employees were invited to a Supplier Day at Schubert, including a group lunch and a tour of the company.

As an innovation leader in the packaging industry, Gerhard Schubert GmbH understands the importance of long-term partnerships with suppliers in the region. With the now established and coveted Supplier Award, Schubert honours five companies that distinguished themselves with exceptionally consistent and outstanding performance during the previous year. Delivery performance, quality and reliability are decisive factors in the assessment.

(Left in the picture: The company Hofmann Blechbearbeitung)

The Supplier Award is presented in the context of the so-called Supplier League. It is based on an evaluation system that is similar to the German Bundesliga’s points system: At the end of the season, the Bundesliga table is based on how many points a team has collected over the entire season. At Schubert, the supplier who is at the top at the end of the year also wins. However, unlike with the Bundesliga, all suppliers begin the year with a full points account. And points are deducted for deliveries that are made too early or too late, as well as for any complaints. At the end of the year, the supplier with the highest score in each product group wins.

A spirit of competition and partnership

It is important for Schubert to highlight that not only supplier cost-competitiveness plays a role, but that delivery performance and quality are also decisive factors that determine the company’s loyalty to suppliers over time. The packaging machine manufacturer also prioritises sustainability, which includes long-term collaboration with regional suppliers. Schubert recognises its responsibility towards the people who work for its suppliers and for the families behind them. Conversely, the partnership-based relationship with regional companies proves its worth again and again: In challenging times, the suppliers are happy to stand by Schubert because they are not always being replaced. The Supplier League is ultimately a friendly competition conceived to motivate everyone involved. Alina Hohl, Supply Chain Management Assistant, adds: “A partner company even reported that its employees hang up our monthly analyses in production and view the results as an incentive. They also have an opportunity to view the supplier portal at any time and check their own evaluations. And, of course, we provide all suppliers, especially new companies, with very close support so that everyone knows what we expect and what services are important to us.”

Three glass cubes stacked on top of each other.

This year, the glass trophies for the winning companies feature a model of the four-axis F4 pick & place robot.

The 2023 Supplier Awards went to five companies

Five companies received Supplier Awards for 2023, i.e. the award for first place in the respective product group:

- Murtfeldt Additive Solutions GmbH, in the 3D Printing product group

- HaWi-Tec GmbH & Co. KG, in the Plastics product group

- Grau & Wagenblast GmbH & Co. KG, in the Surface product group

- Walter Ohr Frästechnik, in the Machining product group

- Hofmann Blechbearbeitung GmbH, in the Sheet Metal Processing product group

All winners are presented with a certificate and a glass trophy, which this year features a model of a Schubert F4 robot, in recognition of their special achievements. Suppliers can publicise and advertise the certificate on their communication channels. The award is now widely recognised in the industry. Schubert also invites all employees of the winning companies to a hearty breakfast. Sven Brunner, Supply Chain Management Controlling & Supplier Development, comments: “Well, almost all of them: Hofmann Blechbearbeitung actually won our Supplier Award for the third time in a row. If you’re a winner in your product group three times in a row, you have achieved the amazing “triple win”. As special recognition, we invited the Hofmann employees to a Supplier Day this year, including a group lunch and a tour of the company."

Table set with plates and sandwiches. You can also see the glass trophy and the certificate.

The winning companies were invited by Schubert to an extensive breakfast. Here is the table setting for the company Murtfeldt Additive Solutions GmbH.

A win-win for both sides

While the Supplier Award is of special importance to participating companies, Schubert is also keen on promoting its own strategic goals. For example, climate-neutral production, which the packaging manufacturer is targeting in the context of its Mission Blue Sustainability Initiative. Working with local suppliers from the region is important in this respect, as regional supply chains reduce transport routes and therefore contribute to environmental protection. Both sides benefit from the close, partnership-based relationships between Schubert and its many suppliers.

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