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Schubert Packaging Systems celebrates milestone anniversary

50 Years Schubert Packaging Systems

Schubert Packaging Systems, with its Turnkey, Pharma and Consulting units, is known for its holistic consulting and well thought-out, creative solutions for a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, confectionery, food, pet food, beverages and others. As a leading international general contractor, the Gerhard Schubert GmbH subsidiary plans and implements customised packaging solutions for numerous customers around the world. This year, Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Eingang zu den Jubiläumsfeierlichkeiten mit rotem Teppich

Im Rahmen der Jubiläumsfeierlichkeiten der Schubert Packaging Systems fand am 15. Juli eine große Galaveranstaltung exklusiv für die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter sowie Pensionäre nebst Partnerinnen und Partnern auf dem Firmengelände statt.

Offering holistic, integrated and turnkey automated packaging systems to meet any customer requirement was the initial idea behind the founding of IPS (International Packaging Systems). Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH was still operating under this name in the 1970s. In addition to pure packaging in cardboard boxes, the entire process was planned and implemented for the customer from a single source. This comprehensive approach of always being able to offer customers the best packaging services in combination with state-of-the-art engineering solutions led to the successful Schubert Packaging Systems business model now being based on three independent business units: Turnkey, Schubert-Pharma and Schubert-Consulting. Each of the three units has its own specific market expertise and entails important potential for the Schubert Group as a whole – which is why the three units were deliberately established as separate entities.

This formula for success has earned the company sustained and steady growth both nationally and internationally since it was founded. Olaf Horrenberger, one of the two current Managing Directors, explains: “Schubert Packaging Systems got off to a very small start 50 years ago and proceeded to develop at a high level until the 2010s. Over the last few years, with our 50 or so employees, we have consistently generated a turnover of roughly 45 million euros per year. A huge achievement and one that commands my deep respect and gratitude to the team behind it.” Johannes Schubert, who has been the second Managing Director alongside Olaf Horrenberger for a year, cites further reasons behind the success: “Although we are not a manufacturing company, we certainly originated from one – so we bring together Schubert’s entire expertise and market and competitive knowledge in our outstanding team. None of our competitors can offer this background. It also represents significant added value for the Schubert Group as a whole.”

Employees are developing a packaging

With its three independent divisions – Turnkey, Schubert-Pharma and Schubert-Consulting – the Gerhard Schubert GmbH subsidiary implements customised packaging solutions for numerous customers all over the world.

Always on the cutting edge

In this context, customers value especially the long-established consulting expertise when it comes to developing environmentally friendly and resource-saving, i.e. sustainable, packaging solutions. The demand for cross-disciplinary services such as these is stronger than ever. The Schubert Group has been steering in this direction for several years now, which is now the path everyone in the packaging industry is taking. “As a general contractor, we have a strong manufacturer-independent consulting focus with a team of experts specifically matched to each customer challenge. You could also say we are the Schubert Group’s specialist unit when it comes to taking into account the entire value chain. Especially the processes upstream and downstream of secondary and tertiary packaging, right through to logistics,” says Johannes Schubert. Olaf Horrenberger adds: “Of course, this pays off even more so in the current global situation. In all three business units, our customers clearly benefit from this expertise in sustainability and packaging process optimisation which we have been building up over many years.” The company also greatly benefits from the close collaboration and strong interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues from other Schubert subsidiaries and the Schubert Group.

Olaf Horrenberger and Johannes Schubert

Olaf Horrenberger (left) and Johannes Schubert (right), the company founder’s grandson, are both Managing Directors of Schubert Packaging Systems GmbH, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Ambitious goals in a double pack

Schubert Packaging Systems is pursuing ambitious goals for the future. Olaf Horrenberger is delighted that Johannes Schubert, the third generation of the family to be appointed to Schubert’s management team in the early summer of 2021, has joined the company: “The dynamism and fresh perspectives of my young Managing Director partner are a source of inspiring debate – and at the end of the day, this leads to better solutions for everyone involved. Johannes Schubert is also convinced of the mutually beneficial ‘sparring’ the dual-leadership strategy generates: “Each of us brings his own strengths to the table, and we have divided and weighted the overall responsibilities accordingly. While I concentrate primarily on sales and marketing, Olaf plays out his expertise more in the area of technology.” Both Managing Directors also appreciate the different perspectives that a Schubert family member on one side of the management board and an “outsider” on the other bring to the table. This is extremely important for the success of the entire Schubert Group and has always led to the best solutions. “Important business decisions are always made together as a team,” they both assure us.

Evening event

Some 200 guests were pampered by Harald Wohlfahrts’ three-star cuisine and the evening’s entertainment programme featured renowned international artists and performers.

Here's to the next 50 years

Together they will continue to drive forward the transition to leadership management with flat hierarchies within the company, which Johannes Schubert’s uncle and father had successfully initiated. Johannes Schubert confirms: “There is no question that you need a high-quality and technologically advanced product, and cutting-edge services to survive and thrive in the market. But it’s always the people behind it who, with their ideas, bring these products to life in the first place: our exceptionally dedicated employees. This is why it is so important to me to create the best possible environment for them, now and in the future, so that their ideas can flourish – be it in their private or professional lives. After all, everything stands and falls with a motivated team.” The importance of good teamwork and a well-functioning work environment for the two Managing Directors was also reflected in the anniversary celebrations, which kicked off with a festive gala event in July. For Olaf Horrenberger and Johannes Schubert, it was the ideal time to thank the employees, retirees and, very importantly, their team’s family members – and to look ahead to the next 50 years of Schubert Packaging Systems.

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