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Just before the ProSweets fair in Cologne, we are pleased to provide our readers with a short overview of what Schubert has successfully implemented in the past in the areas of confectionery and snacks. Whether crumbly, sticky or fragile – we’ll take on any challenge and will always deliver exactly the right robot tools.

In order for the robots to also ‘see’ what they are doing when grouping and inserting tasty treats and snacks, scanners determine the product’s position and pass on this information to the robots. The 3D scanner developed by Schubert opens up unprecedented possibilities. For example, it recognises a brown sandwich biscuit with brown cream in the product stream whose top part is missing and rejects it. In the case of uniform product density, the TLM Vision System can also determine the weight of each product, therefore enabling the completion of individual product formations within a defined weight range during the grouping process.

Schubert uses the TLM Transmodul for transporting products, boxes and cartons as well as for other functions. The rail-based transport robots move autonomously, making the packaging process considerably more effective. Depending on the product, the modules can be equipped with different transport plates. For example, they can be mounted with a vacuum unit to prevent them from slipping.

The flexibility of our TLM components opens up virtually unlimited application opportunities in the confectionery and snack industry – whether working with pralines, chocolates, cakes or biscuits.

In the following videos, you can see how the individual TLM components work with each other with perfect synchronicity. And viewer beware: you’ll never look at a box of chocolates on a shop shelf the same way again.

A highly flexible, fully automatic chocolate praline packing line

In a ‘pick & place’ process, chocolate pralines with different fillings are packed in plastic trays. The Transmodul transport robot is key to this application’s success.

It has always been a challenge for a packaging machine to grip sticky biscuits

And that is why the Schubert designers developed a special gripper. The packaging system can fill the previously unstacked trays with 900 pieces of cake per minute.

A compact packaging machine for chocolate bars

The system processes different varieties of 200g and 250g chocolate bars and packs them into wrap-around boxes (five formats) or cartons with trays and lids (four formats).

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Vision system

The pick & place vision system from Schubert

Schubert packaging machines’ modular system extends right through to image processing: Using a pick & place vision system specially developed by Schubert, product quality control can be integrated in a modular fashion into any packaging machine and adapted to customer specifications.


Special Topic: A culture of expertise: Research driven by passion

Abdelmalek Nasraoui often thinks back to his first meeting with his future employer. As a young scientist at the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Centre, he had been selected to present the results of a feasibility study on the use of image processing to a wide audience – and Gerhard Schubert had travelled to Karlsruhe to see the presentation.